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Star Wars Books

In addition to the films and television shows, there have been many amazing Star Wars books that expand the scope of the universe.

The Star Wars universe lived on in the form of books and comics for a long time before Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm resulted in the expansion of this universe being erased and rebranded as Legends and replaced by a new collection of canon tales.

If it’s part Legends or Canon but there are some amazing stories from a galaxy from the present that fans are able to explore within this collection of Star Wars books. Some of the most talented authors in the world have created emotionally engaging and action-packed tales which introduce new characters and revisit characters from the past all within the setting of this critically-acclaimed series.

If you were to see this show in person, you would be so impressed that you’d wonder why it’s not in the top position? It was, in truth, an uneasy decision. The design and aesthetics are top-quality that as the Star Wars Chess Set by Gentle Giant, a company that is well-known for its collectables of vintage and back issue comics, collection statues, mini busts, and films.

Rebel Rising (Canon)

Rogue One was the first solo Star Wars film to be released by Lucasfilm in the current Disney period of their brand. The military tone of the film did not go down well with viewers, however, it was the novel that predated Rebel Rising that managed to set the scene for many themes that enriched the experience of watching films.

The author Beth Revis has taken a deep dive into the background of Jyn Erso, from her early years with her family to her time growing up with the radical Saw Gerrera. It fleshes out her character as well as her relationship with the terrorist and ends exactly where the film begins by introducing the protagonist.

Darth Plagueis (Legends)

Palpatine’s novel about Darth Plagueis the Wise is definitely an interesting one, but the audience did not learn anything about the previous Sith Lord. Indeed, the story of James Luceno begins with the death the dark force-wielder at the fate of the apprentice Sidious.

The book then explores the story of Plagueis and his rise and his fall. It offers a fascinating glimpse into Sith mythology and is crucial to understanding the path Darth Sidious will eventually be on. It’s an essential read for any Star Wars fan and may someday return to the Star Wars canon.

I, Jedi (Legends)

There’s a myriad of unique characters that are introduced in the universe but The I Jedi is the very first book that had a protagonist who fans had never seen before in films. It was a novel by Michael A. Stackpole novel was quite innovative, hence.

Corran Horn plays the primary character in this novel and it’s interesting to note that it links closely to Kevin J. Anderson’s trilogy of novels of The Jedi Academy series. Horn has a quest to be a Jedi under the direction by Master Skywalker, trying to complete the duties handed by his force-wielding ancestors.

Outbound Flight (Legends)

It was a major undertaking to the republic. It was sending a crew made up of civilians Jedi as well as scientists into the unexplored regions of the galaxy and possibly spread their civilization further. It was not anticipated by anyone the difficulties they could encounter during their journey, however.

This enthralling, mysterious story composed by Timothy Zahn, sees Palpatine take over the scheme and the ship swerves through Thrawn along with the Chiss ascension. The novel is tied beautifully to the expanding universe, and the underlying themes of the story can be found in his later works.

Dark Disciple (Canon)

Asajj Ventress was one of the most complex characters that were introduced in The Clone Wars. Asajj Ventress, the Nightsister as well as the Sith assassin was Dooku’s apprentice prior to falling from favour. She would have a new direction when she became she became a Bounty Hunter.

The end of the animated show indicated that her story wasn’t completed. The author Christie Golden does a great job in wrapping up the story of Ventress by revealing her shocking love story with Jedi Quinlan Vos as well as an unforgettable final fight against the dark forces.

The High Republic: Light Of The Jedi (Canon)

The High Republic is an exciting new initiative from Lucasfilm’s Lucasfilm publishing department that has enabled gifted writers to explore a new phase of The Star Wars galaxy. Light Of The Jedi is the first major novel in the series, and it beautifully establishes the general premise of the narrative arc.

Charles Soule has created a novel and enigmatic story that definitely introduces a variety of new concepts and ideas into the game. In the midst of the Golden Age of the Republic and the Jedi, A major disaster occurs, bringing the entire galaxy into complete chaos.

X-Wing: Rogue Squadron (Legends)

It is possible that the Rogue Squadron brand could perhaps be a brand that is considered to it. It’s an elite group of pilots who were created by Luke Skywalker and has become iconic in the cinema. There’s been a fantastic video game franchise based upon the group in addition to Patty Jenkins is currently working to make a movie adaptation of the group.

The debut part of the Michael A. Stackpole books set the scene for the critically acclaimed series. The story begins with Rebel heroes Wedge Antilles bringing together the team. It shows the challenges and rewards as a fighter pilot. It is among the top Star Wars books to experience combat in space on paper.

Aftermath: Empire’s End (Canon)

The Aftermath trilogy written by Chuck Wendig could become the most significant collection of novels in the new canon era of the Star Wars franchise. From the characters that flesh out, such as Rae Sloane, to the impact it had in the trilogy of sequels, with the advent of the First Order and the development of a brand new Republic Each novel plays significant roles that it plays in an expanding universe.

The final novel in The Empire’s End is an ideal final chapter in the many stories that were set up, and it even includes a reference towards the future in Palpatine’s upcoming return to Excel. Additionally, it features an incredibly talked about Cobb Vanth appearance, who was introduced in the trilogy and later make an appearance as a character in The Mandalorian.

Thrawn (Canon)

Timothy Zahn is one of the most gifted writers who have contributed in his part in the Star Wars universe. His work with the Star Wars franchise is famous, however, he is perhaps best famous for the creation of the Thrawn, the character. Thrawn that was brought back into the canon of Disney.

The initial Thrawn novel brought the iconic Chiss into the modern Disney universe in such a manner that it’s produced an additional four sequels and spin-off titles, and allowed Chiss to be a part of Rebels and possibly even become the antagonist of the DisneyAhsoka and Disney. The work of Thrawn helped bring the character back to prominence in a way that no other writer has.

Heir To The Empire (Legends)

Heir to the Empire is the place where it all began. It is considered to be one of the most important Legends books and also the beginning of the infamous Zahn Thrawn trilogy, this is the first time the character became popular in the media.

The story here was an individual character unlike anything we’ve seen previously in Star Wars before. The force that was Heir In The Empire has left a legacy continuing to be a force today and beyond, as Thrawn had an impact on the universe as a whole as well as The Empire in a huge way.

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