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Star Wars Trivia

Test your insight with these hard trivia questions ‘Star Wars’.

The principal ‘Star Wars’ film was delivered in 1977.

This ‘Star Wars’ information test is great assuming you need to test your insight about arbitrary ‘Star Wars’ trivia about Jabba the Hutt and participate in a ‘Star Wars’ film test about characters like Boba Fett and Obi Wan. You can transform your ‘Star Wars’ trivia night into something more cutthroat with this ‘Star Wars’ trivia test.

‘Star Wars’ follows the undertakings of a scope of characters living in a space universe, starring Carrie Fisher and George Lucas, among others. It isn’t clear precisely when ‘Star Wars’ is set, however the initial grouping discloses to us that it was set before, not the future as certain individuals erroneously accept.

New Star Wars Trivia Questions Dependent on Characters

Test your insight into characters through this ‘Star Wars’ trivia game. This test about ‘Star Wars’ can be considered as simple ‘Star Wars’ trivia!

1.Question: Darth Vader cautions an abundance tracker that Han and his companions should not be crumbled. Would you be able to review the name of that abundance tracker?

Reply: Boba Fett.

2.Question: In which Sith Ruler’s mind did the Domain start?

Reply: Palpatine.

3.Question: In ‘Scene I’, who was chosen as the Incomparable Chancellor of the Republic?

Reply: Darth Sidious.

4.Question: In the film ‘Assault Of The Clones’, what character said, “Gracious, bad”?

Reply: Obi-Wan Kenobi.

5.Question: Who was the individual liable for preparing Obi-Wan Kenobi?

Reply: Qui-Gon Jinn.

6.Question: Who is known as the Anointed one during the prequel set of three?

Reply: Anakin Skywalker.

7.Question: What was the name of the convention droid that moved toward the two Jedi toward the start of ‘Scene I’?

Reply: TC-14.

8.Question: Who is the twin sibling of Princess Leia?

Reply: Luke Skywalker.

9.Question: Who is the Sovereign of the planet Naboo?

Reply: Padme Amidala.

10.Question: Who is the taken on father of Princess Leia?

Reply: Bail Organa.

11.Question: Who got Anakin to the Jedi Committee ‘Scene I’?

Reply: Qui-Gon Jinn.

12.Question: Who did Han Solo and Luke Skywalker liberated from the Demise Star in ‘Scene IV – Another Expectation’?

Reply: Princess Leia.

13.Question: Who is the executioner close to the furthest limit of the film ‘The Apparition Danger’?

Reply: Qui-Gon Jinn.

14.Question: Which of the principle characters starts from the planet Corellia?

Reply: Han Solo.

15.Question: Who was quick to call Anakin Skywalker the Anointed one?

Reply: Qui-Gon Jinn.

16.Question: Who was shipped off Tatooine to prevent Darth Vader from getting the designs for the Passing Star from Princess Leia?

Reply: R2D2 and C-3PO.

17.Question: Which fight was battled between the locals of Naboo and the Exchange Alliance’s droid armed forces?

Reply: Clash of Naboo.

18.Question: Who expressed the words, “You need this, don’t you?” in the film ‘Return Of The Jedi’?

Reply: Ruler Palpatine.

19.Question: What number of characters include in every one of the six films?

Reply: Four.

20.Question: Who is the most established living Jedi, who is likewise the most established on the Committee?

Reply: Yoda.

21.Question: Who had a tauntaun with a messed up left arm?

Reply: Luke Skywalker.

22.Question: What is the name of the R2 that flies with Luke Skywalker?

Reply: R2D2.

23.Question: Who says the accompanying lines, “Into the trash chute, hotshot”?

Reply: Princess Leia.

24.Question: Who proposed his evacuation if Chancellor Palpatine stays in office after Broad Appalling is obliterated?

Reply: Ki-Adi-Mundi.

25.Question: Who says the words, “He’s too old to even consider starting the preparation”, in ‘The Apparition Hazard’?

Reply: Mace Windu.

26.Question: In ‘Scene I – The Apparition Danger’, who annihilated the droid control transport?

Reply: Anakin Skywalker.

27.Question: What was the name of the clone who requested shooting Obi-Wan Kenobi?

