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RDA-approved Real Estate Projects in Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi is one of the subcontinent’s oldest cities, featuring a multitude of historical landmarks. Rawalpindi is unplanned, unlike the planned metropolis of Islamabad nearby. Rawalpindi’s growth was somewhat haphazard, with business zones and dwellings being constructed at a breakneck pace with little or no symmetry. We’ll list a few RDA-approved housing societies in this article.

Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City is known as Pakistan’s first smart city. It is intended to be an environmentally friendly housing society. It is one of the RDA-approved housing societies, which is wonderful news. Capital Smart City got its NOC in 2019. It’s entirely safe and legal now. Industrial sites will be far from the region due to the presence of many housing societies in the area. It would help to keep the residents in a clean and green environment. The Islamabad International Airport is adjacent to the Capital Smart City location. Because it’s on the CPEC and Rawalpindi Ring Road routes, it’ll be a money-maker in the future. It will then be able to pay a sizable profit to its shareholders. As a result, positive cash flows will increase in Pakistan’s real estate sector. 

Taj Residencia

Taj Residencia is a new venture constructed by the developers of Centaurus mall. It was developed with the purpose of being offered as a high-end real estate product. The Taj Residencia offers to deliver the best luxury living complexes in Rawalpindi to its residents. The Centaurus Mall, which has a roller coaster on its rooftop, is the most significant feature that you will not find in any other RDA approved housing societies. Taj Residencia has received approval from the RDA. Between the I-14 and I-15 freeways lies the Taj Residencia. The developers have created an appealing project ambiance that attracts families. Its goal is to enhance overall real estate investment in Pakistan. Among its notable features are the Taj hospital, Taj educational institute, sports complex, and royal club.

Top City-1

One of the most popular RDA-approved housing communities is Top City-1. The project’s NOC permitted it to expand over 9081 kanals of Rawalpindi land. They offer plots in sizes; 5 Marlas to 10 Marlas and 1 Kanal. Top City-1 is designed in such a way that it must not degrade the natural landscape of the area. The developers made certain that the natural flora was preserved. The owners ensure the residents of Top City-1’s safety and a better quality of life. The Top City-1 location is one of Rawalpindi’s most prestigious housing societies. Near Top City 1 Islamabad, the Kashmir Highway runs. As a result, it may be reached through the Islamabad and Lahore freeways, as well as the Grand Trunk Road.

Safari Valley Bahria Town

Bahria Town was one of the earliest developments in Pakistan’s real estate industry, with the goal of providing all of the pleasures to its residents. Safari Valley is one of Bahria Town’s most successful project. It has business centres, green areas, and a mosque, as well as all of the necessities. Adyala Road is adjacent to the Safari Valley area. Other Bahria Town projects like Bahria Greens and Bahria Phase 8 surround the Safari Valley. As a result, the people will have access to the services they provide. Safari Valley Bahria Town is also RDA-approved. Safari Valley was deemed valid by 4313 Kanal’s NOC permission.

Airport Green Garden 

Pakistan’s burgeoning housing market is seeing the creation of new home developments on a daily basis. Airport Green Garden is an RDA-approved housing development near Islamabad Airport. Moreover, Airport Green Garden is situated right adjacent to Top City-1. The Airport green garden claims to provide underground energy supply, high-tech hospitals, and high-quality education, among other things, thanks to its higher development standards.


The RDA’s approval is essential for housing societies to show potential customers that their real estate services are totally legal. A list of RDA-approved housing societies has been issued by the authorities. Without the approval of these regulators, it is difficult for a housing society to operate in Pakistan’s real estate market. It will lead to reduced sales and larger losses in the long run. Contact Sigma Properties if you want to buy a plot in a lucrative RDA-approved housing society.

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Muhammad Junaid is a senior Analyst and Search Engine Expert. Extensive experience being a lead writer in Sigma Properties. Work for years with local and international enterprises. Also, represent well-known brands in the UAE.


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