Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Is a Hookah Right for Me

So, you have undoubtedly heard of a hookah before, and you probably aren’t that familiar with what it actually is, how it works, etc. if you live in Western culture, your exposure to it is most likely through popular media, popular media where far-flung locations usually use it as a prop to complete the atmosphere and indicate location. Places like Egypt, the Middle East, India and other parts of that general region of the globe are places commonly associated with these devices. If you live in a big city, and are in touch with younger crowds, you may have also seen the occasional hookah lounge pop up in the last couple decades as well, and have been just as mystified by this. What are these things?

Well, if you’re a smoker, looking for a healthier way to enjoy tobacco, you should definitely pay attention, this is much more relevant than just clearing up a mystery behind a common sight in media that you don’t necessarily understand. You see, a hookah is one of the oldest non-American smoking devices, designed very early on into the era of tobacco being brought from the New World. Some historians also argue that it may have existed before then, use for other, Eurasia-native herbs commonly smoked at the time, though the method with which a hookah produces smoke is generally not compatible with very many other plant-based materials.

Like many things in this region of the world, it was a forerunner in healthier choices, not unlike a lot of the cuisine native to the region. Hookah smoking is much healthier than typical cigarette, pipe or cigar smoke, because it isn’t actually smoke in the traditional sense. It is actually mostly oils produced when a special type of tobacco, generally called shisha, is slowly roasted and vaporized by burning charcoal. This charcoal, the only component actually undergoing combustion, does not impart any of its smoke into what the users receive.

So, what users are actually getting is more or less just the flavors and oils from the specialized, moistened and tobacco, making it much safer for consumption. No use of actual tobacco will ever be 100% healthy, but using a hookah is about as close to truly healthy as you can get. It is worth noting that like any other tobacco product, this is absolutely not something that people with growing bodies should use, it’s still not safe for people with respiratory issues and heart conditions, and use of it in areas where smoking is prohibited will also be equally prohibited.

However, if you don’t want to switch to electronic solution, which isn’t right for everyone, and you want a healthier way to enjoy your tobacco, consider using a hookah, because it will be much healthier and, if you observe the traditional use, is a great way to socialize with friends whom also enjoy tobacco. If you are interested, Chillum NZ should be your favorite place to find al fakher or afzal products.

At the you need to understand that analog cigarettes are more harmful for your health and tobacco should be avoided in any form.

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