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Take a look at the world longest mini golf hole

Have you ever wondered what the longest mini golf hole looked like? Maybe you have tried to guess the country where it’ll be located. You may have talked about how wide and long it must be, you may have exaggerated or argued for a while and after enjoying that exciting conversation with your friends, it’s now time for you to get your facts right and that’s how you made it to this website. It could also be that you happened to just bump on the topic. Whatever your reason are, since you are here, in this blog post, we all will be taking a look at the longest mini golf hole in the world.

Shipwreck Golf Amusement Centre – Cortland, New York

Shipwreck golf amusement centre holds the title of having the longest mini golf hole in the world. On the 19th of August 2016, they were given the title of having the longest mini golf hole and today, they are still the current record holders. According to the Guinness World Records, the 18th mini golf hole measures 140.05 m (i.e., 459 ft 6 in). This record-breaking mini golf hole was achieved by Patricia Aspinwall Jordan and Shipwreck Golf Inc. built in Cortland, New York, USA. 

How did they get there? It all started in 2005 when Patricia and Stephen Jordan opened Shipwreck Amusement as a secondary source of income. The business continued to grow and five years later, they opened the indoor mini golf course. The business continued to perform well and this caused Patricia to pay more attention to the outdoor mini-golf course. She had one problem though, she wanted to add something novel and enticing that’ll make customers always come back for more. 

The outdoor golf course has a total of 18 holes and the first 17 holes have a resort-style. The players are expected to have a mastery of angles and should be able to bounce the ball off the borders if they want to put the ball in the hole. The record-breaking 18th hole is quite different from the rest, it has a traditional style instead of the usual resort-style. Before creating the 18th hole, they had no idea that what they were about to create had the possibility of becoming the longest mini golf hole in the world.

After the 18th hole had been designed and built, that’s when they started hearing people say that it’s possible that their hole had broken a record and because of that, in 2016, they made up their mind and submitted an application to Guinness. To verify their claims, witnesses and surveyors visited the outdoor course. Additionally, when applying to Guinness, they had to provide evidence to prove their claim, so they took aerial photography using a drone. Before they were given the certificate of having the longest mini golf hole in the world, Guinness checked and rechecked all over the globe for almost a year and when they found out that no other one came close, they were given the certificate.

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