Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Running Tips – From Starting Out to Motivation

One of the easiest and best ways to get fit and focus on your own health and wellbeing is to start running. It is simple and easy to do, you do not have expensive gym fees, or have to adjust your whole way of life. Just get on some good trainers and some comfy clothes and go. You can start slow, or even start with a walk, and then build-up, a faster walk, a slow jog, change your distances and soon you will find you love that time to yourself as you achieve some amazing results. Join an online running club and talk to people who also run and explore the possibilities! Here are some tips on how to keep running and avoid problems with injuries and motivation!

Gradual Running is the Best way to Progress

You need to start with the right mindset meaning not to expect to head out on your first runs and be ready for a marathon in a week! Gradual is the best approach for several reasons. You are far less likely to get an injury when you start slow and build up in speed, distance and terrain options. You are also less likely to give up when you are hurting and it was too hard. Use what you want like a running club app and build up what you do.

Running shoes are not just a fashion choice

Investing in good running shoes is not about wearing the latest trendy thing! While you do not have to get a good pair of running shoes, this is the one thing we recommend you spend what you can on. It will prevent you from having injuries, look after your feet and legs and you are less likely to quit because of blisters and such. Choose a shop that knows what they are talking about and talk to an expert there about what foot type you are and what running shoe best suits you. A lot of that will be about your insole.

Find a training program or running club

Finding a training program is a good way to prepare properly for any kind of race especially if you are new to it. You could also join a local or online running club. They often have programs to prepare for different goals as well as people who are in the same boat…or running shoes, as you. You can get other valuable tips, socialise, find people to run with and more!

Ways to stay motivated

Here are some ways you can stay motivated to keep running even on days when you do not much feel like it.

● Create a playlist to listen to when running that is motivational and gets you energized and excited.
● Create a challenge, maybe to run your first 5 miles, or to run as part of a club and use a running club app to help motivate you.
● Find a running friend so you have someone you have to go out with and cannot let down.
● Use races as motivation to keep training. There are races of all levels so you can be a beginner and still find something to enter and prepare for.
● Reward your achievements with something like a new pair of running shoes!

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