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Which Yoga Poses Relax Your Mind?

Yoga is a great activity you can perform any time of the day. Since its invention, it has provided humans with several health benefits. One of the most crucial health benefits it offers is the suppression of stress.

Mental stress is a feeling that is prevalent in every geographical location and culture of the world. More often than not, the different strenuous activities of the day are responsible for the stress accumulation. If you leave mental stress untreated, it can lead you to develop several health conditions. 

Yoga has even proven itself to be an effective form of therapy for people suffering from mental health conditions. Someone with a mental health disorder would understand that your restless mind is arguably the most significant factor contributing to this disorder.

That said, there are several ways yoga can relax your mind. Read on to learn about psychedelic yoga and yoga poses that can help you relax.

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Psychedelic Yoga To Enhance Your Experience And Relax Your Mind

Traditionally, psychedelic yoga has been in our society for generations. Old Hindu texts dated as far back as 3,500 years were the first reference to the ancient use of a particular substance named Soma. Indians were fond of drinking Soma for various reasons, and a lot of historians highly speculate that this drink contained cannabis or mushroom plants.

According to this text, as time went on, this drink’s consumption lowered worldwide due to civilization’s advancement. Eventually, this text never mentioned the consumption of Soma again.

Unlikely to be coincidental, this was around the same period that people invented yoga. This early form of yoga consisted of “kriyas” and extended meditation periods. Many researchers say that early people created yoga to substitute for Soma, which wasn’t available as time went on.

With the westernized culture today, many people who perform yoga also take psychedelic substances to improve their experience.

Scientists have conducted several studies on the subject and have confirmed the benefits of using psychedelics while performing yoga. Various studies have highlighted that psychedelics can help you thoroughly explore your consciousness and body. 

To feel the maximum effects, you should take a lower dosage than a recreational one. The goal is to stimulate your senses and slightly alter reality while still controlling your mind and body.

It is common knowledge that Kratom can also help in controlling your mind and there are various studies that show the benefits of using Kratom after your yoga session. Red thai kratom promotes easy relaxation and helps you feel refreshed.

Some Yoga Poses For Mental Relaxation

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The butterfly pose

Also called Baddha Konasana, this pose is very effective for relaxing the mind. When you perform this pose, the way your legs move looks similar to a butterfly flapping its wings, hence its name. Besides relaxing the mind, it also helps increase your focus and manage any mental health conditions.

To do this pose, you would need to:

  • Sit up straight, bend your knees to the side and curl your feet inwards. 
  • Hold your feet with your hands while simultaneously pressing your knees downwards. If you’re doing this right, your pose should resemble a butterfly.
  • Ensure your spine is straight while holding that pose for 10 to 15 seconds, and then release.


People also call it the happy baby pose, and it provides positive benefits such as keeping your mind calm and sharpening your focus. When you want to do this pose:

  • Lie flat on your back and lift your legs, bringing your legs close to your chest area. Ensure your back is touching the floor, as this pose is not effective when you do it incorrectly.
  •  Stretch your legs deeply by opening and widening your legs. 
  • Bring your chin to your chest. By now, your head and spine should be touching the floor.
  • Hold the pose for half a minute, taking deep breaths in between.
  • Do this between two to three times.

Janu Sirsasana

The Janusirsasana pose is very effective for giving your legs a workout and distressing your mind at the same time. It is also incredibly effective for promoting mental clarity and reducing stress. People also call it the head-to-knee pose due to the posture when you perform this pose. You can achieve this pose in a few steps:

  • Sit straight with one of your legs extended.
  • Keep your other foot folded into the thigh of the leg you’re extending.
  • Proceed to forward fold over your extended leg and hold onto your calf.
  • Maintain this pose for 60 minutes, and then do this same pose for your other leg.

Final Words

Yoga is one of the best activities to relax and improve your mental health. Yoga can enhance the overall quality of your life when done correctly. However, if you are a beginner, it’s best to perform yoga poses under a teacher’s guidance or learn from online videos. 

This article explains the benefits of psychedelic yoga and the best poses to try out for mental relaxation. 

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