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Best Headphones for Podcasting

If you are a podcaster, you have already invested a lot to produce your podcast and create a jingle. It includes investing in the best podcast mic, studio soundproofing, quality USB mixer, countless hours of writing and editing podcasts, and ideas on enhancing your podcast and increasing your audience. If you’re already trying to create a podcast, do you have time to enjoy it? There is nothing more significant than sitting back and listening to quality podcasts with the crystal clear sound sent directly to your ears from the best headphones.  Read about Best Headphones for Podcasting and more below.

Factors affecting the decision: 

  • Price – Different budget for everyone
  • Relaxation – If you rest at home, your ears should not hurt
  • Sound Quality – Appreciate good sound if you have an audiophile
  • Wireless – Bluetooth headphones
  • Noise cancellation – Prevents outside noise when listening in public
  • Mobility – As per your situation, you may need headphones that fit in your pocket

Headphones tiers: 

I firmly believe there are no terrible headphones, but instead, there are headphones for specific or general uses based on the factors above. So below are the tiers available in the headphone category. 

  1. Tier 1- Affordable earbuds: 

These are usually earbuds under $30 left in your gym bag, office, or drawer at home. Because of their affordability, you may not need to pay close attention to them, but they are perfect for running fast or keeping in your pocket.

  1. Tier 2- Quality earbuds:

These are earbuds (or slight wireless headphones), priced from $30 to $120. These are your “first choice” for gym headphones or listening to podcasts on the go.

  1. Tier 3- bang headphones: 

These are usually headphones under review 200, which have good reviews and are of higher quality than earbuds. Some consider it an “entry model” as Audiophiles begin to invest in headphones.

  1. Tier 4- premium headphones: 

These are cream de la cream: Ultra-premium, noise cancellation, headphones. Often an expensive purchase, these headphones are researched and compared with each other. It’s best to use for professional purposes such as producing a podcast jingle and YouTube instrumentals.  

Following are some of the headphones available in the market that will make the best headphones for podcasting. 

Audio Technica ATH-M50x:

Audio Technica ATH-M50x is a popular and well-known pair of headphones. They are ideal for guests to oversee performances if they have perfect studio quality or some extra stuff.

Even if it is wired, you can attach a Bluetooth adapter, so you are cable-less. Take them anyway with foldable ear cups, making them ideal for listening on the train or storing them. ATH-M50x headphones are often praised for their level of comfort, especially price. Many user reviews on Amazon mention how comfortable they are for long-term use, whether using them to monitor in the studio or listen to music.

Bose QuietComfort 35 Series 2 (QC35):

Asking headphone owners if they will repurchase headphones is an excellent barometer for headphone satisfaction. For owners of Bose Quiet Comfort, in models 25 and 35, you will never find a group of trusted brand advocates for a specific headphone series. But it is not without good reason. Bose QC35 headphones are suitable for a wide variety of usage cases, not just podcasts. Their noise-canceling technology allows you to listen in complete silence while in the open air, the office, or outside. With a lithium-ion battery, you can listen for up to 20 hours on a single charge – enough to keep you going through the extra workday. In addition to all of this, they are wireless. What can more a person ask for?

Sony MDR 7506:

This model offers excellent comfort thanks to its ergonomic design, comfort pad, and comfortable and adjustable headband. At the same time, it delivers high-resolution audio with 40mm neodymium speakers. One hit on these (if this is important to you), the lack of a Bluetooth adapter and the 9.8-foot cord are inseparable. For some, it is a deal-breaker.

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro:

Beardynamic DT770 Pro is known for making high-quality audio equipment such as headphones. In the UK, these are industry standards due to their superb audio reproduction and are very comfortable. DT 770 Pro headphones are designed with studio usage in mind, so they are great for podcasters looking to edit audio or sound engineers. Ear cups use a closed design, which means they reduce external noise and prevent sound leakage, which improves audio reproduction. There are different models available as per your needs for jack size, power, and more. One of the best headphones in our list of Best Headphones for Podcasting.

Harman Kardon CL Precision: 

If you are searching for headphones that deliver excellent quality audio with a stylish modern design, the Harman Cordon CL Precision is just that. Not only does its unique design look beautiful, but the foam that retains slowly in the ear cups also makes them very comfortable to wear. It provides a clear sound and a good sound impression around the ear for greater noise cancellation. You get two interchangeable headbands, one large and one small, to make sure these stylish headphones fit comfortably into any head size. Cost: $156/150. 

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