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7 Ways Mountain Bikes Have Changed for the Better

Mountain biking refers to an activity or sport that is done off the road over rough terrain with mountain bikes. And, the sport is exciting, fun and terrifying all at the same time. Most mountain bikers prefer cycling on mountains and rocky roads.  Nevertheless, mountain biking is associated with cycling through uneven rough ground, and the biker must have advanced maneuvering skills.

That being said, based on your off-road adventure, the equipment you pack for mountain biking may change. And some of the most common gear that bikers use are eye protection, mountain bike helmets, gloves, water bottle, repair kits, padding and body armour. Meanwhile, there are different categories of mountain biking such as cross country, downhill, freeride, trail riding and all-mountain. Over the years, multiple changes and alterations have been made to ensure the best off-road adventure one can experience.

Some of the Significant Changes in Mountain Bikes Over the Years

Frame Modifications: New materials lead to new possibilities. Thus, the alterations done to replace old frames with new ones have helped reduce the bike’s overall weight, making it much more sturdy to ride.

Full Suspension: Much effort is put into fitting rigid bike frames with shock absorbers for the front and rear wheels. Advancements in areas like pivots and rebound damping in the shocks have entirely changed the way bikes run on downhill trails. And while cycling uphill, the rear wheel can track the ground contours better, and there are no sudden stops when the front wheel hits a rock.

GPS: With modern technology, it is easy to see exactly where you’re headed through a GPS or a digital map as compared to the old ways in which one would have to carry a topographical map with them. A GPS is great for navigation and can easily be rerouted every time you take a wrong track.

29-Inch Wheels: Previously, 26-inch wheels were the only options available for mountain bikes. Since then, designers have enhanced the bike frame to a 29- inch diameter. This is because thicker tyres help bikes roll more smoothly over rough ground and rocky terrain.

Thicker Tyres: New, improved bikes have been designed with wider tyres that are great at gripping the trail and moving over loose sand. These tyres are well structured and are considered one of the next big steps in the development of wheel technology.

Dropper Seat Post: The dropper seat post is one of the greatest innovations in the history of mountain biking. Quick and convenient height adjustments come in handy during technical descents with many obstacles. Moreover, the ease of adjusting the seat allows the rider to cycle without stopping and prevents any hindrances in pedalling.

Concussion Protection: Prevention is always better than cure! Hence, wearing a proper helmet is necessary for all mountain bikers. Companies have been taking concussion prevention more seriously, and although crashing is a very regular part of mountain biking, helmet companies have started taking brain health very seriously. Hence, they have come up with some fantastic mountain bike helmets that are not only cost-effective but help invest in long term health too.

Mountain bikes have seen some of the most remarkable changes over the past decade. Companies have constantly been coming up with new designs and innovative ideas to make the experience unique. They have also been coming up with new modifications and gear that are effective and budget-friendly, making mountain biking a more accessible and enjoyable sport.

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