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Blackout Curtains for RV Windows

To get the most out of open road travel, your mobile home should be equipped with all the comforts of home. You will be spending most of your time in the car, so it makes sense to design the space as cozy and comfortable as possible! That is why we suggest purchasing blackout curtains for the windows of your mobile home. Custom blackout curtains offer so many benefits that they will make your rv window feel right at home.

Advantages of blackout curtains

Blackout curtains provide a number of benefits that will make your mobile home even more comfortable:

Promote a good night’s sleep. Blackout curtains block out all the light. It doesn’t matter if the rising sun wakes you up every morning or fluorescent lights keep you awake at night, blackout curtains help you sleep better by blocking out light and creating total darkness.

Keep your RV cool. When the sun beats down on your mobile home, it can heat up quite quickly. Because blackout curtains block out the sun’s rays, they also block out sunlight. This can help cool down your mobile home.

Maintain confidentiality. Blackout curtains are completely opaque for maximum privacy. When they are drawn, even your shadow cannot be seen through them.

Block sound. When you are relaxing in the RV park, you are often surrounded by camp mates. Human voices are heard, and the sounds of the nearby road are often loud and unpleasant. But with blackout curtains, you can reduce outside noise to better enjoy your RV.

Great design. Blackout curtains come in a wide variety of patterns and styles. Apart from the many functional benefits, they will also add the design of your mobile home!

Select Your Rod

It is important to choose the right curtain rod for your RV. The use of a tension rod is not recommended. Since tension rods do not require drilling, they are at a much higher risk of falling. If you run into bumps on the road or are traveling over rough terrain, they most likely will not withstand sudden traffic. Choose a straight bar instead. Drilling straight rods above the rv curtains will provide significantly greater strength and durability, even when the roads are rocky.

short curtains

For the windows of your small house on wheels, creating thick curtains that match the size of the window glass is an excellent solution. In closed rooms, floor-to-ceiling curtains often overwhelm the space. However, cropped curtains will keep your mobile home fresh and neat. If you like, you can use one dimmed panel to close the panel. Or, for better light control, hang double panels that rest on each side of the window when open.

Curtain Tie Backs

For taller and larger windows in residential buildings, floor-length blackout curtains may be more suitable. However, you still want to make sure they don’t get in your way or take up too much space when not in use. This is why you should consider using curtain ties. The drawstrings on the back lift the curtains up and down the window in style.

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