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8 Best Cardio Workouts to Lose Weight in 2021

When thinking of cardio workouts to help you lose weight, you should think of exercises that are low intensity, and low impact.  These can include biking and incline walking.  You can also include weight training and kickboxing, but only in small increments.  When doing cardio workouts, make sure that you are staying hydrated and eating properly. You can also check out Fit Body Buzz for a complete guide to working out

Best Cardio Workouts

  • Incline walking:  This is one of the best options if you love to run but want to help limit the impact on your body.  This cardio workout can burn as many calories as you do running but it can also improve muscle endurance and running form.  This type of workout will have you lifting your legs higher to increase your leg drive without overreaching your stride.  You can even jog if you want.  
  • Assault bike:  This is a low-impact cardio workout with varied intensities.  It is a great option for all lifters, no matter what level they are on.  It is a great exercise for those that have lower back or knee issues.  It will help to decrease muscle loss that some higher-impact cardio workouts can cause.  
  • Stair climber:  This low-impact cardio workout can be a great way to increase your strength endurance.  It will help to make walking more enjoyable because with this cardio workout you will develop great leg endurance.
  • Rowing:  This is a high-density, low-impact type of cardio workout.  It can help to increase pulling power and leg endurance.  It also helps with using your upper body, so this becomes a total body cardio movement.  It targets the core, back, and leg muscles.
  • Weightlifting:  With weightlifting, resistance training is a big part of losing weight and helping to ensure that the weight loss is mostly body fat.  With this cardio workout, you can increase your metabolism, so you want to eat more but still lose weight.
  • Kickboxing:  This is a great high-impact, high-intensity, total-body cardio workout.  It will help you increase the core strength, and muscle endurance of your legs, core, back, and shoulders.  
  • Running:
  • Increase your daily step counts:  This type of cardio workout means that you should increase your non-exercise activities.  This means that you should take the stairs more often, do more walking, ride a bike, increase the number of steps you take each day, and more.  These will help you to increase the number of calories you burn without having to work out at the gym as much.  


If you are on a doctor’s weight loss program that includes doing cardio workouts but is not seeing the results that you want, your doctor may prescribe medications.  These may help boost your metabolism or decrease your appetite.  To help save money on these prescriptions, considering buying them online. 90 day meds (https://www.90daymeds.com) are your one stop shop for all weight loss medications that your doctor may order.  Remember that in addition to doing cardio workouts to help with weight loss, you need to stay hydrated and have a well-balanced diet.

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