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How to Edit Gameplay Video in 2021?

Are you a gamer? Do love gaming video? Do you get inspiration to make your gameplay video? Then, use these simple steps to create an awesome gameplay video with the help of a game video maker like InVideo. 

Step 1: Create an InVideo account.

Step 2: opt for Blank Template and then select the AR.

Step 3: From the Asset Library, you can go to the section called Uploads.

Step 4: Then, import all the raw footage to the editing tool.

Step 5: Now, edit the video trim, delete and add scenes and create an overall gameplay video.

Step 6: Add music from the editing tool to make the video entertaining.

Step 7: You can even add voiceovers with funny accents to make the video interesting.

Step 8: Export the final video.

Well, these are the basic steps that you can follow to create a gameplay video before you edit on video maker online. But now, I will discuss with you step-wise preparation on how to follow the process in detail. So, let’s dive into it:

First Step:

Plan Your Gameplay Production- It would help if you chose the niche in the gameplay video. Once you have your place, like gaming review or live commenting on a live gameplay video, you can plan your video accordingly. It gives you a purpose to understand what you have to do ahead with the gameplay video. Then comes your goal or intention. Why are you making the video? Do you want a view? Are you doing it for fun? What are the reasons? Once you know your goal, you can choose a specific way to edit the video.

Second Step:

Gameplay Recording-If you are using a gaming laptop, then it’s ok. Or else you can download the software that helps you record the gameplay video. It makes your life easy, and you can conduct the process smoothly.

Third Step:

Recording or Adding-You can take the help of the media library to add music related to the gameplay video. Also, a funny voiceover makes the video interesting because viewers focus on the video and listen to the words you are saying. 

Fourth Step:

It’s time for you to download the editing software to edit the video clips on the tool. The different editing tool is different from each other. And later on in this article, I will describe which editing tools are best for gameplay video editing.

Fifth Step:

Cut and trim the unwanted footage. You may find some shots good but look into the script. According to the script, if the footages are useless, cut it off so the video looks clean and not clumsy. 

Sixth Step:

Now merge all the leftover clips and add smooth transitions.

Seventh Step:

Now adjust the audio as per the video and add captions and titles to make the video enjoyable.

Eighth Step:

Show your editing skill with;” freeze the frame” style and highlight the best moment in the video.

Ninth Step:

Make an intro video before you upload the final video and create it as a promo of the main video.

Tenth Step:

Now It time for you to final export the video and then upload it on the YouTube platform.

5 Editing Tools to Edit Gameplay Video In 2021

1. InVideo

InVideo is one of the fine-valued video editing software used by a wide variety of people to make videos for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc., and also gaming videos. As nowadays, a lot of people are into gaming, the editing of videos has become a necessity.

This software has proven to be one of the best software for editing gaming videos with a large library full of templates from which you can choose any of your own choices. It has features for both basic as well as advanced video editing.

This tool allows you to change the background, add effects, animate the video, add music and background music to the video, and many more features are available, making InVideo the best gaming video editing software of 2021. 

2. EaseUS

EaseUS is great video editing software that mainly specializes in gaming video editing. With its extensive arrangement of devices, you can make your gaming videos really captivating, proficient, and generally better, absent many issues. The product offers a huge load of highlights to help you upgrade your gaming videos.

Certain gaming video editors require certain PC arrangements. Be that as it may, with regards to EaseUS Video Editor, you need a virtual machine to run it. In this manner, you can run the product with no problems on the off chance that you can run any of the previously mentioned games on your PC.

3. VSDC Video Editor

VSDC offers a non-direct video altering interface and assists you with editing your gaming videos easily. Utilizing it, you can apply numerous video and sound impacts to your videos to develop your videos altogether. Aside from that, it likewise permits you to change over your gaming videos, starting with one organization then onto the next. VSDC has many effects that you can use, but it will take some time for beginners to learn the functioning of VSDC. 

4. Lightworks

Lightworks is an expert video manager. These days, an ever-increasing number of individuals use it to alter their gaming videos with the high-level altering devices it offers. When altering gaming videos, you can apply enhancements, trim, cut, change outline rate, and do numerous other videos. You can save the game video in your ideal design and transfer it straightforwardly to online media stages like YouTube and Instagram in the wake of altering. 

5. VideoPad

VideoPad is a great free alternative for any individual who needs to make top-notch recordings without spending a dime. VideoPad is basic and simple to apply highlights, for example- 3D altering video and, of course, an audio effects library to try various video syntheses and styles. 


If you are someone new to gaming and finding it difficult to choose good video editing software, then the given list will certainly help you choose the best gaming video editing software.

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