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Star Wars Rebel Fanfiction

Fantasy AU Star Wars Rebel Fanfiction

Take a look at stardustgirl. They have tons of fantasy and AUs. They have tons of stories. Check them out, because I’m certain there’s something you’ll like about their site.

Rogue Wave by haunt_haunt_haunt, teenager, 3.2k words – Sabine is in need of money to pay rent and her brother beks on the fishing trawler. What can be the cause of this?

Seaform by lothcats, Gen, 9.5k words, WIP Newly Knighted Jedi Dume, also known as Kanan Jarrus, is set to embark on his first solo venture to supervise the biological study of Lothal. It could be an easy task but it’s not always exactly as planned. (Also, The Seas of Ahch-To by the same author).

Lady Leia and the Prince by starwenn teenager, 52k words – Jedi Knight Leia Organa seeks to stop the evil Chancellor Palpatine from assuming the throne, and to avenge her parents’ deaths. She is assisted by the misfits of a group that include her caring healer uncle and a mysterious archer that cannot remember his real name, a gigantic Wookie animal and a unicorn that is much more than he appears.

Long Star Wars Rebel Fanfiction

The Undeserving by LessAttitudeMoreAltitude, teen, 239k words – Kanan is a mess after Order 66. It’s not until he comes on a child who is abused by Force that he sees his potential. OR Kanan meets Ezra at a later age.

Last known Trajectory by Alizrak mature, 132k word – “Whatever happens next… happens to both of us.” Thrawn Ezra and Thrawn are trapped on an uninhabited planet located in Unknown Regions. There is no hope of rescue What if Ezra overcome his disagreements between one of his most feared enemies to make it through? Most important… what’s Thrawn’s motive behind pushing to for this unorthodox alliance?

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Spectre One Rises Anoray Gen, 157k words WIP – Is your master really dead? Through the Force Ezra Bridger receives strange visions and messages concerning Kanan Jarrus when he is confronted with an uneasy union within Wild Space with Thrawn and his remaining members from Chimaera. Star Destroyer, Chimaera. Amid a swarm of dangers, Ezra is forced to embark on a dangerous adventure that could lead towards the capture of the master however, it could also result in disaster for everyone those who are involved in the journey.

Where Ezra Faints – Star Wars Rebel Fanfiction

One scratch in the Wall by SpaghettiCanActivist (orphan_account) Gen, 2.6k – Kanan overestimates Ezra’s toughness and pushes him a bit too far and too fast during their Jedi training. Everyone realizes that they all need to be taught.

Sick/Hurt Kanan

The Selective Hearing of Jillie_Chan Gen, 1k – Kanan has lost his voice, and it’s making him feel down that his friends are putting words into his mouth.

Perhaps you’ve been a bit concerned for a while by watching ghostcribs Gen, 3.5k – Caleb falls sick before starting a new job. Kasmir certainly doesn’t seem to be worried. (Spoilers for up to Kanan: The Last Padawan #5)

I’ll keep the world safe for you with gracedbybattle Gen 11.4k 5 times Kanan was worried about Ezra and at one point Ezra was concerned about Kanan.

Home Remedy by Lothcats Gen, 2.9k – Kanan’s managed to get a cold and there’s no cure except to let it go. That’s not a great idea with the other members of the group each with their personal view regarding the best cure for it.

A Star Wars Fanfiction Mandolian Culture

Mando’a A Supplementary Dictionary by Izzerslololol TenTonParasol and the summerstorms Variative 10.7k. 10.7k The dictionary provides additional mando’a to cover the gaps from the dictionary of mando’a as well as general vocabulary. The dictionary is complete with a thorough descriptions of etymological origins and the various parts in each phrase (or words) to provide a detailed explanation of the reasons behind the creation of each word/phrase and its proper applications. The site will be updated regularly as new words and phrases are added.

Hope for the Future by Naaklasolus, Gen 4, 416 words. A quiet moment with two Jedi.

The Legends of the Darksaber by Saberteller Gen 3k words. The Republic is beginning to break in the face of The Sith’s Brotherhood continue to destroy the galaxy. The Jedi are being forced ever more, and dying or changing towards their Dark Side. In the midst of all this and much more a mysterious Mandalorian known as Tar Vizsla was discovered to be force sensitive. He’ll be a part of in the Jedi Order, struggle with his dual nature and struggle to stay who he is within a world that seeks to alter him for its own purposes and finally find redemption in his family. He will sculpt his own legend by using black light.

Best Long Star Wars Rebel Fanfiction

In the Edge of the Devil’s Backbone by bedlamsbard, teenager, 333.9k, – Ten years after she disappeared in the Imperial assault on an Twi’lek settlement, Cham Syndulla is able to see the daughter of his Hera in the very first moment as the form of a hologram, now sporting her uniform as an Imperial agent, and possibly working with a human Inquisitor. The only thing Cham would like to do is bring his long-lost child back to the rest of her family, however the next thing he knows is the fact that Hera Syndulla has only been focused on the two main things she is interested in: her obligation toward Hera and the Empire as well as her devotion to her group that is a group of outcasts gathered through Hera and her beloved Inquisitor.With Cham and the Rebel agent named Fulcrum on the lookout the Ghost, a new mission is set to take Hera and her crew members of The Ghost into the world of Lothal and an unexpected encounter with a Force-sensitive teenager reveals an old secret that has been buried by the Inquisitor who was once called Kanan Jarrus…and could have dire consequences for Hera and her crew and the Empire as well as the emerging Rebel Alliance.

Twin Sunrise by Chi-Chi-Chimeara (gestalt1) and gestalt1, Gen, 302.4k – Exploring an old Jedi Temple on Vrogas Vas, Luke runs into a small amount of trouble than he anticipated. While Doctor Aphra is sent to find that pilot responsible for the destruction of the Death Star, and the Inquisitor that was at one time Ezra Bridger has a mission of his own. Their paths colliding will take them deep into the Temple which will lead to the disclosure of old secrets that will only get more complicated by the time Darth Vader comes to claim his son.

Children of the Force by HLine Not evaluated, 269.2k – Anakin didn’t die, but the events of the Order 66 was still in effect. Today, only the remaining members of The Jedi Order remain, seemingly overwhelmed by fear and grief which leaves many vulnerable for an attack from the Dark Side or the Sith. Kanan Jarrus, very cautiously, doesn’t focus on this. He’s got his army and that’s all that the team he requires. He’s left the Jedi in the dust a long time back. However, the Force will not let its children go as easily, and especially the ones who aren’t so desperate for his assistance.

Blackbird by Okadiah mature 250.3k (£250.3k) Hera as well as her team are to recruit Kanan and Ezra who act as vigilante assassins who fight the Empire in the midst of the rebellion. However, Kanan’s dark past and dark tendencies make the chance of success slim.It’s an excellent thing that Hera, Ezra, and the rest of the team don’t quit easily.

Control Alt Delete, 4persephone older, 163.1k – “Honestly Chopper I’m off with a droid on a stolen government vehicle in an attempt to recover my light sword. The saber was taken away from me via the timestream prior to my previously deceased Master and former Phoenix Squadron Commander track me down and attempt to *to ground me. Does that sound like a good to you? from the position you’re in? Since I’m not thinking so currently.”

Black Mirror by DarthNickels, mature, 90.3k – The Ghost crew returns to the Lothal after hearing that the Empire is looking into in the Jedi Temple in the Lothal. They find out that Vader is on his own and decide to seek his place, but what they find could alter the direction of Galactic history.

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