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Answer Diary – 11 January 2021

Answer Diary was created as a pure Tech site, later converted as a general site after huge success. This site was created as an experiment of a new technique to be part of SEO World. With the help of that technique, this site was able to gain 4800 keywords ranked for just 66 articles in 6 months.

Now many other categories are added and make this site general for accepting all kinds of categories. Rules are the same for Answer Diary as you can reach on other sites part of ANO Digital. Some of the casino posts are also added, but it’s banned as general on-site. CBD is also accepted as part of this site if it doesn’t involve direct drugs.

Some of the popular categories are Tech, Blog – Travel, Blog – Real Estate, Blog – Food, Blog – Education, and Blog – Tools & Services Online.

Banned Categories: Drugs, Religions, Gambling and Adult

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