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How to Design and Decorate Your Master Bedroom

Is remodeling the primary bedroom in your mind? It isn’t as tough as it seems. So, stop procrastinating and transform your bedroom into a welcoming abode.

Smartly including all your storage, bedding, dressing, and planning it for the future is what the master bedroom deserves. Make it very accessible, functional and gorgeous with some clever tricks and tips.

Let’s discuss some basics and decoration ideas to revamp your primary bedroom to a colossal one. But, first, let’s have a look.

Planning the Primary bedroom

First of all, you have to lay out an outline and consider the thing you want to include. For example, the bed, storage, dressing area, closet, a friendly corner, study area, etc. 

Divide the space according to it and designate a place for everything.  If you are a young married couple, you may also consider a crib place near your bed. The planning can be according to your peasant and future plannings.

Focus on the Focal Point

While planning a bedroom, the first element is creating a focal point. The bed is the focal point of any bedroom, and the rest of the outline goes according to it.

You can place your bed facing the door or diagonally to it. Everyone assumes that placing the bed below the window is a bad idea. But if you want to design your bed with a window headboard, it looks attractive and unique.

Keep Proportion in Mind

A very vital aspect while designing a bedroom is to mind the ratio. Don’t introduce a vast bed and storage in the bedroom when your room is small. 

In a comparatively smaller bedroom, go for smart storage and shelving. The room, bed, furniture ratio must complement each other, and nothing should look too small or too big.

Bedroom Hues

The color palette is another crucial decision when planning a bedroom. But, again, it’s entirely your choice, and if you are designing a contemporary bedroom, you can opt for naturals like white and earth colors.

You can add a pop with an accent wall and color it dramatically. The natural colors look relaxing, and you can experiment with different things on them.

Trending Wall Art

A bedroom is a very personal space, and its decor should reflect you. For the wall arts, you can explore the outstanding range of canvas. As earlier mentioned, the wall art should also follow the ratio rule.

How to Design and Decorate Your Master Bedroom

On a large wall above your bed, you can hang a considerable landscape canvas. Fix it above 5 to 9 inches over the headboard, and it must be two-thirds or three-fourths of the bed.

On the adjacent wall, you can hang macrame or tapestry items. A customized framed photo canvas or some artifacts will look exhilarating.

A personal Nook

A corner near the windows or in front of your bed can become your coffee corner. Place some cushioned benches with cushions. 

You can also place a comfortable rocking chair. Accessorize the area with some photos, frames, lights,  and pretty decoration.

Accessible Storage

Plan storage very wisely and introduce smart storage. For example, add bed and bedside tables with drawers or racks. Place a closet with sufficient storage. 

You can hang floating shelves for keeping books and small plants too. You can also plan a walk-in wardrobe divided by the glass. It looks so lavish, and it can have all your closet and dressing area.

How to Design and Decorate Your Master Bedroom

Comfort on the Feet

A cozy winter morning, you don’t want your feet to feel cold while getting out of a comfy bed. You must never ignore the flooring and can install a slightly cushioned carpet on the floor.  It can be anti-skid and dust-free.

Suppose you want to show off your ceramic flooring. You can go for a large area rug under your bed. Layering the floor provides texture and adds a gorgeous pattern and colors.

A Reading Area

Near the window, you can place a study table for reading and working on your system. Organizes everything neatly, with table drawers and floating shelves over it.

How to Design and Decorate Your Master Bedroom


Dramatic Ceilings

While lying on your bed, you should have something interesting to look at. So you go for a rustic triangular wooden ceiling or a false ceiling with intelligent lighting.

Dressing Area

With your closet and washroom attached to your main bedroom, you need a dressing area. It can be in your glass partitioned walk-in wardrobe or near the washroom entrance. Place a large mirror with a table and dressing chair.

Plenty of Light

Make sure to add plenty of lights of all intensities to brighten up your bedroom. In addition, you can install sufficient light at dressings and study areas. 

A string lights to your coffee nook. Bedside light or traditional wall sconces look so lavish too. Sufficient lighting near your wardrobe and some dimming lights for evenings.

Final words

It will be a wholesome experience of planning and decorating your master bedroom. Make it practical and pleasing with lots of gorgeous elements. 

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