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Tips for the Art on Screen Printed T-shirts

Are you in the process of designing are work to be printed in garments like screen printed t-shirts? Here is a great outline of what you need to think about to get the artwork right for when you are looking for Miami screen printing.

Think about the Art on Screen Printed T-shirts

One of the biggest sources of issues designers of printed shirts run into are line widths and fonts. While most fonts are okay at 12 or more, some are not great for printing at all. Ones that have very fine lines for example look good on the screen or on paper but do not look good when printed into a garment. Any outline or line width should be at least 3 points or more.

Color needs more thought than you might think

When you are choosing your colors there is a lot to consider. The computer monitor you use will show the colors differently to another monitor. Then there is the fact that while your computer uses red green blue to create the spectrum of colors you see, when you send it to a screen printer they work in Pantone the language for color printers and designers use. Most printers have stock colors from which they work with to create your design but it is possible they wont have a color in stock. Then they need to have that color specially prepared for a custom ink requirement. The more colors your design has the more chance that is going to happen and the more it will cost. It is best to have fewer colors rather than something very complex and detailed when it comes to screen printing.

Another thing to consider is the color of the garment you want to use as screen printed t shirts. Whether it is light or dark can change the appearance of some of the colors slightly. When you are designing you need to think about what the base color of the shirt is and how it will impact what your chosen colors look like.

Choose the right software

Another thing to think about is the software you are planning to use. Vector graphics like Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator work well and are popular because they create graphics that are scalable and separations are clean and clear. You might also choose photoshop for Miami screen printing efforts as it is a raster-based program meaning it uses small dots to produce the image or design.


It is important to note that clip art and other web graphics are not screen printable art options for your garments. While they can be a starting point for a designer or printer their size and low resolution mean they are not useable in that format. When you want screen printed t-shirts you need to re-create these kinds of graphics. Also, MS word or other word processing programs are not graphic programs. They can convey an image that is the concept of the design but they cannot be used directly they need to be re-created in the right format.


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