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Things To Know Before Hiring A Hydrovac Truck

For several years, traditional excavation methods such as hydraulic excavators, heavy equipment, and hand tools were used to dig around or expose utilities. With the introduction of hydrovacing, the process of excavation has been revolutionized. Hydrovac excavation employs a high-pressured system to liquefy the soil. Also, you can hire a BJW Crane Hire service that makes your construction work easier.

The vacuum removes the slurry from the excavation site and collects it in a truck-mounted container, transporting it to an offsite disposal facility. The technology enables fast and effective excavations that require less replacement, less labor, and have a lower environmental impact than traditional digging methods. Most importantly, hydro excavation poses little or no risk to underground utilities.

What Is A Hydrovac Truck? 

A hydrovac truck is used in the excavation process. It is the safest method for excavation because no heavy equipment is used. Only pressurized water is used to liquefy the soil, and no underground utilities such as gas, cable, or electric lines are damaged. Hydrovac trucks can be used for various tasks, including construction projects, underground utility inspections, repairs in sensitive areas, and digging potholes for pole or telephone line installation. Apart from that, the trucks assist in clearing sewers, catch basins, drains, and pollutant traps. Because they keep underground utilities and the surrounding areas safe, these trucks are favoured over heavy mechanical equipment for excavation projects. There are some pre-laid requisites to consider before hiring hydro excavation services.


Hydrovac excavation provides the best value for money. It is an affordable, efficient, and risk-free method to complete your excavation job in perfection. When you don’t have to pay for costly repairs of ground/utility disturbances, you will be saving thousands of dollars in the long run. Moreover, hydrovacing requires only two crew members. That means you don’t need to pay hefty amounts for extended labours. 

The type of soil

Knowing the type of soil, you’re dealing with is the foremost step towards hiring a hydrovac truck. It is preferable to visit the site before opting for hydro excavation and then decide on the type of truck required. A heavy-duty truck is required for harder and clay-like soil, while a softer soil is easier to tackle. If you have a large job and the soil appears to be difficult, it is best to use a powerful excavation truck. Components with a minimal level hydraulic pressure of 4000 PSI are suitable for nearly all implementations.


It is important to have an idea of the project you’ll be taking on. For this, you’ll need to know the land coverage and capacity of the hydrovac truck at the same time. The capacities and power of these trucks vary. If you intend to hire a vac truck for your excavation project, make sure to review its requirements. There are various water pressures and tank capacities. When selecting an excavation truck, you must consider these two factors.

Safety features

Even though there is no doubt that hydrovac is a safer process than the ones we were using earlier, you should still look for security features. When selecting a truck, consider the safety features that have been installed in it. Advanced hydrovac trucks are outfitted with cutting-edge technology and improved safety features. This enables you to have an efficient and safe solution at a low cost.


The process of hiring hydrovacing services is also impacted by the time duration your project will take. If you’re looking forward to having your project started in no time, it is better to go with a truck with a seemingly larger capacity. This way, you wouldn’t have to wait for it to take rounds to dump the vacuumed soil and stop the process in between. 

The hired company 

When funneling down your options, consider which company is the most accessible. You must investigate its accessibility so that you know you can reach them whenever you need it. Any mistake can result in substantial financial, professional, and supply loss. Look for a service with trained professionals, proper safety measures, and the necessary equipment to complete your project’s baseline duties. 


Whether you are hiring hydrovac services for your project, you should be aware of the fact that it is a complex process and must be handled by trained professionals. Operations and equipment must be efficient to get the job done. Hydrovac excavation should cause as little waste and ground disturbances as possible. Moreover, knowing basic things about hiring a hydrovac truck is important for smooth project completion. 

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