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6 inspiring design ideas for mailer boxes

One of the most important steps for online retailers is to send products to the customers in a secure yet admirable way. Mailer boxes come in handy when it comes to fulfilling this process without any chaos. They do not require any adhesive to keep the products secure and have a double-walled structure for maximum resilience against all pressures during shipping. Thus they offer the insurance that products would reach the customers in their intact form, which reduces the risk of returns and thus increase the brand’s profitability. However, you need to have well-designed custom mailer boxes to receive maximum appreciation from the customers. Here are six inspirational design ideas to help you out.

Kind to the Mother Nature:

The most important thing to consider while designing your mailer boxes is their material choice. According to a study, 71% of the consumers are more likely to purchase from companies that package their products with eco-friendly products like kraft or cardboard instead of plastic or bubble wraps. Also, 63% of the surveyed people said that cardboard and paper packaging give a premium and high-quality feel to the products. So the ideal materials for your custom mailer boxes should be kraft or cardboard. They are obtained from 100% recyclable resources and are completely biodegradable which leaves no harm to mother nature. Moreover, corrugated mailer boxes are sturdy enough to provide complete support and safety to everything that lies in them, thus flawlessly ensuring their secure delivery.

Quirky designs with rich colors:

Who said corrugated mailer boxes should look boring and plain? You can make them eye candy by adding a pop of color with some quirky designs and patterns. For products like makeup, bath bombs, sweets, etc. you can go bold with combinations of some flashy colors to achieve a funky appeal. You may even have monochrome look by using only one color that pops on the face of the brown boxes for a fuss-free expression. So by adding some colorful patterns and stylish typography, you can get some interesting colored mailer boxes that excite the customers whenever they receive them.

Attractive inside and out:

The interest of the customers should not end after opening the box, rather it must be maintained even after they have opened their package. This can be done when you decide to be creative with the interior of the box as well. Adding some attractively shaped die-cut inserts in the boxes that beautifully fit the products in them will give the customers a fancy appeal. These inserts will not only hold the products in place but offer a great unboxing experience to the customers at the same time. These customizations will increase the packaging cost but you can have some discounts on rates by getting mailer boxes wholesale from trusted online vendors.

Minimalistic appeal:

While some products require funky and flashy packaging, others may need designs that give a sophisticated feel. It all depends on the nature of the products and the niche of the brand. For example, for your spa essentials or green tea range, you need to be minimal in their packaging as it will go well with the calming and sophisticated nature of your products. So having white mailer boxes designed simply with just one or two colors would work well. It will also communicate your brand values clearly to the customers. Or Black mailer boxes gracefully carrying your brand logo with beautifully stylized font would make people think that you pay attention to the products more than anything and thus excite their interest.

Emphasize branding:

Your mailer boxes are your little marketing tools so they need to be able to identify your brand. They offer ample room for branding which you must occupy to protect your identity flawlessly. You can have some stylish fonts and typography to manifest your brand name with colors that best represent your brand. Your logo also must have a prominent position on the packaging so that it remains in the memory of people and become an unforgettable symbol of your brand. However, you do not need to include too many fonts, colors, and graphics as it will look fussy and will divert customers’ attention rather than attracting it.

Make smart use of the space:

Your mailer box has got six sides on the outside and the same on the inside, which you can utilize smartly to leave an everlasting impression on the customers. So how about printing a lovely note on the inside of the box to give a memorable experience to your clients? Or how about mentioning your social media handles and hashtags at the bottom of the box to help people connect with you even better. You can also share some information about your new product launches somewhere on the inside of the box. So by utilizing the space smartly, you can get the most out of your packaging.

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