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Top 5 Halal Bento Catering in Singapore that is Delicious and Convenient

Sometimes you may feel so tired that you do not feel like preparing meals. Fortunately, you can now order a wide range of delicious and convenient meals at Singapore’s Le Rainbow Bento Restaurant. The restaurant is now delivering Halal Bento delicacies to your doorstep with just a single click on your screen. The treats often consist of Singapore’s main dishes, e.g., rice and noodles, accompanied by small portions of smaller side dishes. Bento boxes are ideal, especially if you want to order the most refined and delicious meal yet at an affordable price. Besides, the dishes are conveniently packed so that you don’t have to worry about cleaning boxes. Here are the top 5 delicious halal bento catering in Singapore options.

1. Rainbow Bento

Delicacies worth ordering! It includes a Lean Bento meal with each bento bowl fully packed to the brim with nutritious ingredients such as cherry tomatoes, multigrain rice, and edamame beans, among others. You can choose your favorite signature proteins such as the herb rub salmon, honey chicken, or have a taste of seasonal specials that include sakura rice noodles. Moreover, their bento also consists of low-calorie, gluten-free, low-carb, vegetarian, and vegan options. This is one of the best halal bento catering in Singapore options that can help keep your appetite working up. 

2. Exquisite Bento

If you’re longing for a delicious packed halal-certified meal, then consider placing your meal order from Le Rainbow Restaurant. Their bento dishes include rice with other dishes such as Fresh food, Rolls, Sushi, Sambal Petai, and black pepper beef. Yes, enjoy delicious and luxurious home-cooked food hassle-free.

3. Café Galilee.

Maybe, you might have come across Café Galilee from its stores in public libraries in Singapore islands. However, you might not have realized that they sell bento boxes. Here, you have a chance to choose from 10 bento sets with daily and weekly orders. When you want a chicken biryani with delicious potato aloo, mushroom aglio olio, nasi lemak, among others, you will like the fact that the orders are all very affordable. Moreover, these orders are available in 10 bento sets so that you can choose your favorite order.

Buffet Full buffet with hot items, salads,platters and dessert buffet catering stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

4. Mini Feast Express

Do you know that you can brighten up your week together with your workmates while working from home? It is time to consider this fuss-free buffet catering bowl designed particularly for a small group of corporate guests or personnel. Yes, come up with unique toppings such as grilled chicken and any of your favorite signature flavors for your lunch delicacy.

5. Big Bowls Project

Are you genuinely craving mouthwatering signature salmon bowls from a hawker stall? Fortunately, the big bowls project has got you covered. It offers delicacy delivery throughout every corner of Singapore. Now, it’s easier for you to order customized salmon bento bowls with additions such as baby spinach, onsen eggs, and sauces in mouthwatering flavors such as tom yum and mentaiko. 

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