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Komodo Price Prediction

The market for cryptocurrency is expanding and it’s hard to overlook the fact that there are more than 85 different alternative cryptocurrency options on the market right now. Everyday, a brand new cryptocurrency is introduced in the space, and it’s difficult to determine which can actually make an impressive impression in the near future. There are several that are promising thanks to their practical and insightful plan of action.

Komodo (KMD) is one of these cryptocurrencies. It has quietly made its way into the list of top fifty cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization this year. In the past two years, Komodo price has risen over 2200 percent.

What is Komodo (KMD)?

Komodo (KMD) Komodo (KMD) is an open-source, decentralised cryptocurrency. It was introduced in September of 2016 and developed to become a different cryptocurrency from BitcoinDark (BTCD) as well as was created with the help of the developer (“jl777”). However, the software was created from Zcash. The cryptocurrency is based in SuperNET. SuperNET platform, which is powered by SuperNET’s infrastructure and software.

It is the Komodo blockchain platform makes use of Komodo’s cryptocurrency that is open-source to make anonymous, fungible and transparent transactions which are then secured with Bitcoin’s blockchain using the Delayed Proof of Work (dPoW) protocol. It is crucial to remember that any cryptocurrency platform that is linked to the Komodo blockchain are able to benefit from less transaction costs than those of Bitcoin.

Understanding the Komodo Platform

You must be aware of the following three aspects to comprehend the Komodo platform: Zcash, Delayed Proof of Work (dPOW) and SuperNET.

ZcashIt is an open cryptocurrency which uses the sk-SNARK protocol (a technology that hides details of the receiver, sender as well as the amount).This technology is employed to ensure that there is no duplicate spending will take place.The identical protocol used by Komodo to perform anonymous and secure transactions.

Delayed proof of work (dPOW)– This brand new protocol was developed in collaboration with Komodo developers and provides greater safety to Komodo Platform while allowing for third-party blockchains that are looking for an extra security layer. It is a consensus system which uses the traditional Proof of Work (POW) process (just as Bitcoin). But, it works slightly differently. The dPoW system notarizes the block in the blockchain. This ensures complete immutability, and also provides transactions with an additional level of protection. The 64 nodes selected for notary perform this notarization and reduce the possibility of immutability meaning that if an person wants to alter the history of a Komodo transaction, the attacker must first modify it on the Bitcoin blockchain. We know that this is not feasible.

SuperNET SuperNET is a program is designed to create services built on top of the NXT cryptocurrency platform. It also aims to enable collaboration with other blockchain projects that are categorized as corecoins. Its SuperNET team is working on different components needed to build an entire cryptocurrency ecosystem since its successful ICO in the year 2014. Some of the solutions developed to date by the team include SuperNET lightweight client multi-wallet and InstantDEX which is a decentralized trading layer that allows trading between two exchanges that are decentralized and centralized; Multi-Gateway, a decentralized exchange to trade custom tokens through the NXT Asset Exchange. It is worth noting that the Komodo crypto currency serves as the currency used by SuperNET and Komodo project was created to make up the holes in the SuperNET ecosystem which isn’t dependent on NXT no longer.

Total Fixed Supply of Komodo

Komodo is a total set amount of coins that are fixed at 200 millions of the 100 million that were mined and distributed through the ICO and of that 100 million 10 million were put aside for the future expansion and promotion on the Komodo platform, while 90 million were given to investors.

A further 100 million dollars are being mined using POW. POW algorithm.

The Komodo ICO period was October 15, 2016 to 20 November 2016 during which time 2639 BTCs was bought (worth $1,983,781 at that time of the ICO).

Komodo holders will receive an annual percentage rate of 5% (APR) revenues and the 5% APR is expected to be in effect until the maximum amount of 200M KMD has been reached (this is predicted to happen in around fourteen years). It is crucial to remember this: only Komodo holders with addresses beginning with the letter “T” will benefit from the APR.

Komodo Currencies

Komodo coins are Komodo coins are typically converted into 32 different currencies that are connected to local currency, which maintains a steady value on the market. Each currency comes with their own blockchain. This means it is likely to behave just like other cryptocurrency.

Market Cap of Komodo

According to CoinMarketCap according to CoinMarketCap, the total circulation Komodo supply Komodo totals 100,945,510 Komodo. The current cost of every unit of $2.21 and its market cap around $223 million.

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Komodo Coin Price Prediction

The project is active and alive. The team behind it appears to be proficient technologically at best. However, the lack of marketing expertise and overall downturn in the cryptocurrency market has led to KMD to be wiped out. KMD.

At present, the project is in the process of being put being supported by a life-support system, which is like numerous smaller projects.

Is Komodo a good investment?

It could be, but at the moment, it’s not. It’s too risky to make a bet on Komodo as its future is uncertain.

Which is the the most realistic cost for Komodo in 2025-2030?

It’s very difficult to determine, however, if the project lasts for a long time enough to last this time, you might anticipate it to be greater than the price it is currently at.

Komodo (KMD) Price Prediction for 2021

The future prospects of Komodo has led to disagreements among crypto enthusiasts, however, the majority of them are in agreement that the project has a lot of promise and is likely to endure the winter of crypto. Komodo is an example of the classic cryptopunk approach – they follow the basic principles of digital currency that include anonymity, decentralization, as well as accessibility , while maintaining a high degree of security.

As you can see below, Komodo cryptocurrency has something to offer although it’s not a lot. KMD might be successful over the course of some time. Let’s

#1. DigitalCoin Bullish Price Prediction for 2021

As per DigitalCoin source The Komodo coin’s price could go upwards to $1.4. By 2021, the rate of Komodo coin will be higher than $1.

#2. TradingBeasts KMD Coin Price Prediction 2021

It is estimated that the Komodo price is predicted to rise to $0.8663483 at 2021’s end.

#3. WalletInvestor bullish price prediction for the coming year

The cost of Komodo is expected to be 1.28 USD at the end of 2021.

#4. CryptoGround Price Prediction for Komodo 2021

In the next year, Cryptoground expects no significant modifications to KMD. It will remain around the same levels it does today forecast to be at $0.94.

How to Purchase Komodo Cryptocurrency

Buy Komodo on the Cryptocurrency Exchange

Here is a listing of well-established and reliable cryptocurrency exchanges. Komodo:





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