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LISK Price Prediction

Lisk is an open source platform for blockchain development based on Lisk Tokens. This platform allows developers the ability to write decentralized applications using JavaScript programming languages. Lisk allows developers access to sidechains and their tokens. It is a modular currency because it has “modules” that are the basis of its design and construction.

CoinGecko says that Lisk’s (LSK) price trades at $2.08 at the moment with a trading volume of $20.606,251 per 24 hours at the time. LSK is down 12.2% over the last 24 hour.

LSK also has an circulating supply of 144,531.863 LSK. Currently, LSK trades in cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, OKEx, Huobi Global, Upbit, and HitBTC.

LSK Price History


Lisk developers conducted an ICO (Initial Coin offering) in 2016. They raised approximately $6million dollars while distributing 85,000,000 LSK. Lisk tokens are priced at approximately $0.07 as their starting price. Instantly, the price rose to $7 once it hit exchanges. LSK prices dropped significantly after the initial hype subsided. It was trading at $0.2-0.0 between May 2016-May 2017. It only began to grow in mid 2017 like Bitcoin and the rest. From $1.30 on June, it grew quickly to $9 in December and then to double digits at start of 2018. Its current ATH, $39.31, was reached on January 7, 2018 LSK was able to hold on to this level for longer than most currencies. This was due to BitFlyer being listed. Lisk’s 2018 ending at $1.30 a piece was the only thing that changed.


Lisk’s continued “crypto-winter” meant that the price wouldn’t soar as high. In the second half of 2019, there was an uptrend that saw the price rise to $2.20. Lisk price has been in a decline since then, as well as until the start of 2020. It was as low as $0.5 at one point in December. However, it bounced back up in January 2020 when Coincheck, Tokyo, announced Lisk stakes. It plummeted by March, however, as a result of market influences. It has been rising slowly but steadily since March. This price even followed the bitcoin movements that occurred in August. At the moment of writing, LSK’s price is $1.36, its market capitalization is $170,749,010, and the circulating supply is 125,651,534 LSK.

But you shouldn’t rush to find an LSK exchange. Continue reading the article to discover all the pros, cons, and ways to purchase Lisk quicker and more easily.

What are the factors that influence LSK’s price?

Project Development

Lisk, along with many other blockchain projects in progress, is still being developed. Lisk, like many other blockchain projects, is still in development. Each Developer Call attracts investors’ interest and was even said by some to have helped drive the price up in August. This works both ways, as the delays in network update and rebranding in 2017 drove the price down.


Lisk’s value proposition is similar to many other projects. It is a distributed computing platform. NEO (EOS), Cardano, TRON, TRON and Tezos are other projects that have the same value proposition. NEO is the only exception. They also work on the Delegated Proof of Stake algorithm. Lisk must provide other advantages than a SDK in order for them to be successful. Right now, the community is working on making the network sound to be used as a monetization channel by making it resistant to forking and introducing a way to reverse transactions.


Lisk is user-friendly and developer-friendly. The goal is for widespread adoption. Lisk is also more accessible, which sets it apart from other projects. The apps that can be developed on the Lisk blockchain are various, from bike renting service to event planning application. Lisk Foundation provides grants to developers to cover these daily use cases.

Let’s look at some news and Lisk price forecasts after we have established some basics.

Halving (Block Reward Reduction).

This event, scheduled for late September, will reduce the reward of producing a block from 2 LSK up to 1 LSK. You can actually nickname it halving this time around! From that point on, LSK will issue 1 coin per block. If the same level remains of demand, then reducing inflation should, in theory, have a positive effect upon the price. In an irrational market, when sentiment also has influence on the price, reward reduction can even cause price increase since halvings are generally considered to be bullish events.

Lisk (LSK) Price Prediction 2021

Falling wedge is a bullish signal that begins at a low price and contracts with time. However, this price movement formed the downward cone. When trend’s highs or lows are in line. This means that LSK’s price will continue to climb due to its high volume trade and will eventually surpass its previous record price.

The daily time frame chart shows that it is possible for LSK to reach $11.50, if the bulltrend continues.¬†Or, the LSK could fall to $1.77 if it breaks through the resistance level $7.45.¬†Therefore, the LSK’s trend is based upon the breakout.

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