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What will be the next big idea after social networks, and why?

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Social Networking

Social networking is the use of social media platforms to keep in touch with family, friends, or customers. Social networking services such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram can be used for social, business, or both purposes. Social networking is a wonderful resource for marketers trying to engage with their customers. It is the process of creating, expanding, and maintaining online communities and relationships.

However, the concept is not new; people have congregated in big cities for ages to socialize. As a result, social networking can be viewed as a modern continuation of this long-standing habit. But the groundwork for social networking wasn’t laid until the invention of the internet. Although the early versions of the internet were a long cry from what we see today, they were significant in their own right.

How does Social Networking work?

The use of technology to build and maintain personal and business ties is known as social networking. This is accomplished through the usage of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These websites enable individuals and businesses to connect to create connections and share information, ideas, and messages.

Family members who live far away might use personal social networking sites like Facebook to stay in touch. They can exchange images and information about what is going on in their lives. People can also connect with others who share their interests, especially strangers. Individuals can connect through hashtags, lists, and groups.

Social networking is also widely used by marketers to increase their brand recognition and for encouraging brand loyalty. It makes the company more accessible to the customers and much more recognizable for the already existing competitors. 

Social Networks Today

However, we’re seeing a dangerous side of social media these days. It’s being utilized to influence more than ever before, rather than to inform or entertain. But we’re all too happy to disclose information about ourselves – not just by publishing, but also through the behavioral data obtained from our interactions with numerous platforms. Hover time. Screen time. Friends. Likes, clicks, shares, and purchases are all things that people do. Advertisers may use this data to more intelligently personalize their online pitches directly back at us on social media.

Because social media has become so ingrained in our lives, it most certainly is not going away anytime soon.

What is next for social networking?

Since social media is never going away due to its deep rootedness in the lives of every generation. So in the future for these social media sites is simply to begin with, new and more sites are being added into the portfolio. With new features, they will continue to emerge. Others will emerge to fill an edgy niche once one gets mainstream. Others will arise on the outskirts if one begins to actively supervise the submitted information. 

Unfortunately, many of these social media corporations have exposed themselves to thousands of possible lawsuits from the people who are being consistently offended in the name of religion, language, or race. All this by deciding to be the judge of acceptable content on their platforms.

People with similar interests, values, and lifestyles will develop more and more sites. And, of course, politics. Instead of the broad-topic, global forums we’ve been accustomed to, they’ll increasingly act as homes and clubs. As a result, social media will further isolate, divide, and compartmentalize us even more as a society. Anti-social media becomes the polar opposite of social media.

For a second if we do think about what if social media just simply ends after having its longest run and people no longer use them to communicate and instead they revert to the old conventional ways. For instance, only meeting people in clubs, bars, or while sipping on the coffee in the coffee shops. This is also a plausible circumstance. With the world-changing and the people bringing major changes in their lifestyles this could just be one of it. It will be a good social networking method minus the negativity and the lawsuits. 


The potential for social networking appears to be limitless. People rarely go a single day without utilizing or referring to social media. Social media is here to stay and will continue to have an impact on our society, whether it is utilized for communicating, learning, or making decisions.


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