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Reasons to Get a Degree in Marketing

Figuring out a college major is not as hard as it’s made out to be. Fresh out of high school, too many young adults get caught in a web of confusion. If you are one, you’re probably juggling some heavy questions. What do I want to do in life? What is my passion? What’s my purpose in this world? Read about Reasons to Get a Degree in Marketing below.

Okay, hold up. Now would be a good time to take a breather. While it’s true that deciding what to pursue in further studies is a stressful task, you can make it easier by taking small steps. First of all, ask yourself what you’re most intrigued by. Have you always been curious about how machines work? Or the way the human brain reacts to certain things? Or perhaps you wondered what led to the design choices for the Spectrum internet packages ad you saw recently?

If you still can’t narrow down on something specific, here’s some good news. You can learn to address all the above questions by pursuing one field: marketing.

What is Marketing?

You may have heard of marketing in passing, but don’t know what exactly it is. Well, the answer is in the name. It refers to the practice of marketing anything towards an audience. For instance, an idea, a story, a product, or a service. When you market something, you present it in a way that catches its target’s interests. This could vary greatly, from using YouTubeStorm to boost online traffic, to massive marketing campaigns that cost millions of dollars.  

But isn’t studying marketing the same as studying business? No, not really. Marketing may be a part of business studies, but it is a separate discipline. There is more to business than marketing and more to marketing than business. How? Well, marketing a product towards a consumer to get profits is part of doing business. But what about marketing an idea? For instance, convincing people that littering is bad? A public campaign of this kind involves marketing, but not the business.

The Different Sides of Marketing

You might be asking how marketing ties into all the questions above. Let’s break it down. First of all, marketing is about giving information. If you want to sell something, you want to convey a message to your audience. And to do that, you must know about what you’re talking about! Since you are the person in charge of promoting something, you get to know it inside out. Now, this could be a machine, a skincare product, or even an upcoming movie. This means marketing will let you get to the bottom of how things work.

Secondly, marketing is about creating an impact. And to do that, you need to predict the reactions to any actions. For instance, how would your target audience react to a certain advertisement? If you want to make them laugh, you will try to be funny. Or if you want them to reflect, you will be insightful.

Lastly, how does design tie in to everything? Well, visuals make up a huge chunk of marketing. Every billboard you spot and ad you view is the result of a lot of thought. So, there is probably a reason behind a red and yellow color scheme—to catch attention. Similarly, a marketer could have chosen a sky-blue background for a poster to induce a sense of calm.

So, if you have a knack for knowing this, reading minds, and being creative, look no further. If this isn’t enough, here are some more reasons to pursue marketing.

It Offers Good Money

Of course, money is the first concern of anyone looking to join the job market. Sometimes people don’t like to admit it, but there’s nothing wrong with honesty. After all, everyone works to make a living and support a decent lifestyle. So, if you’re worried about financial stability, marketing is a pretty good option. Alongside decent starting salaries, most marketing jobs offer other corporate perks. For example, steady bonuses, leave policies, and health benefits.

It Is In High Demand

The thing about marketing is that everyone requires it. There is no industry or profession that doesn’t care about how others see it. For instance, corporations appeal to consumers. Similarly, NGOs appeal to donors, and politicians appeal to voters. Everyone, everywhere, is marketing something. Therefore, there is always a need for marketing experts. If you know marketing, you will always be in demand.

It Is Enjoyable

If you take away one message from this article, it’s probably that marketing is very diverse. It can be used in different fields, in different ways, and for different audiences. Thus, it is never boring. With changing market needs and technological progress, there’s always something new to look forward to. So, if you study marketing, you’ll probably have a fun time.

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