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How to Accurately Cut With a Circular Saw

Many individuals consider the roundabout saw to be a crude shaper and don’t tap its maximum capacity for making profoundly exact cuts. It’s valid, the device’s essential use is cutting outlining lumber for home structure and renovating, and it’s likewise valuable for separating huge bits of wood into more modest, more sensible sizes. Yet, several straightforward hacks and a few generally economical locally acquired frill can assist with changing this unpleasant saw into one that is incredibly precise and we mean, close to the same as what you can get from a miter or table saw.

Underneath, we start with the most basic part of the saw for making an exact cut: its sharp edge. Continue looking for tips on exact cutting alongside a few straightforward items and strategies that will expand the precision of your round saw and your satisfaction in utilizing it.

Begin With The Sharp edge

Notwithstanding how else you make a round saw cut all the more precisely, regardless of whether you make a basic freehand cut, you really want to match the edge to the gig. Try not to utilize an unpleasant cutting 24-tooth outlining sharp edge expected for driving through outlining timber to make cuts in compressed wood, melamine, or hardwood. Select an edge that is ideal for the gig.

A crosscut means to stop no matter how you look at it’s pivot. On a piece of pressed wood or other sheet material, you’re basically cutting across its width, however in hardwood and softwood stumble, you’re cutting across its wood filaments (grain). To tear means to cut along the sheet’s long hub. In hardwood and softwood blunder, this implies you’re likewise cutting with the long hub of its wood strands (grain).

Of the two activities, it’s more challenging to make an exact tear cut, since it’s more drawn out and the saw has greater chance to wander off from the cutline.

1. Recall the Offset

Whether you tear or you crosscut, remember that the aide isn’t situated on the cutline yet offset from it by the separation from the cutting edge to the edge of the shoe (the saw’s shoe skims along close to the aide, while the edge saws along the cutline). Assuming that you absentmindedly do something significant and put the aide on that, you’ll wind up with a squandered piece of timber.

2. Take Additional Consideration on Pressed wood

A few things can turn out badly while tearing pressed wood. On the off chance that the sheet droops while you’re directing the saw down it, a hole might open under the saw guide, permitting the saw’s shoe to sneak by it, misleading the cut. Additionally, the previously mentioned offset should be considered at the two finishes of the sheet, and the saw guide should be painstakingly situated so the saw remains consistent with the cut toward the start as well as at the opposite end also.

3. Watch the Shoe

While tearing or crosscutting, on the off chance that you watch where the saw is going, not where it will be, it’s at risk to get away from the aide, prompting a terrible cut. Hence, watch out for the shoe. Keep up with consistent strain, pushing the saw delicately against the aide while simultaneously you push it forward.

The Best Instruments of 2022

A scope of straightforward embellishments and techniques will assist you with directing your saw along a cut — whether along the grain or across it — all the more dependably. Beside cutting all the more precisely, you’ll likewise create a neater, all the more outwardly satisfying cut edge.

The Best Extras for Precise Tears and Crosscuts

For your cash, one of the most amazing crosscut guides is additionally quite possibly of the most adaptable apparatus you can possess, and that is DeWalt’s 12-inch crossbeam square. Its basic role is to spread out rafters and assist you with checking out various calculated cuts, as well as recorder equal lines and do twelve other carpentry-related positions. Yet, it makes a fine crosscut guide too. It will direct a round saw across a piece of 2 x 12, two bits of 2 x 6, or even three bits of 2 x 4 (expecting you have three bits of 2 x 4 that are sufficiently straight to loan themselves to being braced together). You generally have a superior potential for success of precise crosscutting in the event that you can cut different pieces simultaneously, and the DeWalt’s 12-inch face helps length wide bits of wood or various more modest pieces.

The least complex method for utilizing the square is simply to hold it set up at the front of the piece of timber. Position your saw on your imprint, slide the face the saw’s shoe, and make your cut. Where the exactness is somewhat more basic or where the wood is challenging to cut, clasp the square set up. Here we exhibit that strategy with a little spring clasp. Clasping the square set up permits you to hold the saw with two hands.

Utilizing the Kreg Crosscut Station

However much I like the straightforwardness of the DeWalt square, Kreg’s Crosscut Station enjoys an unmistakable upper hand over it: a little slide-out cutline pointer that you conform to check the separation from the saw’s shoe to within tooth on a similar side as the square. To utilize the apparatus, you simply place the square so that the cutline pointer is on your cut imprint, consequently the square is naturally in the right position. It likewise works at a 45-degree point.

Slide the cutline marker out to match the offset separation from the sawblade to the edge of the shoe. Put the pointer on the cutline then run the round saw’s shoe along the wall.


Bora’s bracing straight edge arrives in different lengths. Here we show the 8-foot model, to make a tear cut on a full sheet of pressed wood. The aide utilizes a cam-enacted switch cinch toward one side and a sliding stop at the other. Slacken the brace by flipping the switch up, put the aide on your (offset) mark, go to the furthest edge of the clip and move the sliding stop so it knocks into the compressed wood, then return to the securing switch and flip it. This secures the aide. Run your saw along your aide, and you have, basically, a tear cut almost as great as you can deliver on a table saw.

Kreg KMA2700 Accu-cut

Kreg’s Accu-slice takes tearing to another level altogether. An embellishment transforms your roundabout saw into a track saw. It comprises of a track and a sled. Mount your saw on the sled and position the track on the cutline. Non-slip elastic strips on the lower part of the track hold it set up. Just slide the saw down the track to make your cut. Note that there’s compelling reason need to balance the aide from your tear cut. The sled slides on top of the aide and the saw sharp edge runs along the aide’s edge. This is known as a zero-freedom cut. Insofar as you position the aide on your desired slice to keep (not the waste side), you’ll make exact cut.

Mount your roundabout saw on the sled then position the aide on the wood. At the point when you slide your saw on top of the aide, the saw’s sharp edge makes a zero leeway cut along the edge of the aide.


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