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Is Concrete Acceptable Material as Kitchen Tops?

Barely any kitchen top materials are more misjudged than very good quality Concrete. Resolute and hard as granite or slate, Concrete can be a superior fit in trendy kitchen styles than design or natural stones. since it radiates an advanced modern taste. Adding to the persona is the way that large can carve, corrosive stain, trod. 

Also, fixing them to make a top surface that is not natural for practically some other accessible material. Trendy concrete kitchen tops are as of now not cold generic pieces of gray Concrete. frequently, they are warm and spark surfaces that are useful and amazingly in vogue. So, let’s explore some pros and cons, maintenance and installation of Concrete so you will get an idea if concrete suits you and good material or not.

Pros and Cons of the concrete countertop 

However, concrete has some huge drawbacks that make this an item you’ll need to think about cautiously before you make the buy. As a feature of the formation, the group might assemble or introduce support outlines for sinks. since it is vital that the actual top not convey the heaviness of the sink. 

On the off chance that the sink is an under-mount style, it is set up first. So then, at that point, the top introduces it. The top is generally clung to the cupboards with advanced glues successive to being carefully shim. 

Note: If aptly untrue tops ought to have support around the sink region. Backing edges ought not to be fundamental. 


  • Concrete tops have several ideals, mainly their capacity to mold. Also, shape to precisely direct with your kitchen extents. and complete exactly as you would prefer. With other top materials, you are normally restricted to whatever tones and styles are accessible. However, concrete offers you a more extensive scope of another possibility. Just artistic tile verges on offering a practically identical scope of decisions. 
  • While concrete isn’t scratch-evidence.  It opposes scratches amazingly well, particularly when contrasted with milder counter materials like strong surfaces or cover. 
  • Concrete, as well, can alter by the growth of little things squeezed into the top surface. Glass parts, stones, shells, and surprisingly fiber-optic lights can be installed. 

In the right house, concrete tops can further develop the house’s resale esteem. Since, it is viewed as a superior material, comparable to quartz or regular stone counters. 


  • In case you are adjusting to consider concrete a useful structure material utilizing for sections. and creations, you may envision that concrete tops are modest and simple to introduce. Nothing could be further from reality. Concrete is a very good quality material when utilizing kitchen tops, and manufacturing them requires the expertise and experience of ready specialists. 
  • Concrete counters are costly, as well. Indeed, the possibility of concrete utilizing walkways. also decks, accordingly it should be modest, is bogus. Hope to pay $150/sq ft or more for full-direction buy concrete kitchen countertops making and formation. 
  • Assuming you are unwilling to customary support, Concrete is not intending for you. Concrete requires yearly resealing, at any rate. 
  • Since concrete is so weighty, cupboards and regularly flooring frequently should fortify to bear the long-drawn-out weight 

Installation of Concrete

  • Concrete tops may look like massive pieces. Yet in actuality, they are naturally just 1-1/2 to 2 inches thick. The vision that they are a lot thicker chunks is typically the byproduct of a drop-front edging on the top. 
  • In any case, concrete tops are extremely weighty. Also, can gauge as much as 19 to 25 pounds per square foot. Installers now and then need to support cabinetry. and some of the time even the floors to bear the extensive weight. 
  • While concrete tops some of the time shapes and pours nearby. More frequently they are industrial in shops after an expert takes exact estimates of your kitchen space. and they talk about all the other possibilities with you. 
  • In the shop, edifices are untrue and the top pour, with whatever sink patterns, shading, or adding substances. During creation, the top sectors are largely built up with fiber. or metal lattice of some kind to invigorate them and unbending nature. 
  • After making, the top permits to fix completely.  and the surface might be ground and clean to whatever finish the customer cites. Sealer is applying normally a really hard epoxy. When restoring and effecting finishes. So, a formation group cautiously conveys the top to the worksite and introduces it. 

Maintenance of concrete kitchen countertops 

Accepting the top was fixed at first with a decent quality sealer. So, unceasing upkeep requires just the use of a decent water-based wax sealer each 9 to a year. Yearly fixing will pledge the surface opposes staining and will lessen the odds of the concrete top breaking over the long run.

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Concrete kitchen countertops are also pros and have some flip sides. Concrete is a very good quality material when utilized for the kitchen. With other top materials, you normally restrict to whatever tones and styles are accessible. however concrete offers you a more extensive scope of another possibility. They are beautiful, match with space easily. It is resistant to scratches and stains. But these are a little expensive and need experts for the installation. 

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