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Trivia Murder Party 2

The Jackbox Party Pack 6 includes Trivia Murder Party 2. The game requires players to answer trivia questions in a manner that is more like You Don’t Know Jack, but with a twist that is still interesting. If you lose, you’re sent into a Killing Room, where the losing players compete for their lives until one remains.

Annoucement of a New Game

Trivia Murder Party 2: A deviously funny Trivia game in which you get questions wrong and have to fight for your life in a variety challenging mini-games. Trivia Murder Party 2 has been the most requested sequel to all Party Pack games. It’s finally available in Party Pack 6.

Trivia Murder Party 2: The serial killer host [REDACTED] is back in his childhood home. This murder hotel has been run by his family for generations. As with any horror movie sequel, the stakes are higher and the surprises are more shocking. The cliches are plentiful.


Trivia Murder Party 2 begins with 8 people, all living. They must answer trivia questions using multiple choices each round.

Correct answers will save you from penalties for the round. You may also be able to help during the Killing Room minigame. They can also earn money. However, money (the scoring system), only affects the game when everyone dies before round 5. A player who answers incorrectly to a question is sent to the Killing Room and must take part in a random minigame to live. They die if they lose the minigame. The Killing Room can see players from all levels of danger to none. Everybody who dies becomes an ghost. Ghosts can still win the game to the end. All living players who answer two consecutive questions correctly (1-3 player games) will be sent to the Killing Room where the host “teach” them a lesson. Sometimes [REDACTED] will summon a single player to the stage. The lives of the other players are at risk if the player correctly answers the question. If not, the player will be sent to Killing Room by himself.

After playing a minigame within the Killing Room to determine who will survive, everyone (including ghosts), will continue answering questions until one player remains alive or everyone dies (in which case the person with the most money will be revived).

If no one survives question 5, (4 in smaller games), then the host will rewind Killing Room and allow the players to re-do the whole round. The game will end without a winner if this happens again.

After answering 9 questions, [REDACTED] says it’s “checkout-time”, but there are still too many players. All living players are sent to Lock & Key Killing Room. This is an elimination game in which only one player can survive.

A single-player game requires that the player survive seven questions to advance to the final round.


Players and audience members vote for the best response in the Killing Room minigames. The winner is the one with the most votes. Safe players can play along in competition minigames if there are only two or three players. So make sure you torture your friends!

Although the audience will still have its score, it will not be shown until the end of round 3. The audience will run to the exit with the players in the final round. They may even win the game. The score it receives in relation to other players will determine its starting position. Based on percentage of correct answers, it can move up to three spaces for each question.

The final round scores players based on the selections and unselected answers at the end the timer has ended for each question. This time limit has been cut to 12 seconds, without any extended timers. To lock in their answers, players can press “submit” to close the timer earlier. To count their answers, audience members must press “submit” within the time limit. The barrier that blocks the exit from the audience is revealed when the leading player has come within 2 spaces of being free. This requires all three correct answers to the question (including the living person) in order to win.

Jackbox Games has posted the avatars of player dolls on Twitter:

The Screamer (Yellow), (Shown June 5, 2005)

The Jester (Purple), (Shown June 8, 2008)

The Believer (Blue) (Shown June 12,th)

The Sheriff (Green), (Shown June 15, 2015)

The Alpha (Orange) (Shown June 18, 2018)

The Nerd (Gray), (Shown June 22nd).

The Red Herring (Red), (Shown June 26th).

The Lovers (Pink), (Shown June 29, 2009)

An hourglass will be displayed next to a player’s name if they are not active. The game will treat them as an audience member by not waiting for their answers before moving on regardless of time limits.


An asterisk (*). is used to label minigames and parts of minigames that were carried over from the original Trivia Murder Party.


The set includes as many chalices (but not less than) as players. All safe players and ghosts pick a chalice to drop the poison pellet. If any players fail to poison the chalice within the time limit, they will be given the option of choosing randomly. Half of the chalices are poisoned at random if there are not enough safe players or in a single-player match.

Each at-risk player gets to choose a chalice from which to drink after all poison pellets are dropped. Any player who drinks from a poisoned cup or refuses to make a choice within the time limit will be killed.

For each player that is successfully poisoned, players will be awarded $500. All poisoning players who poison the same cup which kills players will receive full prizes

If any of the at-risk participants drink from a cup, they’ll be killed. The host will then claim that the poison pellets were dark cherry-flavored. WHOOPS!


[REDACTED] writes a piece of text to the players at an extremely fast pace. You can also see the text on the screen one sentence at a. It is also displayed on the player’s screen one line at a moment. Players are required to type as much as [REDACTED] allows. After [REDACTED] has finished reading, typing is stopped immediately. Scores are based on how many words players type correctly and not how many words you write in a row. Scores are calculated by the number of words that players have typed to match the document. This means that the order in which players type is irrelevant. At-risk players who have fewer words than the safe players will die. If there is no safe player in three or more multiplayer games, the player who has the fewest words (including all connections) will die.

Players must correctly type [REDACTED] words in single- or two-player games.


2+ players

Two or three players.

Each at-risk player receives $500 and is asked to donate money to another player. Only after everyone has been done, are the players’ decisions made public.

Anyone who donates $800 or more to a player will die if they have $800 or more.

Whatever money players end up with, they keep it.

It is the same for 4+ players except that if someone ends with $1000 or less, all donors to said person are killed.

Dumb Waiters

More than 3 players

Each player is shown two elevator doors and can choose which one they want to enter. Only after everyone has finished, are the players’ choices revealed.

All players who choose the same elevator will live. If the elevator is too heavy, all players will die.

To prevent a tie, a matryoshka doll is placed in the left elevator if there are equal numbers of players in the killing room. Everyone will live if they choose the elevator without the dummy.

Anybody who doesn’t choose an elevator will die. If this happens, and there are only two players left, the minigame will be cancelled. Otherwise, it continues as usual. If there is a tie, everyone lives.

Escape Room

To be considered at-risk, VIP players must play

Or they will die. The at-risk players have 45 seconds to leave the room. [REDACTED] offers the following hint: “Pause” and take a deep breathe. It will be solved when you click’resume.’ To escape, pause the game and then restart it on the device where the game is displayed, not on the player’s device. When playing on a PC press “Esc”, to pause the game, then press “Esc”, to resume. When the game is stopped, the 45-second timer will be paused. This killing room is only possible if the VIP has access to the game.

This was initially thought to happen only once per Party Pack 6 download, but it can happen more than that.

This minigame’s killing room number is always “???.”

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