Reply: Commandant Cody.

28.Question: Who is the Emissary of the Exchange Alliance?

Reply: Nute Gunray.

29.Question: Who is the main Jedi Knight in the Committee in ‘Scene I’?

Reply: Ki-Adi Mundi.

30.Question: Who was tricked by Luke’s Jedi mind stunt?

Reply: Face cloth Fortuna.

31.Question: Who answers the telecommunicator when Luke is trapped in a rubbish pit?

Reply: C-3PO.

32.Question: How did Luke cut the ropes ‘Consequently Of The Jedi’?

Reply: Diverted blaster shot.

33.Question: What is the state of Ishi Tib’s head?

Reply: Star.

34.Question: What does Leia call Han Solo?

Reply: “Messy looking nerf herder”.

35.Question: Who says the line, “Take a gander at the size of that thing.”?

Reply: Wedge.

36.Question: Which dealer did Anakin help while on Tatooine?

Reply: Watto.

37.Question: Who is the speaker of the lines, “Do, or don’t. There is no attempt.”?

Reply: Yoda.

38.Question: What is the call indication of the clone leader pilot hailed by Obi-Wan?

Reply: Weirdo.

39.Question: In which fight was Agent included?

Reply: Skirmish of Endor.

40.Question: Which two characters highlighted in five of the six films?

Reply: Yoda and Palpatine.

41.Question: Who said the lines, “Space rocks don’t concern me, Chief naval officer”?

Reply: Darth Vader.

42.Question: Who was the proprietor of the Millenium Bird of prey after Lando Calrissian?

Reply: Han Solo.

43.Question: Who is Wedge in the main set of three?

Reply: A military pilot.

‘Star Wars’ Fan Test Questions Dependent on The Story

The more characters, the more story circular segments we get from a film. The accompanying ‘Star Wars’ film trivia will test the amount of the story you can review. Endeavor the hardest ‘Star Wars’ trivia questions and replies with all your insight here!  

44.Question: Yoda found that Anakin had something that might lead him to the Clouded Side in ‘Scene I’. Would you be able to recollect what it was?

Reply: Dread.

45.Question: From which planet did the clones that framed the Domain’s military come from?

Reply: Kamino.

46.Question: What, as per Yoda, are the two indications of the Clouded Side?

Reply: Outrage and disdain.

47.Question: The Clash of Hoth occurred in which film?

Reply: ‘Scene V – The Domain Strikes Back’.

48.Question: In which fight did we see Darth Vader fly in?

Reply: Skirmish of Yavin.

49.Question: Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker went on a salvage mission to save Preeminent Chancellor Palpatine. During which fight was this?

Reply: Skirmish of Coruscant.

50.Question: What is the capital of the Republic?

Reply: Coruscant.

51.Question: During the Clash of Endor in ‘Scene VI’, where was Darth Vader?

Reply: He was dueling with his child.

52.Question: Toward the start of ‘Star Wars Scene III: Vengeance Of The Sith’, which fight is progressing?

Reply: Skirmish of Coruscant.

53.Question: What are the primary words displayed toward the start of the ‘Star Wars’ set of three?

Reply: “quite a while past in a universe far, far away…”

54.Question: As indicated by Qui-Gon Jinn, what extraordinary thing did Anakin have?

Reply: Gigantic measures of midi-chlorians.

55.Question: Anakin was tried on which three subjects to demonstrate that he had accepted the power?

Reply: Boat, cup and speeder.

56.Question: What does Darth Vader discover upsetting when the force of the Power is addressed?

Reply: An absence of confidence.

57.Question: In which film were the abundance trackers utilized by the Realm?

Reply: ‘The Domain Strikes Back’.

58.Question: Which living things can exemplify the power?

Reply: Midichlorians.

59.Question: After the giving of which request were many Jedi mown somewhere near clones all around the cosmic system?

Reply: Request 66.

60.Question: R2D2 is a droid. Would you be able to review what kind of droid it is?

Reply: Astromech.

61.Question: What do Luke’s auntie and uncle do?

Reply: Dampness cultivating.

62.Question: Which planet is Princess Leia initially from?

Reply: Alderaan.

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