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The big hats can be a better choice for men – The popular men’s wide brim hats

Today, men are getting conscious about their attires and accessories. They want to look well turned out and trendy. And for this, it is essential to stay in tune with the latest fashion accessories. Today, the big hats are making a comeback and are allowing men to take their pick and flaunt it with style. 

Typically, when you visualize a wide-brim hat, the chances are there that you will imagine women wearing them. In most cases, you are correct. Today, there are big floppy hats that stylish women flaunt during the summer or fall season. But there is more to a wide-brim hat than being a popular hat style for women. Today, even men can wear it if they want to move beyond the baseball caps. Do you resonate with this? If yes, you can get in touch with a reputed hat maker specializing in designer and big hats for men. They can provide you with the best collection from where you can choose the one you like best. 

The components of a wide-brim or big hat

So, what makes a big or a wide brim hat? Simply put, this hat needs to have a brim of three inches or more. And you can use this hat during the summer months when the sun’s heat is high, as you need to secure your ears, face, and neck. Also, a hat that has a wide brim can keep you protected from snow, rain, or any other cold-weather elements. 

Other than their practical use, the big hats also come with a sartorial swagger. Whether you dress up or down in it, the hat will get ample attention. If you are wondering the type of big hats that you can choose from, refer to the options discussed below:

  1. The fedora hat 

Besides the baseball cap for men, the fedora has been an iconic cap in the fashion scene for a while. It comes with a dented crown, pliable brim, and side pinches, and it can complement men of different face shapes. Also, you can wear it on multiple occasions. Many people dislike this hat, but that hasn’t stopped the fedora from becoming popular amongst the style-conscious men. 

Most men opt-in for the short-brim fedora. However, when it comes to the wide-brim fedora, several brands specialize in this hat type and allow men to appear in style. Even though the fedoras were made initially in wool felt or fur felt, today, the fedora gets made with straw and other materials like cotton, leather, and synthetic blends. You can choose the one that best caters to your requirement and style preference. The best online hat makers today have plenty of options for you to choose from. 

  1. The safari hat

The safari hat has similarities with the fedora in its style and shape. Despite that, the safari hats come with a wide-brim and are versatile. It is available in several materials that range from wool felt, straw, cotton, and even canvas. This hat is mostly popular for its wide brim, which slopes down gently all around. This hat also comes with a high or medium crown along with a creased center. If you want to go beyond a newsboy cap, you can choose the safari hat from eminent brands. Made of materials like wool felt, the safari hat would accentuate your style level and will not appear over the top. 

  1. The cowboy hat 

The cowboy hat is popularly called the western hat, and it brings up scenes from the John Wayne movies. However, it is a timeless hat, and it has traveled from the Wild West dusty saloons to the new-age asphalt jungles. The hat is known for its tall crown and gets made of wool felt or straw. The wide-brimmed cowboy hats typically get rolled up towards the edges and provide a distinctive cowboy look. Some of the best cowboy hats get made in Mexico using 100% wool. There are popular brands that specialize in this authentic western hat which can be a great show stopper. 

  1. The bucket hat

The bucket hat is also known as the boonie hat and is popular with men who want to sport a hipster style. Men who don’t take themselves very seriously often decide to opt-in for the bucket hat. On the other hand, some men prefer the droopy brim as it gives out an incognito vibe. Several celebrities like Brad Pitt and Jay-Z have been seen wearing this hat. Today, many renowned brands specialize in the bucket hat. The best brands provide hat features such as a chin cord, a three-inch wide brim, and an elastic sweatband. All these hat features are meant to keep you comfortable and secure from the summer heat. 

If you want to sport a big or wide brim hat, you can choose from the aforementioned hat types. All these hats are a perfect blend of function and fashion. 

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