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Personalizing Shirts and other Garments

Heat transfers, embroidery, same-day printing, etching, engraving all have one thing in common. They add uniqueness and personal value to the item they embellish. These digital tee shirt printings are the great way to express individuality and express creativity. Since the first caveperson marked their rock walls being able to express ourselves has become a part of who we are. It has become an important part of business marketing and promotion too.

Embroidery has a big part to play with business shirt personalization

Ways to customize apparel like staff uniforms, and giveaway materials is a great way to enhance the look, and add value in the form of creating a team feeling, as well as marketing opportunities. Embroidery in particular adds a higher quality design compared to something like printing. Shirt embroidery is a great way to show your business values its employees and customers. When you decide on embroidery it helps to know some of the process and what choices there are in terms of fabric, threading, stitch count, and other important details. Make sure you talk to the service about the design you want to be embroidered. Not everything is suitable for this method of personalization. Look for people who have experience with this and can create the finished product you love.

Think about the size of the text

The size of the writing is a factor to consider as well. Some fonts are not good for smaller writing, like serif or script. The best results use capitals with something like Arial being a good option. Ask the printer what the minimum letter height requirements are for your choice of fabric and stitching. If you are worried that the text is not large enough talk to the service offering embroidery shirts near me about the problem and they may have some suggestions for you. With their help, you might be able to change the logo in a way that does not much alter the basic premise.

Would a combination of processes work for you?

For some needs, you might have a design and lettering that would work better with a combination of processes. For example, you might avail yourself of some same-day plain tshirt in Singapore for writing across the back and then a smaller design is embroidered on the pocket of the shirts. Or you might use screen printing or even applique to set the background on the shirt and then another method over the top like embroidery. Applique refers to the process of using a number of pieces of materials to create the background look you want to achieve. Stitching could be used to highlight something, or you might do the text in stitching. Combining processes is a great way to achieve a custom effect that attracts attention.

Ideas for marketing

There are many ways a business can use embroidery, printing or other effects to create items for the purpose of marketing. A t-shirt design might be part of a giveaway to loyal customers or handed out at events, and then when they wear it, they are giving you advertising. There are a lot more things you add customization to than the typical jersey or t-shirts though. Leather pouches, totes, hats, fanny packs, windbreakers, umbrellas, golf towels, and more. 

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Cary Grant
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