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Best Star Wars Chess Set

Given the huge popularity of the Star Wars franchise, it’s an incredible thing that Star Wars chess sets are not readily available at present.

We’ll examine some of the most impressive sets, and also where one could be able to insist on that word “might” – get some of these.

Since the very first Star Wars film was released in 1977 the world has become an uproar for everything and anything Star Wars. Chess sets, naturally aren’t the only exception.

Here’s a brief review of the top five Star Wars sets ever to get into consumer hands.

#5 – Star Wars Chess Set by Hasbro

The set was able to make it our list due to two main reasons:

It’s simple to buy, and

The price is not as expensive compared to other sets we have found.

Why is it not higher on the list? We weren’t impressed by its overall performance.

It’s true that it’s true that you only get what you spend for. This is a fantastic “budget” set for those who are a fan of Star Wars and want to play chess. However be aware of the fact that these pieces are made out of plastic, and many complain that they fall over easily. It’s not an item we sell and therefore, one will need to buy the Star Wars Chess Set at Amazon or your local toy retailer.

However, we’re nevertheless huge fans as Star Wars chess sets are extremely difficult to find and getting it isn’t too difficult.

#4 – Build Your Own Out of LEGO(r)

If you’re into DIY projects this article is perfect for you!

It might sound like an attempt to suggest you design your own. But , let’s face the facts, there aren’t any official sets on the market specifically released in the past couple of decades.

With the wide availability and the popularity in LEGO(r) Minifugures anyone can find the correct Star Wars figures, and make a chessboard made of LEGO(r) as well. In reality, what child in America isn’t interested in helping in this kind of project?

The picture shows a board that was constructed by a woman in honor of her husband. It was sent to LEGO(r) Ideas website. Her husband is a big enthusiast of Star Wars, LEGO and chess, and this was a birthday celebration he surely remembered well.

LEGO(r) has given her some huge praises and we believe that someone who is passionate about all three of them could achieve.

#3 – Star Wars Saga Edition Chess Set

It’s always exciting when a designer breaks away from the norm to come up with something new and exciting. One could argue that’s what’s been achieved by the Saga Edition set.

The pieces included in this set of chess pieces are adorable. There are many stories of people using this set in order to instruct their children playing chess. However, the kids are so caught up with the characters that they do not even bother to play!

If everything went as planned they are made of sturdy metal, but it would push prices and make it less affordable. If looking cool and beautiful chess pieces are the top priority for you in the Star Wars set, and being on the low end of the durability scale is fine it could be the right set for you.

Children who want to “play” with these pieces in lieu of playing the game? This could be a great thing. Particularly if your child has minimal or any interest in chess however, they are a huge fan of the greatest space-opera in Hollywood. That could mean that this is the perfect opportunity to help them get proficient in playing chess and even hooked!

If they are able to play chess and enjoy actors from one the biggest and most popular film franchises of all time that’s great.

#2 – Gentle Giant Star Wars Chess Set

If you were to see this show in person, you could be so impressed, that you’d wonder why it’s not the top position? It was, in truth, an uneasy decision. The design and aesthetics are top-quality that is the Star Wars Chess Set by Gentle Giant, a company that is well-known for its collectibles of comics and films.

The set will have a larger portion of the money than the previous set and with reasons that are very good! To begin this set is constructed from pewter. They’re made for durability and will feel sturdy on your fingers.

As if the chess sets aren’t enough, the board for chess featuring Star Wars detailing could push any person who’s on the fence to make a purchase!

The reviews we’ve seen have been nothing but positive. In the past, we had this set of collectibles in our chess sets with themes.

It’s listed on Amazon and that could be the best option to find one. It was released in 2012, and even though production is complete, they’re likely to pop up periodically. Keep your eyes peeled!

As I mentioned earlier the design is absolutely amazing. If it wasn’t due to the immense effort involved in the collection that brought it to the top position in the first place, the Gentle Giant collectible might’ve at the very least been ranked at number one.

#1 – The Danbury Mint Star Wars Chess Set

Our pick for the most authentic Official Star Wars chess sets is this version in pewter from Danbury Mint. It’s not only amazing, but the difficulties to purchase this set at the time it first came out is what makes us want it much more! (Don’t we often want something we don’t get?)

If you were interested in to own this Star Wars set, it was only available via mail-order (note the advertisement on right). The pieces would be delivered in two batches each month. That means it would take nearly three years to get the entire set!

The cost of each piece was around $22.00 in the 1990s. That brought the total cost of the entire set to an astounding seven hundred dollars or so! (That’s approximately $1200 in current dollars, if you believe it or it’s not.)

The set includes characters from the original trilogy: The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi.

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