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Should you buy furniture online? Pros and Cons

When buy furniture online, choose the most reputed brands in business if you want to get the best buying experience

Buying furniture online, like all online buying, has grown by leaps and bounds, and will continue to grow. You’ll be surprised to know that online furniture buying hasn’t got a push due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It was in vogue much before, and the pandemic lockdown coupled with safety concerns just gave it a push. Online furniture buyers range from individuals to entire families, and hoteliers to corporates.

Online furniture buying has been a boon for manufacturers and retailers as well, as the options of pictorial display reaffirm the old adage that ‘what’s visible is what sells’! No one, not even the vintage furniture manufacturers and retailers, would want to miss out on the lucre of the virtual market. And since the category of netizens includes a mammoth share of online buyers, buying furniture online will be there.

Make no mistake, a surge in online furniture buying doesn’t mean that retail stores will go out of the picture. Furniture shops and showrooms will also continue to witness investment and footfalls. As opposed to buying furniture online, visiting a shop, showroom, or a display studio gives the option of touch-and-feel to buyers. That’s because furniture, and most home improvement products, fit the bill wonderfully if tried beforehand.

For example, if someone wants to buy a reclining chair, or a couch, they’d like to sit in it first and assess the comfort levels. Also, some stores offer customised furniture and buyers in this category would like to sit with the designers and explain their requirements. Online furniture buying usually doesn’t extend this facility.

In this article, we will talk about some pros and cons of buying furniture online. This should help you in making an informed decision.

Pros of Online Furniture Buying

  1. Wide array of options

Online furniture buyers have a wide array of options available to them in the form of pictures. A retail outlet is limited by space and cannot accommodate everything. Apart from prices, the details provided on an online catalogue are quite explanatory, and buyers can compare one piece with another with absolute ease. The sizes, dimensions, and utilities are so nicely explained that buyers get convinced about online furniture buying.

  1. Time saving

Online furniture buying saves a lot of time as the precious moments that one might spend in hopping from one furniture outlet to another can be utilised to surf various online shops. The more options you scan, the better it is for you. That’s great, isn’t it? You can avoid the irritating and time-consuming traffic snarls, and fuel-costs. Well, in the current scenario of rising fuel prices, this can be a highly considerable point.  

  1. It’s safe and stress free

By safe we mean that in times of pandemics or any disease outbreak, online furniture buying keeps you safe from catching the disease. In fact, this USP is marketed highly by online furniture sellers. Scare those fearsome demons with online furniture buying. It’s safe and sound. Wonderfully, an online furniture buyer isn’t pestered by coercive salesmen. It’s a stress-free experience.

  1. You get good offers and discounts

Online furniture buying brings along with exciting offers and discounts and this is something which really clicks a buyer’s price sensitive mind. We can’t help but bring the pandemic into consideration here, as the inclination to save money is on the rise. No one knows when the next lockdown will arrive, so we might see netizens geared up for online furniture buying.


  1. Sometimes the pictures are misleading

It’s not uncommon for some online furniture selling portals to post misleading pictures of furniture just to gain online traffic. Buyers get lured by the visual appeal and are left disappointed and disgruntled if the delivered furniture is contrary to what they were shown online.  

However, renowned online furniture sellers make it a point that the pictures they post on their web-shop are a true reflection of the actual products. They hire professional cameramen, and web developers for this purpose. That’s why their goodwill remains untarnished even in these times of uncertainty.

  1. Not all reviews are accurate

This does have an impulsive impact on our online furniture buying decision. A furniture item that’s ideal for a particular buyer may not be the same for someone else. And we do have a tendency to believe all and sundry reviewers. We’re not trying to impress upon you that all reviews are misleading. We’re saying that the word-of-mouth can make us easily appreciative or opinionated about furniture that’s sold online.

  1. High delivery charges

At times you might end-up paying high delivery charges for furniture bought online. And that pinches the pocket as the furniture itself is quite expensive. It might tempt you to ditch online furniture buying and try the nearby furniture shops instead, from where transportation is comparatively economical.

  1. Easily returnable but time-consuming

Yes, furniture bought through an online portal can be returned easily, but the process takes a lot of time. You might lose interest for future online furniture buying, as you wouldn’t want to wait for the returnable piece to remain at your place for days. Such experiences might attract people towards furniture retail outlets and design studios. You might question yourself: “Why did I even try my luck at the online furniture stores?”


Despite some glitches, online furniture buying remains popular among a vast chunk of people. The main reason for this is the unflinching effort of renowned furniture brands towards quality, honesty, and integrity. It’s totally your decision to go for online furniture buying, but we suggest that you choose the best brands in business. That will make online furniture buying a memorable experience for you and your peers.

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