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Robo Advisor App – The Truth Revealed About Its Usefulness

Robo-advisor app is a special program based on artificial intelligence technologies that help you place your funds in financial instruments and manage investments to get maximum income with minimal risks. The app also allows you to intervene in the decision-making process

It helps a beginner find investment instruments to buy on the exchange. Also, it helps combine the instruments in the right proportions, depending on the investor’s willingness to take risks, and then suggest how to manage the portfolio, which securities to buy, and which to sell.

In an ideal picture, the program code will analyze your wishes, consider income and expenses, evaluate character traits and then create an individual financial investment plan. You just have to track your profits.

Why use the Robo advisor app?

1. To get extra income

The potential return on portfolios managed by the Robo advisor is up to 13.4% in dollars, depending on your willingness to take risks.

2. To save time

To invest on your own, you need to spend a lot of time analyzing securities. But with the Robo advisor app, you will need 10-15 minutes a month, that is, logging into the application once every two weeks and following the recommendations.

3. It is easy to start investing with the app.

A Robo advisor app will help you choose securities for your portfolio. You can start investing from as low as 100 dollars.

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How the robo advisor takes helps in investing

1. Determines your investment profile

The investment profile is your attitude and willingness to take risks, as well as the corresponding potential return on investments. To determine your investment profile, you need to consider any savings you have, if you plan to withdraw money early, and if you have any investment experience.

2. Finds out your financial goal

After you complete the investment profile questionnaire, you will need to indicate your financial goal. The app will offer you a choice on the big purchase, pension, and financial cushion or just invest. Choose one of them and indicate how much you want to save, by what date, and how much you are willing to deposit monthly.

3. Suggests suitable strategies

After the robo advisor has learned your investment profile and financial goal, it will offer you all the existing strategies to choose from. Choose only those that best suit your needs.

Such autopilots are positioned as smart investment assistants, suitable for beginners who do not have the time and opportunity to understand financial instruments independently. The entry threshold for foreign products, depending on the platform, can range from $ 10 to $ 50,000. Management fees vary from 0 to 0.5%, with an average of 0.25%.

The robo advisor app sends recommendations on managing the portfolio, that is, the securities to buy, which to sell, when, and how much it costs to replenish the account to achieve your financial goal on time. But the decision to follow these tips or not is up to you. The robo advisor will not perform any actions with the account if you do not confirm them.

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