Thursday, May 26, 2022

Cutting Tips and Troubleshooting with a Chainsaw Mill

If you have a chain sawmill but you are running into problems, perhaps with the quality of the cuts you are making, or the lack of progress here are a few of the more common problems and tips chain sawmill users might ask about. You may need to read about left handed chainsaws as they become popular in the last few years.

Lack of progress

Are you having a problem where the saw isn’t cutting well and you have to push on them mill to get any kind of progress? When things are working correctly and you are doing things the right way this is not something you should have to do. In fact, there should not be much of a need for any pushing because the chain should be feeding itself into your log. All you should be doing is guiding it. The reason for the need to push is in most cases due to a chain that is too dull. When you are cutting thick and hard slabs especially, between every cut you need to sharpen or swap the chain. You just need to use the file to give the chain a touch-up and that is the quicker choice compared to swapping it out.

Should you debark or not?

The reason behind debarking is that it can help prevent blunting but it does take up more of your time. When using your chainsaw mill you might want to compromise and bark the log’s far side only. That can speed it up a little. If you suspect there is a lot of mud, sand or stone embedded perhaps because it is a fallen tree that spent time on the ground, or you are concerned about insects, then you would debark.

Improving the cut quality

When you are using a chainsaw mill you do not need to do seesaw motion. It can lead to gouges and does not speed up the cutting at all. You should also try to start and then keep going all the way until the cut is finished, starting and stopping when you are already partway through the slab can affect the quality of the cut. Having a lock on the throttle using something like a zip tie can help you when you want to briefly take off one hand to place wedges for example. You should also check your chain, if it is getting dull the quality of the cut deteriorates.

Having to stop and start

As mentioned above, stopping and starting are not ideal. But sometimes things happen, the chain needs sharpening, it needs refuelling, and some other problem arises. You can minimise the impact of gouging by re-starting slowly. Do not open up the throttle as you use the chain sawmill rather ease into it steadily and gently.


With the above tips and guidance, you should be able to improve the quality of your cuts and make the cutting experience and more enjoyable process. Look after your mill and chainsaw and it will perform better for you! Also, remember that getting the best techniques takes a little practice, remain patient and you’ll learn quickly.

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