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IOTA Price Prediction

After years of trading within a narrow range of $0.05 to $0.6 for many years, the value of IOTA has steadily risen since February.

This increase was due to the announcement by the IOTA development team of upgrades to their network. It also included the possibility of using IOTA’s decentralized ledger for other purposes such as tokenization and the development of smart contracts.

The news was received positively by the crypto community. The asset’s value soared 18% the day after the announcement. Since then, the IOTA-USD pair has seen a staggering 345% increase.

IOTA’s Chrysalis second phase includes upgrades and enhancements that will increase the network’s speed and reliability. A timeline also outlines how the project will progress.

According to the most recent price action, IOTA is moving towards a long-dated resistance level. Breaking this threshold could lead to a strong push towards levels not seen since the crypto winter 2017.

Do you want to trade IOTA? As I examine the current technical setup of the coin and possible catalysts, I invite you to join me in the IOTA/USD forecast.

What’s IOTA?

The cryptocurrency powering the project’s decentralised ledger is the IOTA token. This network was created to support the Internet of Things (IoT). It provides a free ecosystem that allows micro-data to be easily exchanged, recorded quickly and efficiently.

The IOTA Foundation raised $500,000 to launch the IOTA Mainnet in 2016. 5% of tokens were donated by seed investors.

The IOTA Foundation, a non-profit organization, is the foundation. The IOTA Foundation aims to create an environment that encourages further advances in IoT technology. This is because transaction costs, scaleability and other similar issues have been a major obstacle to this technology’s progress over the past few decades.

IOTA has a maximum supply of 2.779 million tokens. They are now fully distributed. Transactions are validated by IOTA without the involvement of miners. IOTA’s Tangle technology is the underlying technology that validates transactions.

The theory behind IOTA is that it solves the majority of the problems of the “traditional blockchain” when it comes processing large transactions required to power the entire IoT eco-system.

There are security concerns associated with Tangle. These concerns will be addressed by the Chrysalis upgrade.

The entire network’s value is $5.35bn based on IOTA’s current price and its maximum supply. This is only a third the project’s historical maximum market cap of almost $15bn that it reached in late 2017.

Current chairman David Sonstebo and Serguei Popov co-founded the IOTA project. Since then, Popov and Schiener have left the board.

IOTA Position

IOTA is the most aggressive cryptocurrency this year. The crypto has seen a rise of more than +400% over the past 12 months. This is an impressive growth rate that traders who invested early in crypto are likely to love.

IOTA’s market capitalization is over $3.5 billion. Crypto is still ranked among the top 50 cryptocurrency in CoinGecko. The best part is that crypto trades at $1 million per hour.

Do you think MIOTA is an investment worthy of your money this year? If you’re already curious, let us know by visiting this MIOTA price analysis article and prediction article.

IOTA Price Prediction 2021

IOTA has shown good results in the last few days, with an average 14 day growth rate of more than +43%.

Is this enough to make MIOTA a viable crypto currency in 2021-2023? This CoinQuora price prediction 2021-2023 will help you find out.

The graph shows that the crypto has managed to increase its position during the first months of the year. MIOTA reached $2.3 at a high price with a +600% increase rate. This is an impressive performance that attracts investors’ attention.

Today’s crypto trading price is $1.31, which is almost 50% lower than the $2.3. The crypto market has been hit by several unfortunate events.

As shown in the graph, MIOTA is able to defend its position and increase its strength against the bears. The crypto is currently at 97.62% above $.67 bearish support.

Let’s say that MIOTA continues its massive price pump over the past month. What do you think will happen next? The price of MIOTA could rocket from $1.30 up to $2.60. MIOTA may break the Fibonacci levels if this happens.

IOTA’s uptrend position has been regained, so the next stop for IOTA is $3 to $4. To increase its market capital, the crypto must attract as many investors as possible. MIOTA could not only reach $3-4, but it may even go as high as $5. This is great news. However, the crypto may achieve this price in 2022 or 2023.

The price of the crypto may fall if MIOTA does not maintain its position above the Fibonacci level.618, however. It could fall to $.67, which is a bearish level that could cause FUD among investors.

The relative strength index (RSI), on the other hand, is at level 40.72. The crypto is not overbought or oversold. We can therefore say that the crypto’s RSI is healthy and investors can trade without fear of major price reversals.

Long-Term IOTA Prices Predictions: 2022-2025

What do crypto experts expect for IOTA (MIOTA), in 2022, and beyond?

Many investors want to know what the next five years will bring for the IOTA (MIOTA) price.

You may be looking for an IOTA price prediction 2025 or wondering “should I invest” in IOTA. Are these trends likely to continue after 2021? You may prefer to invest in IOTA long-term and want more IOTA price predictions.

The forecasts for IOTA’s price in 2021 look bullish. Let’s take a look at 2022-2025 and see if the long-term forecasts can help us answer the question “Is IOTA a good investment?”

Long Forecast’s 2022-2025 prediction was disappointing. It believes that IOTA’s price could rise to $5.24 per coin in 2022. However, it doesn’t anticipate this upward trend to continue. The platform predicts that IOTA’s price will plummet to $1 in May 2024 and remain this low until March 2025.

Long Forecast has provided the following annual highs and lows for 2022, 2023 and 2024:

2022: Annual high = $5.24, annual low = $2.62

2023: Yearly high = $3.34, yearly low = $1.40

2024: Yearly high = $1.52, yearly low = $0.52


These numbers are decreasing year-on-year as we can see. This suggests that IOTA has no long-term prospects. Long Forecast believes the asset could reach $0.97-1.21 in March and April 2025. This could indicate that the asset’s decline is a bearish adjustment. However, these numbers are still far from the $2-4 highs that Trading Beasts and Previsioni Bitcoin quoted.

We can confidently predict that MIOTA will see better days in 2021-2023 due to the IOTA network’s constant developments. The bullish price prediction for MIOTA in 2021-2023 is $3 to $5. MIOTA’s bearish prediction for 2021, however, is $0.67.

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