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NFL Trivia

The National Football League was established 100 years ago, on 17 September 1920. It currently has 32 teams.

This trivia quiz on the NFL players is perfect for football fans. You can. New York’s Midtown Manhattan is where the headquarters of NFL are located.

Each team has 11 players who compete against each other for 15 minutes in American football. These NFL trivia questions will be fascinating to you if you are a fan of Reggie White, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady or Tom Brady. These NFL trivia questions and answers will make you laugh if you enjoyed playing the New York trivia and Super Bowl trivia. While testing your knowledge is fun, nothing beats the live experience; secure your spot for the big game by purchasing Super Bowl 2024 tickets at TicketSmarter today.

NFL Rules Trivia

Do you know all of the rules and regulations for this sport? To find out how much you know about American football, answer this tough NFL trivia quiz. This quiz is essential for die-hard football fans who want to recall their favorite game.

1. Question: What is the NFL?

Answer: National Football League.

2. Question: How many football players are allowed to play on the field?

Answer: Each team can have a maximum of 11 players.

3. Question: How many people can be part of a team?

Answer: Each NFL team has 45 players.

4. Question: How many “time-outs” are permitted?

Answer: There are three time-outs for each team.

5. Question: What is the half-time period?

Answer: 12 minutes

6. Question: How many points do you get for a touchdown?

Answer: Six points.

7. Question: How many points do you allot for a field goal.

Answer: Three points.

8. Question: Can an opponent win two safety scores if a team member is offensive? Is it true or false?

Answer: Yes.

9. Question: How do you earn an extra point for your team?

Answer: The team receives an additional point if any player kicks the ball past the uprights following a touchdown.

10. Question: How do the team earn two more points?

Answer: They take the ball back to the goal zone.

11. Question: How many quarters is the game made up?

Answer: There are two halves of the game that last 45 minutes each, and then a 15-minute break.

12. Question: Where does the game begin?

Answer: A kick-off.

13. Question: What rule applies to a tie?

Answer: If there’s a tie, each team plays an extra quarter.

14. Question: Which factor determines who gets the ball and from which side to play?

Answer: It is a coin toss.

15. Question: How big are the NFL stadiums?

Answer: The field is typically 100 yards in length and 60 feet wide.

16. Question: What equipment must each player wear?

Answer: Basic equipment includes a helmet and shoulder pads, shoes, gloves and knee pads.

17. Question: Is there a dress code?

Answer: Yes. NFL has a strict dress code policy of 5 pages.

18. Question: Can players miss meetings?

Answer: NFL players must attend. If they are not there, they will be fined.

19. Question: True/False: Can overweight players be penalized?

Answer: Yes.

20. 20.

Answer: The players who are caught with the ball on the ground are subject to a fine.

21. 21.

Answer: A yellow or red card.

22. 22.

Answer: Dead-ball.

23. 23.

Answer: When a player grabs the helmet of their opponent.

24. Question: What’s the goal?

Answer: The front portion of the end zone.

25. Question: What does the red flag signify?

Answer: A red flag indicates that the coach contests an official call.

26. 26.

Answer: This means to begin a play.

26. 26.

Answer: A touchdown.

27. 27.

Answer: The line for scrimmage.

28. 28.

Answer: Special teams.

29. 29.

Answer: He’s signaling a score.

30. 30

Answer: 100 yards.

NFL Football Trivia

Play the NFL trivia games quiz to learn more about your favorite American football players. This NFL trivia quiz with answers will reveal surprising facts about hall of famers, and many other topics.

31. Question: Was George Halas, a Chicago Bears Hall of Famer, the head coach during many Chicago Bears seasons?

Answer: There are 40 seasons.

32. 32.

Answer: Decatur Staleys.

33. 33.

Answer: Green Bay Packers

34. 34.

Answer: 15 January 1867

35. 35.

Answer: Time Mara was the founder of New York Giants.

36. Question: Who’s number 23 on New York Giants?

Answer: Rashad Jennings

37. Question: Who will win the Super Bowl in 2020?

Answer: Kansas City Chiefs

38. 38.

Answer: Green Bay Packers

39. 39.

Answer: New York.

40. Question: Who is number 24 for the Dallas Cowboys

Answer: Chidobe Awuzie.

41 41.

Answer: Daryl Johnson.

42. 42.

Answer: Emmitt Smith.

43 43.

Answer: Dallas Cowboys head coach, Tom Landry.

44 Question: In 2008, who was the head coach for the New York Jets?

Answer: Eric Mangini.

45 Question: Who is Papa Bear?

Answer: George Halas, Chicago Bears was also known as Papa Bear.

46. Question: Who is Los Angeles Chargers’ head coach?

Answer: Anthony Lynn.

47. Question: Who is Green Bay Packers’ head coach?

Answer: Matt LaFleur.

48. Question: Who is the second head coach after Lombardi’s Green Bay Packers?

Answer: Don Shula’s Miami Dolphins.

49 49.

Answer: Emmitt Smith.

50 50

Answer: Chuck Howley won the Super Bowl MVP award despite losing.

51 51.

Answer: Yes.

52 52.

Answer: 31

53 53.

Answer: 32

54 54.

Answer: Green Bay Packers

55 Question: Who has lost the most Super Bowls?

Answer: Both the Patriots and the Denver Broncos have lost the most Super Bowls.

56 Question: How much do rookies in the NFL make each year?

Answer: Minimum $420,000 per year

57. Question: Where are all of the NFL footballs made?

Answer: They are made in Ada, Ohio at the Wilson factory.

58. Question: When was American football’s first game played?

Answer: Between Princeton and Rutgers in 1869.

59. Question: What NFL season was called the “Ice Bowl?”

Answer: The 1967 NFL Championship Game.

60 Question: Who is not allowed to play in the Super Bowl or the World Series?

Answer: Deion Sanders.

NFL Team Trivia

This collection of trivia about the NFL for kids highlights key events and includes trivia questions about NFL history. The random facts that you’ll discover when answering the NFL trivia questions will amaze you. What are you waiting to do? Get together your family and friends for an interactive quiz.

61 Question: What is the greatest game ever played?

Answer: The 1958 NFL Championship between Baltimore Colts and New York Giants.

62. Question: Who did the New York Giants merge after the 1928 season?

Answer: The Detroit Wolverines.

63. Question: How many Los Angeles football teams do they have?

Answer: There are two, the Los Angeles Chargers (or Los Angeles Rams)

64 64.

Answer: 1995.

65 Question: Which is the official San Francisco mascot?

Answer: Sourdough Sam.

66. Question: What is tight-space dribbling?

Answer: The position where the player controls the ball within a narrow space, as a defender approaches.

67 Question: What is spearing?

Answer: It’s illegal.

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