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Star Wars Gifts

It is regarded as one of the most famous series ever, Star Wars gifts has attracted viewers of all ages due to its thrilling stories and revered characters.

Because of its popularity Star Wars themed gifts are readily available at every retailer. However, authentic products aren’t easy to come across so it can be difficult to find something that truly delights those Star Wars lover in your life.

We’ve found 28 amazing Star Wars gifts that fans of all ages and tastes will appreciate, such as Star Wars decor, Star Wars books as well as Star Wars games. If you’re looking for additional gifts, take a look at the entire Insider Reviews gift guides here.

Here are the top gifts for Star Wars fans:

T-shirt to aid them in celebrating May 4 day.

Star Wars Day ”May the 4th Be with You 2021 T-Shirt $29.99 on sale on shopDisney

It’s a great way to mark this holiday than by wearing an exciting, fun T-shirt. While the t-shirt may not arrive until the time to wear it on the 4th but they’ll be able to keep the holiday in mind throughout the year and wear it to wear next year.

A duo of parents and children consisting of Darth Vader aprons

Star Wars Darth Vader & Stormtrooper Adult and Child Aprons. $59.95 and available from Williams Sonoma

It’s a Williams Sonoma exclusive apron set will add a whole lot of Star Wars fun into your kitchen. Select one of Darth Vader as well as Stormtrooper designs according to your personal preferences.

The kit is a Star Wars-themed kit for a Star Wars-themed birthday party.

Star Wars Tableware Party Kit for 8 people, $12.99, available at Party City

Gather everyone to celebrate everything Star Wars, complete with themed cups, plates and napkins.

A cool print of R2-D2.

“Keep Calm and Droid On” Framed Art Print starting at $33.59 and available at Society6.

This print features R2-D2 against a contemporary background it is an integral part of Society6 and Star Wars’ recent collaboration. The print comes with a frame and can be customized using eight frame styles and can also be purchased in six size.

A cup that is perfectly portrays the dark side

“Dark Side” Coffee Mug”Dark Side” Coffee Mug $13.59 and available at Society6.

Another product that is fun of this Society6 as well as the Star Wars collection is this double-sided mug, which highlights the dark side with a vibrant Venn diagram. It is certain to be a daily mug for them to use.

A Christmas card that can also be used as an item to keep as a memento

Lovepop Star Wars A New Hope Pop-Up Poster for $15, available on Amazon

Whatever the occasion, they’ll love this pop-up greeting card, which features famous scenes of the show. The card is blank notepad that can be personalised with messages on.

An wearable quotation by Yoda

Star Wars Yoda Charm Bangle, $39.95, available at Alex and Ani

This exquisitely crafted bracelet designed with a powerful reminder from Yoda himself This bracelet lets your recipient implement the lessons of the show in their daily lives.

A supersized Mandalorian figure

Chrome Mandalorian with The Child Vinyl Action Figure, $26.96 Available at Amazon

The figure is three times bigger than the standard pop! figures, which makes it an ideal present for people who love The Mandalorian or The Child.

The classic game for board games set in a futuristic galaxy

Monopoly Star Wars Complete Saga Edition Board Game, $19.99 Available on Amazon

The game features a Star Wars setting and theme This board game gives players an opportunity to share their enthusiasm for the series with their the family as well as friends. The game has references to the three trilogies.

The cookbook brimming with recipes from all over the world

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Cookbook, $22.73, available at Target

If you love cooking as much as they do Star Wars Star Wars series, they’ll be enthralled by this cookbook, which is inspired by the recipes that are offered at Disneyworld, the Star Wars themed park at Disneyworld. The cookbook is filled with tasty recipes such as spicy Mandalorian stew as well as nerf kebabs and Huttese slime pods and many more.

Loungewear that features prints that are intergalactic for dance parties

Star Wars Disco Collection, starting at $68, and available from MeUndies

MeUndies Limited-edition MeUndies that is available for underwear onesie, lounge pants, are available with three vibrant, dance-worthy “Star Wars” prints of Ewoks lightsabers stormtroopers. MeUndies also offers a line that is inspired by the character of the baby Yoda and we enjoy its comfortable and stretchy micromodal underwear.

Toys with a plush design that is inspired by the franchise’s cutest character

The Kid Plush, $24.99, available on shopDisney

The Child (more popularly referred to by the name the Baby Yoda) has won fans of “The Mandalorian” fans and beyond. For more gifts inspired by Baby Yoda take a look at our gift guide completely focused on The Child.

A cheese board that you serve to all gatherings to watch

Star Wars Death Star Cheese Board & Tool Set from Picnic Time, $44.95, available at Target

Everything is perfectly in place in this cheese board that you’ll need to have to enjoy the duration of your “Star Wars” marathon.

The tribute paid to the creator behind the famous worlds as well as the characters from Star Wars

Star Wars Art: Ralph McQuarrie, $169.99, available on Amazon

Get a glimpse into the fascinating creative process that created this unique Star Wars universe. Interviews and illustrations that have never been seen before provide a picture of the dedication of creator Ralph McQuarrie.

A self-help manual that is influenced by the rebellious character of princess Leia

“Star Wars Be More Leia: Find Your Rebel Voice and Fight the System,” $9.60 Available on Amazon

We’re unable to think of a more exemplary mentor than Leia to give tips on courage, confidence and perseverance. This book is fun and useful for anyone who wants to be a more independent person.

A grip from PopSockets.

Rebel Insignia PopSockets Grip priced at $15 and available at PopSockets

This phone accessory for phones is a subtle way to show their support for The Rebel Alliance and commitment to fighting for the cause.

Spatula that has the iconic face of a villain

Rebel Insignia PopSockets Grip priced at $15 and available at PopSockets

This phone accessory for phones is a subtle way to show their support for their loyalty to Rebel Alliance and commitment to fighting for the cause.

Spatula adorned with the iconic face of a villain

Purchase an Disney Plus gift subscription for $79.99/year

The subscription gives users unlimited access to films and TV shows of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic along with 20th Century Fox, and cost just $79.99 per year. Star Wars fans in particular will be able to enjoy the latest big-budget films with 4K quality, as well with classics from the past. Learn everything you need to learn regarding Disney+ over here.

And for those who need entertainment, check out the latest movies that are that you can stream.

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