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Town of Salem Guide – Amazing Games like Town of Salem – A Diary

Read about some cool Games like the Town of Salem that you must try if you really love to play this game and looking for alternatives.


Town of Salem is an online multiplayer social withdrawal plan of action game. It was released on 15 December 2014. Early alpha and beta versions were for browser and free-to-play. It can also be played on a Web browser, android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Adobe Flash Player, Macintosh operating systems.

Werewolf and Mafia inspire the town of Salem. Roles are assigned to the team players secretly, in which the minority is informed, and the majority is uninformed. Both teams try to eliminate others for control of the town. There are three kinds of assignments in this game, i.e., town, mafia, and neutral. 

Mafia’s have to kill townspeople, while the town’s goal is to find and diminish the mafia. The match cycles between night and day. Each role has a unique ability that can only be used at night. Due to your impatience, don’t ruin other’s games.

 What are the 20 Best Games like Town of Salem? 


Midnight is one of the online multiplayer games. This game is inspired by party games like The Resistance and Werewolf. This game allows 5 to 8 players to play at a time in a team. This is a free-to-play game. It is an educative game. This game is unpredictable. It checks the ability of all players to lie and detect the lying players. Like The Town of Salem, this is also a party game and an online free multiplayer.

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Werewolves Online is a multiplayer role-playing and strategy game with cross-platform where every player is assigned a unique role at the beginning of the game. Each role experiences different power and reason that will bring you to win alone or as a team. This can also be played without using computers. We can say this is a card version of the Town of Salem.


The theme of this game is spy-based. It is also inspired by party games which allow 4 to 10 players to play at a time. Just like the town of Salem, players are assigned names secretly. You aim to figure out the spy target yours. As the Town of Salem, this is also a strategy-based game full of deduction. One of the best Games like the Town of Salem.

Drawful 2

It is an online multiplayer stand-alone game that allows 3 to 8 players to play in a team. It is also a multiplayer strategy-based party game, just like the Town of Salem. This game is full of terrible drawings and answers that are wrong. This game is available on MS Windows, Xbox One, PS4, macOS, and Nintendo Switch. Price: $5-$15


This game is similar to Town of Salem as you get to play as a werewolf, as a villager, or any other character you like. It is a multiplayer social deduction game with strategies like the Town of Salem. It can be played with friends and family.

Sky Break

In this game, you play as a part of a team of scientists. You land in Arcania, where humans used to have colonies. But some drones pushed humans out. Your main task is to find the reason for such action. The Gameplay is excellent with fine-looking graphics. There are some creatures like cat-robots, bird-robots, and other robots. These robots help you to find resources.

Garry’s mod

Garry’s Mod is a multiplayer game. This game is not free to play, but once you buy this game, you’ll experience a vast world that needs to be explored and solve mysteries. The world is manipulated as per your choice. You get two guns and sometimes with different abilities. There are some other abilities of gun that makes the game more exciting.


This game allows you to disguise yourself when you get the role to attack the mafia. You use deception to stay alive and complete your role. Mafia works to keep their head hidden and kill the villagers. This game also provides a feature of chat. It is an online game that compares your rank and has several other means to show off your abilities in-game world.

Detective Grimoire

It is a mystery-solving point-and-click adventure game of murder. The mystery begins when the owner of the tourist attraction is found dead. The characters are created in such a way that it takes the hunt forward. You have to search for clues and investigate the witnesses to find the murderer. 

Throne of Lies

This game is a 3D multiplayer that allows 8 to 16 players to play in a team. Each player has a different ability with the same motive of diminishing betrayer. The game provides four groups. The werewolf or Mafia genre inspires this game. It is free for PC on Steam.

Velvet Sundown

You play with 11 characters, and your journey begins from the Caribbean. The game is role-playing, where all players want to achieve the same objective. The game starts by providing you the aim where you and character and you need to get the information from the character. You also have an introductory tutorial that covers the storyline of the game.

Rim World

This game is a construction and management video game. It is of sci-fi genre which features single-player. The environment of the game is space-inspired. This game is on three survivors who escaped their crashed spacecraft. They are now in the rim world and need to do colonization. They have to create and manage the settlement of a strange planet. You experience the 2D environment in-game. One of the best Games like the Town of Salem.

This is the Police

It is an adventurous strategy video game. It can be played on all kinds of platforms. You play as Jack Boyd, an honest, loyal, and respected police chief who will retire in 180 days due to a corrupt mayor. You have to earn a certain amount of income before retirement. You are allowed to use all the ways for this purpose, even the corrupt ones. This is also the point-and-click adventure game with a fantastic mixture of challenges.

Use Your Words

It is a party video game which Smiling Buddha Games developed. This game can be as funny as you are. And if playing with friends and family, you’ll end up laughing so hard. It can be a bundle of a laugh if your team has one or two comedy geniuses. It allows 3 to 6 players to play at a time.

Mafia is Alive

It is a psychological turn-based role-playing game that provides a detective story. Among the citizens, the dangerous criminals are hidden, “The Mafia.” Players receive the random role. In the Town of Salem, players are assigned roles secretly. There are only two warring teams which are The Mafia and The Citizens.

Hello Neighbors

The game starts as you living in your house peacefully, and suddenly you notice something’s happening in your neighborhood, and you sneak into the house to find out what’s going on. Your motive is to hide in a neighbor’s house and find out what is unusual there. You have to gather the items to unlock the basement. If you get caught, you’ll be sent back to the beginning. 

Million Dungeon

This is a Sai Yun strategy game. It can be purchased for $4.99 only. It is a single-player game full of adventures. You can play as different heroes and go into imaginary or real lands. Like Town of Salem, this is also a casual, strategy-based adventurous game with a fantastic storyline and fine-looking graphics.

