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Star Wars Pick Up Lines

It’s not necessary to use the Force since the following Star Wars pick up lines can do the trick.

All Star Wars nerds! Are those witty food pick-up lines that you played with over dinner not making your partner laugh enough? The good thing is you do not need to transport them to an alien world far away to impress them. Obi-Wan Kenobi’s certainly not the only option. If your loved one loves funny pick-up line as well as Star Wars, these Star Wars pick-up lines are sure to bring them to laughter. You may be looking for the perfect pick up line for girls, the funniest pick-up lines for guys or a pick up line to use on your May 4th date, this collection has something to suit everyone Star Wars fans. Keep in mind that the Force will always be there for you. Always.

Are you closely related to Yoda? Because you’re Yodalicious.

I can make you breath harder then Darth Vadar.

I was smitten by you, just as the rebels took their own Death Star plans.

Knock! Who’s there? Baby Yoda. Yoda baby! Yoda who? Baby Yoda one that I would like!

If you could be a Jedi Would you be my greatest strength?

There’s no way to be a stormtrooper without a stormtrooper… That picture of you smacked me in the middle and I didn’t get missed.

Your light is as powerful as the lightsaber. I saw you beaming across the space.

I’m the Obi-Wan to me.

What is it like to be an ice planet if you’re Hoth?

I cherish You all the way to Death Star and beyond.

I’ve been told that my Jedi tricks will amaze you.

Is that a light saber in your bag or are you just pleased to be here?

Let’s return to Ewok Village and have a night of yub nub.

I might not be capable of feeling force, however I would like that I felt you.

The ability to destroy a planet is not that important when compared with the power of affection.

There’s no Dagobah that I do not think about.

I could easily spend a decade on your falcon.

Size is not the only factor.

Did you feel pain after you fell down from Cloud City?

I may look a bit like an Ewok But I’m actually Wookie in all aspects Baby.

Funny Star Wars Pickup Lines

The phrases below will make everyone laugh!

Are you a Sith Lord? Because I’ve Fallen for you.

It’s not easy to resist -I’m trapped in the gravitational field that surrounds your eyes!

My heart was stolen by your love, just as the republic has stolen the death star’s plans.

Have you been looking for love in Alderaan places?

Tell me about this thing you refer to as love.

You’re Endor-able.

I might not be Luke’s dad, but I am your daddy.

Did you know that the French claim that orgasms are tiny death stars?

I am a farmer who makes an income.

Damn, you R2 fine. If it’s a good day, allow you to provide me with the D2.

I’m here to claim the money from that ass.

Your lack of nakedness alarming…

Let’s go hoth and heavy.

Lovely buns and a princess.

Date or date is not. There’s no chance.

Earth woman, get ready for being investigated!

Do you want to come to my home to let me touch your Naboobies.

I am experiencing a major trouser thumping…

I’m sure you’re interested in cyborg-human interactions, as I’m experiencing the sensation of a machine at the moment.

I think you’re thinking: There’s no moon, that’s actually a space station!

Hilarious Star Wars Pick Up Lines

If you decide to utilize the below line it’s certain to win your target’s heart!

R4 is red and R2 is blue. If I were the Force I’d join you.

Are you going to become the Leia of my Han so that I don’t need to play Solo?

Scans show sexually attractive life forms in this region… OMG It’s just you.

Our baby, there’s no require an hoodeck.

I’ll make all your dreams come reality.

It’s cold out there It’s cold, baby. Join us for Empire Strikes Back. You can become Tauntaun and I’ll take you inside.

Wouldn’t you love to feel the force flow through you?

I’m trying to find someone who is a Jedi on the streets, however, I’m looking for a Sith on the sheets.

The laser weapon that can be able to penetrate your body, however it wouldn’t cause death and it could help you heal.

The majority of the time Han Solo, but I’d like to let you switch into my Lightsaber!

I’d like to Lando within your Calrissian.

Many Bothans died , so we were in a position to be screwed.

In contrast to Han I shoot first.

I just bought a large television. Do you want to catch Star Wars and after a argument at home?

I’d aim my rocket into the thermal exhaust port.

Do not worry If I am tired, there are 3 million of me.

It’s not the only one waiting to explode.

Damn, girl. You’re doing fine.

You’re the Obi-Wan that I’ve been searching for.

I am drawn to the power of force, since Yoda is the only one I can trust.

Clever Star Wars Pickup Lines

These pick up lines may be cute, but still share them with other fans!

Remove all your gear… There’s no need to be a snooper around me.

You’re beautiful. Do you want to have my hand?

You’re the droid I’ve been searching for.

Are you the power? You’re attracting me.

I ran my Kessel Run in under 12 seconds, but I’m going to keep it simple with you.

I’d be willing to join the dark side for as long as you’re there.

Don’t let Han fly on her own this evening.

Do you know the language of binary moisture vaporators? Because I’d like you to programme your loadlifter in binary.

Do you want to sleep in my Tauntaun? I guarantee it won’t smell more sour inside.

I’d like to hit that with the tree’s side on Endor.

Open up your hangar. My starfighter needs refueling.

Obi-Wan advised me to trust my gut My instincts are everywhere.

You like Star Wars? Let’s return to my home and break The Jedi Code.

I could have you stripped within less than twelve seconds.

Let’s pretend to be characters. You’re Darth Vader and you are able to use all the force against me.

I love you so much that I ought to have the same Tatooines.

You’re more hot than the flames that blaze on Mustafar.

Your smile is more bright than the lightsaber.

What if we went into my room take off the Star Wars sheets, and find out what a real Jedi can accomplish using his lightsaber?

In case you believe Chewbacca is cute look at my Wookiee!

Best Star Wars Pick Up Lines

If you choose to use a funny line that is influenced in Star Wars, it will make your crush realize just how hilarious you are!

Leia’s buns aren’t going to have any on yours, baby.

As I looked at you from across the cantina’s crowded walls my crotch was like it was sucked through a carbon freezing chamber.

I’m probably from Alderaan because you completely destroyed my entire world.

Are there garbage mashers in your detention floor?

I’m here to help you. I’ve been told I’m the sexual savvy of an Romulan.

I’m here, you and me… this could not be better if I had programmed the holodeck by myself!

You’re an outspoken rebel? You made me cry as you walked in the door.

The force is powerful with this particular one…

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