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What Is Chat SDK and How Can It Benefit Your Business?

A chat SDK is a package of software tools and programs to help developers develop chat applications efficiently and with minimum hassle. It comes packed with features including emojis, Giphy integrations, message attachments, and robust slash commands to increase chat engagement. 

The chat app SDK lets you develop instant messaging applications for both Android and iOS. This software tool enables users to interact and text freely and build a community over time.

Features and Perks of Chat SDK

Here are some key features that a decent chat SDK must offer:


Businesses involve dynamic operations and consistent growth with evolving market conditions. Your preferred chat SDK must offer extensive scalability and be competent enough to handle diversifying operations.

Message Backup

As smartphones can get misplaced or swapped out for a new one, you might lose your chats forever. However, chat SDKs must provide the option to create timely message backups to ensure that no chats are deleted or lost while switching between phones.

Customization Options

Chat SDKs must provide developers with the ability to manipulate the SDK as required. For instance, the user must be able to include more details than just the regular ones if demanded by the developer.

Push Notifications

As people don’t always check their phones, a chat SDK must be decent enough to integrate push notification functionality to ensure that no message gets lost between two or more end-users. Besides, 77% of global consumers rate brands higher if they offer proactive customer service notifications.

What Are the Components of Chat SDK?

Every chat SDK comprises three components that handle the appropriate functioning of the chat platform:

1. APIs (Application Programming Interface)

APIs are a collection of pre-prepared code that enables developers to execute general programming tasks such as data transmission across different software. A chat SDK utilizes a special type of API referred to as a chat API.

A web chat SDK is an array of codes that provides real-time chat features for both in-app chats and to create a chat window on a website. 

real-time chat SDK grants access to a back-end chat service and server infrastructure with the desired stability and features needed to enable real-time chat on any scale. 63% of consumers claim that they will return to a brand if they received support through live chat, making real-time complaint resolution even more crucial.

2. IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

IDE is a visual editor whose role is to help developers devise design concepts and facilitate their development while executing minimal tasks. An IDE comprises at least a source code editor, a debugger, and build automation tools. 

3. Dependencies

Dependencies are separate tools in the messaging SDK that help the developer execute operations that include debugging, running, building, testing, and many more. 

Why Do Developers Need Chat SDK?

Here are three reasons why the chat SDK is such a valuable tool to developers:

1. Enhanced User Experience

Integrating a chatbot into your website or application has several benefits, such as providing answers to FAQs. Chatbots save time for your customer service agents. They only have to address new questions and not repeat the same answers.

97% of global customers claim that customer service is crucial when choosing and being loyal to a brand. Chatbots also lead to increased satisfaction for your clients as they do not have to stand by for hours or days to receive a reply or resolving an issue. 

2. Cost-Efficient

Developing a chat application requires a team of skilled developers, which can be financially expensive, besides the enormous devotion of time. However, a chat SDK holds the upper hand in both financial and time-consuming aspects. You must only pay a token to install it in your application. 

Besides, a chat SDK is also economical for your users. As they can conveniently have their queries answered over text. Rather than calling or texting you over their carrier network, which might charge for phone calls.

3. Safety and Security

A chat SDK ensures document security and conversation privacy. It is robust enough to let you use a chat platform to store credentials. Since they are uploaded online, documents and conversations are safe from natural calamities.

Most businesses have confidential chats within their executive circle, making it paramount for the chat platform to enforce robust encryption and security. Safeguarding crucial information is a feature provided by a secure messaging SDK.

Final Words

Chat SDKs are exceptionally beneficial if you seek to integrate chat functionality in your Android or iOS application or on your website. Chatbots are reliable and help resolve customer issues swiftly, saving time and capital resources in the long run.The guide above discusses the fundamentals of a chat SDK so you can augment your business with its incredible functionalities while providing robust security.

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