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Using CBD Biofreeze to Lead Active Lives

If you have been suffering from sleepless nights because of chronic pains and anxiety, CBD biofreeze may be just what you need. These products are designed to alleviate symptoms of daily discomfort and pains so that you can lead energetic, active lives. Biofreeze roll on, for instance, works together with menthol to offer calming and healing benefits of applied ice. It helps to increase the blood flow to the painful joints and affected areas.

You must have heard of cannabinoid oil or CBD; but do you know that there is more to it than simply giving you a “high”? Most people have no idea how it works, they only associate it with hallucinogenic effects. This is why there is still a social stigma attached to CBD products. But the truth is that broad-spectrum CBD products do not contain THC and such hallucinogenic effects will not happen when you use the right product and the right dosage. 

Reasons to use the CBD biofreeze to lead an active life free from pains:

  • Biofreeze has been the preferred topical analgesic according to medical professionals for treating pain with cold therapy. There is evidence to show that it helps in relieving muscle pains, provides backache and joint support. The unique menthol formula has been effective in providing pain support. The roll on is the topical analgesic which can be applied directly onto the skin. Its cooling effects can soothe sore muscles and joint and muscle discomforts.
  • Broad-spectrum CBD can provide targeted pain support; at the same time, it is non-addictive. It will not hurt your skin in any way because there are no harsh ingredients. The only scent that the roll on has is because of the menthol it contains. This also dissipates soon after the product is applied.

You must not apply this to broken skin or near your mouth, eyes, and nose. When you use this on a regular basis and skip a dose, you should use it as soon as you remember. However, if this is closer to the time for your next dose, it is best to avoid it. Double dozing is not recommended.

Why are CBD topicals effective?

CBD topicals are found to be potent for skincare because they have very high bioavailability. It means that when these are directly applied onto the skin, their potency increases manifold. It is much higher when compared to CBD pills and oils. Since CBD topicals come into direct contact with your skin, they can be absorbed faster and more effectively. 

Reliable CBD products will not mask inflammation or pain like OTC pain-relief lotions. They can actually eliminate the pain for a while because of high concentration of the cannabinoid receptors. These are part of our body’s endocannabinoid system and are associated with pain feelings, immune functions, appetite, moods, etc. Chemicals produced by our bodies which interact with this endocannabinoid system are cannabinoids. Research shows that CBD can lower inflammatory markers that are produced in overabundance by individuals suffering from conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Effects of CBD will vary from individual to individual. When buying from CBD stores, you need to be careful of those manufacturers who make outrageous claims. It is always better to demand a Certificate of Authenticity to be sure the products are genuine. This tells you the product has been lab-tested and found to be safe.

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