Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Horror Movie Trivia

With Halloween yet again just close at hand Today’s post should be one of the most important posts, since it’s 150% related to horror.

We’re not trying to trick you however …. we’ll be nice to you!

Deanna Mascle, our Guest Writer for the evening she is not just giving us a brief overview of horror films, but she also gives us some crucial tips to help us avoid getting killed in a scary movie type of situation… In the future you may be grateful to her for that.

You’ve probably heard of Edgar Allan Poe. You may have read a few of his books and most likely watched movies inspired by his works. ….Yes We’re discussing Edgar Allan Poe, the Master of Horror. The life of the poet was fictionalized in the film “The Raven” and, do you know what? We’ve included the trailer this page so that you can all get in the Halloween spirit at the right the time to… it’s… it’s true… Halloween.

A lot of Halloween/Horror related links are also available to be explored in case the information offered today isn’t sufficient to keep your busy till H Day…

Have fun… Enjoy yourself… Be in good health and safe!

If you’re a teenager and live in Elm Street what should you not do?

A. Sleep in

B. Play with dolls

C. You must go to prom

D. Have sex

A: Sleep

If you’re a teenager who lives in Elm Street what should you not do?

A. Sleep in

B. Play with dolls

C. You must go to prom

D. Have sex

A. Get to bed

What can alert you to a poor motel to check into?

A. There has been no one else who has checked in for several weeks.

B. The clerk is too talkative about his mother

C. The name of the clerk is Norman

D. Your name is an armed robber

B. The clerk has too many conversations about his mother

If you’re looking for an opportunity to work in Crystal Lake what offer should you refuse?

A. Mailman

B. Driver of a truck

C. Camp cook

D. Camp counselor

D. Camp counselor

British actor Boris Karloff created a cinematic iconic image by playing the part of which monster?

A. Dracula

B. Werewolf

C. Frankenstein

D. Alien

C. Frankenstein

Bela Lugosi was a Hungarian/American actor who was famous for his portrayal of which monster?

A. Dracula

B. Werewolf

C. Frankenstein

D. Alien

A. Dracula

In this book from the 1970s or novel is convinced that she is raising her son (played in the movie by Linda Blair in the movie) is who?

A. An alien

B. The Devil

C. Obsessed by an undemon

D. The baby of the devil

C. Obsessed by the demon

In a horror film you must be concerned when you see an unknown doll.

A. Smiley

B. Bonnie

C. Chucky

D. Dolly

C. Chucky

Films also instruct us that if your son has a warning about “redrum” you better distance yourself from your husband as soon as possible. However, in “The Shining” all the husband is concerned over is…

A. Work too hard

B. Too hard to play

C. Being a murderer

D. Being murdered

A. Work too hard

It is impossible to leave home, or at the very least, you

Why shouldn’t your neighbors be to this particular profession?

A. Slaughterhouse workers

B. Morticians

C. Chefs

D. Veterinarians

A. Slaughterhouse workers

In the film from 1981 “The Shining”, which hotel did Jack and his family stay in?

The Overlook Hotel

In which film was someone consumed by a huge shark?


In which film did a person fall down the stairs following being taken over by the demon?

The Exorcist

What film portrays someone who is attacked by a knife while in the shower?


In which horror film does someone die by having them eat way excessively?


What film depicts death caused by strangulation by a clothesline while during a shower?

Final Destination

In which film does somebody be hit in the face by an axe when they listen to “Hip to Be Square”?

American Psycho

Which movie takes out their star-studded main character from the beginning an acrid stabbing scene?


In which film, bloody or not, does somebody die due to an alien spawn explosion out from their chest?


What horror movie depicts the character who smashes their dirt bike against an imaginary wall?

Cabin in the Woods

What horror film depicts a child dying through a sewer?


Random Knowledge Horror Questions

The most dedicated horror film enthusiasts tend to have a wide range of fascinating and sometimes unrelated information about the films they enjoy so much. The set of quizzes is designed for anyone who is looking for a genuine test and demonstrates a genuine dedication to this type of films.

How many times do count Orlock blink during the duration of the film Nosferatu?


What horror film was the first film in this genre considered for nomination for the Best Picture Oscar?

The Exorcist

Who was it that Wes Craven originally want to be the main character of Freddy Kruegar?

David Warner

What screen adaptation of the film failed, according to Stephen King?

The Shining

How long took to make Aliens created?


Which three horror movies inspired serial killers? Ed Gein inspire?

Psycho, The Silence of the Lambs, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

What well-known horror film is considered to be one of the top-performing films ever made?

Paranormal Activity

In the film, it is not stated What do you think the title of the demon who controls Regan MacNeil in The Exorcist?


What popular horror film was inspired by real-life incidents that occurred during the time of Gainesville, Florida in the in the early 90s?


How was the duration of make The Blair Witch Project?

Eight days

Was that the name of Friday The 13th movie?

Long Night at Camp Blood

Who sat in bloody clothing for three days in order to perfect the look of the gory scene?

Sissy Spacek (Carrie)

General Horror Film Questions

If you’re in search of Halloween movie trivia or an enjoyable, general horror film quiz, you’ve come to the right spot. The next list of quizzes will test your understanding of the horror movies all over the world, and set the tone for all of your frightening activities.

We’ve compiled and created questions that range from simple and easy to difficult and obscure so get your brain into the game, turn off the lights and prepare for the ultimate scary movie test.

What horror film features an infamous serial killer sporting masks like a William Shatner mask?


What classic film depicts the protagonist writing a book with only one word being, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” repeatedly time and time again?

The Shining

How many actors from The Exorcist died during production?


What shade of Freddy Kreuger’s sweater?

Green and red

How many people die in the hands by Jason in the very first Friday the 13th film?


What is the most important rule Randy lists for making it through a horror movie in Scream?

Do not have sex

Is there a name for this classic Edvard Munch painting which inspired the mask used in Scream?

The Scream

Why shouldn’t Michael Myers be killed in Halloween What is the Curse of Michael Myers?

He’s suffering from an old Druid curse.

What is it that catches Robbie Freeling through his bedroom window during Poltergeist?

The “very wise old tree”

In the 28 days following Who is responsible for the spread of the dangerous virus?

Animal rights activists

What is the room’s number for the room where Dick Hallorann advises Danny to stay clear of during The Shining?

Room 237

What kind of pastime does Norman take pleasure in during the Psycho?

Amateur taxidermy

Who is the one who speaks with Isaac In Children of the Corn?

A demon dubbed He Who walks behind the rows

What’s strange about the videotape from The Ring?

It doesn’t utilize an time code.

Which character is featured in all four Jaws films?

Michael Brody

How many Friday 13th-themed movies are on the market?


Which Michael Myers Halloween films are out there?


Which is the official name for the Camp that is located in Sleepaway Camp?

Camp Arawak

What real-life stories have influenced the relationship that exists between Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter?

Robert Keppel’s interviews on Ted Bundy

Who do Jay first meet In It Follows?

Naked Woman

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