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What Is the Best Therapy for Anger Management?

Violence, sadness, and suicidal thoughts are all possible outcomes of uncontrolled anger. Angry outbursts can harm a person’s relationships, career, and health. Uncontrolled outbursts and erratic behavior might also endanger your children, friends, and colleagues. People with poor anger management must obtain the help they need to build appropriate coping mechanisms. There are several possibilities, including inpatient and outpatient psychological counselling. There are also executive treatment programs and luxury amenities offered to serve a broader range of patients. As a result of today’s tailored and successful treatments, patients can typically see improvements in about 6-8 weeks. You’ll come across some of the treatments through this article and learn how psychologists in Edmonton and other parts of the world are helping people with anger issues. 

Causes Of An Anger Outburst

Uncontrollable fury leads to erratic behavior. It can lead to inconsistent conduct, violence, abuse, addiction, and conflicts with the law. Anger is something you can’t get rid of on your own. People around the world experience it as a normal and healthy emotion. On the other hand, anger may become destructive and lead to various personality issues when it gets out of control. Of course, anger is typically accompanied by other mental health disorders as well. The treatment you receive must address these symptoms if you suffer from anxiety or substance abuse problems. Cognitive and behavioral strategies are often included in the most effective anger management therapy. Anger management in Calgary and other areas of the world incorporates some proven treatment strategies to counter angry outbursts in patients. 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is one of the most popular methods of psychotherapy. Helping angry people identify their self-defeating negative thoughts is the objective of this treatment. As a result of working with a mental health specialist, patients learn how to manage difficult life situations in a better way. Helping patients develop more adaptive cognitions and behaviors can help decrease discomfort and improve their quality of life. As a psychotherapy method, CBT is the most extensively investigated and empirically supported one. Many mental health therapists in Edmonton and other cities use this method because of its excellent evidence base. Unlike other treatments, cognitive therapies are well-structured and may yield quicker effects. Patients’ relapse rates have been dramatically lowered as a result of the treatment. 

Psychodynamic Therapy 

Another evidence-based therapy is psychodynamic therapy, which prepares you to notice how your past experiences influence your current responses to situations. Psychodynamic therapy helps people focus on the psychological causes of their emotional suffering through self-reflection. The technique assists patients in using their thought patterns to identify what can be a potential threat and damage to their routine life/ relationships. Therapists in Edmonton are specifically trained to help individuals realize the root cause of their sudden outbursts and how they can handle using self-analyzing measures. You can find a qualified therapist in your city who can help you with better anger management through psychodynamic therapy.

Family Therapy 

When people are angry, they tend to become irritable and frustrated. For the family to have a solid emotional bond, it’s essential to keep the anger and outbursts under check. There are many different types of therapies that can be used in order to help a family overcome dysfunctional practices that have led to distorted family relationships. Aggression, both overt and hidden, among family members is a common cause of troubled family relationships.

Anger personification

A part of family therapy is using anger personification as a method to identify the intensity of anger in a particular individual. This technique demands that each member of the family draw their fury as a person. The family members tend to express their anger by drawing a person on a piece of paper. The outrage is thus separated from the person. As a result, the family members can distinguish between being furious about something and being their calmer selves. When the family members’ drawings have been completed, the therapist facilitates and analyses their significance. The wrath of each family member is the underlying cause of the family’s impaired functioning and strained relations.’

Anger iceberg

Anger iceberg is also an effective technique to expose and manage a person’s hidden triggers, leading to an angry outburst. As a substitute for different, profoundly uncomfortable, and harmful feelings, individuals often express rage. This is similar to the fact that a person might quickly become enraged at another person rather than feel sorry, shamed, or vengeful towards them. You can seek help from a psychologist near you if you have anger issues.


As a human, anger is one of the natural emotional feelings. It is quite necessary to feel either anger or happiness for living as a healthy individual. If either of these gets out of control, it might cause harm to the people around you. Counselling in Calgary or anywhere you live can help you or someone you know regarding their anger issues. 

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