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3 Best Ways to Delete PDF Pages

Did you know that you can manually remove specific pages that you do not need and want in your PDF document? You can actually do it as conveniently and efficiently as possible for free! Read everything about Ways to Delete PDF Pages below.

One of the best sites out there that provides tools for deleting PDF pages is PDFBear! It is a user-friendly site that offers various PDF tools and services such as file organization, file viewing and editing, file optimization, e-signing, conversion, security, and watermark stamping. The site is free to use and very accessible, but if you wish to work with their pro features, you can avail of their membership plan.

Delete Pages in PDF Your File

Upload PDF to PDFBear

Once you have landed on the PDFBear site, you will be welcomed with various PDF-related tools and services. Scroll through and look for the Delete PDF Pages tool and click it. You will be sent to the tool’s server, where we can start to delete pages from pdf documents.  

Now, you can upload your file when you are already sent to the tool’s server. To do that, click the “select a file” button located at the center of the toolbox. Your device’s file library window will appear for you to select and upload the PDF file. Select the file and click Open for the server to load the file.

There is also another easy and convenient option if you are using a computer or desktop. You can simply drag and drop your PDF file from your file library to the server. And it will be automatically loaded!

Your file will be loaded and processed by the server for a few seconds to a minute. The waiting would usually depend on the file size, the components in the document, and your internet speed. Nonetheless, the site works the fastest, and your PDF file will be processed in no time. Right after it is done, you can proceed to remove your document’s pages. 

Delete the Pages

Next, we can now delete the pages you intend to delete in your PDF file! You will be shown previews of all the pages in your document. Whenever your cursor is pointed to a specific page, a Trash Bin, Zoom In, and Information button will appear on top of the page. To delete the page, click the Trash Bin button that appears after selecting a page. And you want to have a closer look at the page, click the Zoom In button. 

There is also an Options button available that provides a handful of helpful tool options. You can go to a specific page, directly print your file, select and delete specific pages, and adjust the view options. 

When you are done and satisfied with the final work, click the Apply Changes button located at the top right of the toolbox. Your PDF document will be converted and processed again to work on the changes you made to the file. It would only take a few seconds to less than a minute, depending on the amount of changes you made. It’s fast, plus the quality of the file will not be compromised as PDFBear ensures that you get the file with the highest quality! 

You will be sent to a new section where you can finally download the file.

Download the new PDF document

We are finally down to the last step, where you can download and save the file to your device, at last! Now the document’s selected pages are removed, and your PDF is newly edited. 

To download your output file, click the Download button, and it will be immediately saved to your device by your internet browser. 

If you have access to PDFBear’s pro features with their membership plan, you can rename your file first before downloading it.

Onto one of the best features of PDFBear, they have tools and services provided for users to send and share their files conveniently. There is a generated shareable link for you to copy and send to your recipients, so you no longer have to upload the file one by one to send it to many. You can also send the file via e-mail by clicking the mail button and entering the required details. 

From the first step toward the last one, PDFBear makes sure that you get the best experience!


PDFBear is indeed the best site for everyone’s PDF-related issues and needs. Their site is fast, convenient, and super efficient! Also, they are free to use and very accessible!  Who knew that dealing with PDF files is this easy and sweat-free?

And suppose you worry about the security of your files being uploaded to the internet. In that case, there’s no need to because PDFBear is equipped with the highest level of security with their 256-bit encryption technology. The privacy and security of the users and the information each document contains are valued and respected. The files will be permanently deleted after an hour. Feel free to check out more of their tools and services; they can come in handy when you need them! 

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