Don’t Knock Twice

It is a first-person game with the genre of survival. It is one of the horror games full of adventures and mysteries. It is developed and published by Whale interactive. This game is one of the Towns of Salem’s alternatives. You play as a mother who had lost her daughter, and now she is living with guilt. She then aims to uncover the truth by facing the demonic witch. The first knock wakes the witch and the second knock brings her from death.

The Long Journey Home

You are in a strange world of space where quest helps you to be progressive for your aim of returning to your planet. As time passes, you find it challenging to make decisions and stay sensible. All that matters is being alive, and resource management is a vital point for this purpose. All metals and resources help you to repair your spacecraft. It is a very long journey, and vats content won’t make it fast to reach your aim. One of the best Games like the Town of Salem.


This game is one of the Towns of Salem’s alternatives, but it is not meant to be played by soft-hearted people. The characters and graphics of this game are not so adorable, but it is based on a horrible theme. You play as Hamilton, who’s trying to keep his family happy. But things are not the way they seem.

Masochist What is Spy Town of Salem?

 It is a guide for the role of “spy” in the game Town of Salem. The spy is awarded the ability to see what Mafia types at night, the Mafia visits, and what people whisper during the day. It belongs to the town clique. This role is information type, and when the investigator comes to investigate, the words” Your target knows your darkest secret. 

They could be spies, blackmailers, or jailers” will come up. The Sheriff will think of spy as non-suspicious. The spy is most valuable when they are unknown. Try to be non-suspicious. But if you are known to be a spy, it won’t be helpful as it was before.

Is Town of Salem a Card Game?

 Yes, Town of Salem is a card game. It is an online multiplayer social action plan game. This game can be purchased from BlackMediaGames’s Stores. This is similar to Werewolf and Mafia. Roles are given to the team players secretly, in which the minority is informed, and the majority is uninformed. 

Both teams try to eliminate others for control of the town. There are three kinds of assignments in this game, i.e., town, mafia, and neutral. Mafia’s have to kill townspeople, while the town’s goal is to find and diminish the mafia.

What is Executioner Town of Salem? 

The Executioner has multiple strategies; some are similar to others, but some completely different. This is the guide that goes over the most common strategies. The possibility for multiple options for Executioner is what makes it a fantastic role to play. An executioner is an insane person trying to achieve his target lynched at any cost. 

A member of the Town is always the target of the executioner. But Mayor and spy is not their target as they can easily prove their innocence. The winning of the executioner is related to the lynching of his target. This strategy is not recommended as you can get reviled so quickly and hung up. It is included in one of the top eight Neutral roles of the Town of Salem.

What are Unique Roles Town of Salem? 

There are four main roles of Town of Salem: Town, Mafia, Neutral, and Coven. They are further subdivided into different categories.


The town is one of the good sides of the Town of Salem. They lynch every criminal and evildoer. They keep the majority of votes and power in number. The primary role of the Town is Mayor, Jailor, Retributionist, and Veteran. They aim to support and kill.


Mafia serves as the primary enemy and is a faction of the evildoer. Mafia knows each other from the beginning. Every mafia member performs a unique function. Many Townies try to stand in their way. Mainly Sheriff or investigator leads the townies to stand in Mafia’s way. The primary roles of the Mafia are Godfather, Mafioso, and Ambusher. Their only purpose is killing.


In this role, each member has a different role to perform. Some are compatible with the goals of another team. Its subdivided roles are Juggernaut, Plaguebearer, Pestilence, Pirate, and Werewolf. Juggernaut’s role is to kill while others only create neutral chaos. 


Coven is similar to Mafia and has some common goals to share, “Kill all those who would oppose the Coven.” This includes all of the townies, Mafia, Neutral Killing, Vampires, and Pestilence. The roles include Coven leader, Necromancer, Medusa, Prisoner, Hex master, and Potion master.

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What is Best Town of Salem Tips and Tricks? 

  • If playing with friends, don’t use your username.

It’s pretty much intriguing that you are playing with your friends, and they can’t figure out who you are. Make it hard for your friends to figure out who you are. You never know which of your friend is from Mafia.

  • There are many roles you are not aware of.

There is very little chance of some roles appearing outside of normal ones. If you are Townie, then claim to be the Sherriff. You can use last will notes to win. If you could predict the next move of the mafia, it would surely lead you to win.

  • You can make your role effective by purchasing scrolls.

If you are tired of playing the same roles you don’t like, the Town of Salem has an in-game store that provides scroll you can buy in 800 silver and 200 Gold. When you occupy it, you get a chance to have a specific role to appear in-game. 

  • Even if you are Townie, don’t give up your role.

Townie aims to find out the roles of everyone and diminish opposition. Killing townies means a lot to the mafia, like killing Mayor, Jailor, Sherriff, and Veteran. If you are Townie, you can claim to be the Sherriff. You can use last will notes to win the game. If you could predict the next move of the mafia, it would surely lead you to win. Take notes in your Last Will, not in the Notes section.

  • Don’t leave the game after dying.

Don’t leave the game after dying. Mediums can speak with the dead at night. You can tell Medium after dying that someone killed you even before you put it into will note. Also, the Medium role is useless without death. 


Mystery solving has always been a fantastic genre to play, and games like Town of Salem fulfill the desire. The town of Salem provides an exciting environment for players with a fantastic storyline. You get to solve many mysteries. If you are a mystery lover, then this game is a must-play for you. It is not hard to play. Once you play, you won’t regret it. Hope you love reading “Games like Town of Salem”

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