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Curiosities You (Maybe) Didn’t Know About The Mamma Mia Musical

Who hasn’t been caught by surprise at some point in their lives when they find themselves singing or dancing to an ABBA song? Because of their popularity as a group, they decided to use their songs to tell a story through their lyrics. When American producers realized that thousands of people had come to the theater to sing and enjoy the story, they made a musical to bring all of those people to the theater and, thus, generate large numbers of dollars at the box office. If you also want to enjoy this spectacular musical, you can get your tickets at GotStubs.

In the Mamma Mia musical, there’s a song that reflects exactly how you’re feeling. The feeling you have about your friend that you’ve been in love with for half your life? There’s a song for that. You’ve crossed words in class with that guy with great hair, and you already see your future life together flash before your eyes? There’s a song for that too! People talk trash about your reputation, but you let them because it’s all a front to play hard to get? Also, a song! What about that time you fell in love with a widower with seven kids, and you didn’t know what to do? Well, they have that song as well. 

But now, we would like you to put some Abba songs on, and we invite you to read some curiosities about the Mamma Mia musical that (maybe) you didn’t know before!

Mamma Mia

Mamma mia, the song’s headline that serves as the inspiration for the movie, was one of the group’s most successful singles. It found a way to put the Swedish pop group in the TOP 10 sales charts in countries such as Sweden, Australia, and Switzerland, even though it was the first single from an album of the same name released in 1975.

ABBA’s overwhelming success

It was the 1970s when ABBA, the Swedish pop group whose songs served as the inspiration for the movie, achieved worldwide fame. The musical inspired by their songs has drawn more than 60 million people to theaters and earned more than $2 billion in worldwide box office revenue.

Meryl Streep’s challenge

Meryl Streep has appeared in more than 60 movies, but she still had one more thing she wanted to try: she wanted to be a part of a musical. It was a significant challenge for her because she did not believe she could perform at such a high level. Following her casting, she ended up practicing the musical numbers in her house’s closet, where she was utterly embarrassed and attempted to prevent the laughter of her family when they happened to walk in.

The reunion of two friends

Cher and Meryl Streep are great actual friends, and they have been since they starred together in the 1983 social drama Silkwood in which they met.

The location

Although the action takes place on the Greek island of Kalokairi, the film was shot in Vis, a Croatian territory on the Dalmatian coast that served as a military base for the Yugoslav army during the Cold War. Some of the scenes that simulated exteriors were filmed in a studio.

A total of 305 costumes were used during the show

An impressive 305 costumes are worn by the show’s cast members, including one worn by Donna (Nina) during her performance with the Dynamo. The star-shaped Swarovski crystals on the chest and back of the tight-fitting white jumpsuit, which has bell sleeves and legs, complete the look. It cost 6,000 euros. 

The actresses who almost participated

Amanda Seyfried almost missed out on the role of Sophie, as Mandy Moore, Amanda Bynes, Emmy Rossum, or Rachel McAdams were among the actresses considered for the role. As was Meryl Streep’s role, which Olivia Newton-John or Michelle Pfeiffer could have played.


The Musical made its debut for the first time in London in 1999 and became one of the most successful musicals in history. Within these eighteen years, it has grown into a global phenomenon. One that has managed to bring together more than 10,000 people every day who all laugh, sing, and dance from their seats, having been infected by the excellent flow and the magic of ABBA’s songs, is a musical occurrence, a fan phenomenon, and a sociological phenomenon all at the same time.

It is a straightforward story that integrates perfectly with the songs of the group ABBA that are part of the plot in such a perfect way that they seem to be written expressly for the booklet. 

In short, a necessary musical, which will transmit good vibes, a desire to dance, sing, and laugh. Because this musical is an overdose of optimism, and sometimes you have to forget the problems and routines to let yourself go and be the Dancing Queen! Do you need more reasons to fall in love with Mamma Mia?


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