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StarCraft Guide – Amazing Games like StarCraft in 2021 – Answer Diary

Read about an amazing collection of some cool Games like StarCraft that you must try if love this old classic game loved by millions.


A real-time strategy, military sci-fi, and multi-player game published and developed by Blizzard Entertainment. The game was originally released for Microsoft but later was available on Nintendo and Mac OS. The player plays the role of three varied characters in the game. The game has two releases apart from spin-offs; it costs around about $15.

The game has two official series as StarCraft I (two expansions: Brood War and Re-mastered) and StarCraft II (3 expansions: Wings of the Liberty, Heart of the Swarms, and Legacy of the Void). Popular Spinoffs are Insurrection, Retribution, Ghost, and Ares.

What are 20 games like StarCraft?

Variety for StarCraft lovers is elaborated below with some helpful recommendations to play games similar to StarCraft.

1. Age of Empires: Definitive Edition

It is a real-time strategy-based video game. Its major part is based on history. This game is amazing as it contains the iconic Age of Empires franchise. The game features real content with modernized Gameplay and new visuals with more features. 

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It is compatible with Windows. It can be purchased for $19.99. You also get to interact with other civilizations. You can create allies and kill enemies, same as in the Age of Empires. One of the best game in our list of “Games like StarCraft”

2. Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI is a turn-based strategy video game that you require to build up resources and go through the ages to become the world’s dominating superpower. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows and macOS, Linux, iOS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and Android. It can be downloaded for $17.99. 

3. Command & Conquer: The Ultimate Collection

This game is similar to Age of Empire but in modern settings. This game is the perfect Starcraft alternative. What you get is Command & Conquer. This is a first-person shooter game along with real-time strategy. It is compatible with windows and can be downloaded for $14.99.

4. Supreme Commander Collection 

It is also real-time strategy games that offer single-player as well as multiplayer gaming. It is available for Windows and Xbox 360. It can be purchased for 6.76$. 

You must play this game if you are looking for a Starcraft alternative. This game uses huge bipedal mechs to make a base and uses higher technologies, then conquers the opponent’s base.

5. Company of Heroes 2

The real-time strategy video game is a blend of classic real-time games, machines, and features of modern time. It takes players to the Eastern Front of World War 2, Where they require to take over the control of the Soviet Red Army. 

This game is amazing due to the true-sight feature. The players get a better judgment of troops and the environment. This game can be downloaded for Windows, macOS, and Linux only for 6.79$.

6. Halo Wars 2

It is also a real-time strategy video game that can be taken as a Starcraft’s alternative. Some of Halo Wars are first-person shooters, but some are of the real-time strategy genre. 

This game allows you to command all the armies and lead them to fight against enemies. This game can be downloaded in Windows and Xbox One only for 18.90$.

7. Rise of Nations Extended Edition

It is also a real-time strategy single-player and multiplayer video game. This game is from one of the styles of the Age of Empires. 

Players start their ventures from ancient age and move towards the modern world. You are given options of 18 different civilizations to choose from. This game can be played on Windows and Xbox One. It is purchased for 4.99$.

8. Warcraft III: Reforged

It is the improved edition of Warcraft iii: reign of chaos. This game is pretty much like other games on the list. It also features to choose the faction and building the player’s base. 

This game is also of real-time strategy, which offers improved graphics and an amazing storyline which can be an alternative to Starcraft.

9. Age of Mythology: Extended Edition

It is included in real-time strategy games and is also similar to the Age of empires. The only difference is that it has extra mythical settings. Greek, Egyptian, and Norse inspire the mythology of the game. 

The progress in-game is more like Age of Empires from first setup base to taking down enemies. The game is compatible with windows and can be downloaded in 29.99$

10. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 2

This is a real-time strategy game with epic proportion. This game provides a journey like no other game. The plot of the game revolves around the catastrophic weapon knows as Spare of Khaine. The game can be played on MS Windows, Linux, and macOS and can be downloaded for 7.99$.

11. World of Warships

This game is a real-time strategy game with a naval theme. It is a free-to-play online game. This game focuses on team play which further adds the layer of difficulty for players. This game can easily be played on Windows and macOS.

12. Total War: Warhammer II

This is also a turn-based strategy online game which can be downloaded for $29.99. It is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux. The game brings you a spectacular narrative campaign set across the continent of Lustria, Ultuna, Naggaroth, and Southlands. 

This game is part of the Total War series. It is of the tactical action genre. It is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

13. Total War: Arena

This game is in underdevelopment by Creative assembly. Wargaming Alliance published it. It is of real-time strategy, free-to-play multiplayer battle arena genre. It can be played online. The game offers a 10v10 battle where every player gets to control three units. 

The game provides a total of 14 commanders. Three commanders are unlocked from the beginning, while others are unlocked during the game.

14. Ancestors Legacy

This is also one of the real-time strategies of multiplayer video games. The thing which differentiates this game from others is its squad-based mechanic. 

This game also provides a medieval European setting. It tells the story of four non-identical nations and their disputes with each other. This game is compatible with Windows and Xbox One. It can be downloaded for $17.49. 

15. Bad North: Jotunn Edition

It is one of the real-time strategy games which support the single-player game. In this game, you have to defend the island from Viking invaders. 

You can play on different islands. This game features fine-looking graphics with a storyline similar to Starcraft. This game is compatible with all platforms and can be downloaded for $14.99.

16. Ashes of Singularity

It is also a real-time strategy video game. The game differentiates itself from others by providing thousands of fighting units and vast battlegrounds at one time. The game is only compatible with Microsoft Windows.

17. Rome: Total War

This game is only a strategy-based game and is part of the Total War series. It is compatible with Android, MS Windows, iOS, and classic macOS. 

It is one of the great alternatives to Starcraft. It was released almost 20 years before but still is an amazing game to play for Starcraft lovers. Graphics are amazing, with a storyline similar to Age of Empires.

18. Northgard

It is the innovative real-time strategy simulation video games with Norse mythology. You get to control a clan of Vikings and assign your limited population various jobs instead of building houses. This game is compatible with all platforms.

19. Homeworld

It is a real-time strategy game that offers single-player as well as multiplayer gaming. This game is beautiful, powerful, haunting, and intense. Storyline and graphics are best and more alike, Starcraft. It is a must-play game for Starcraft lovers.

20. The Lord of the Ring

It is also a real-time strategy game that provides the feature of a single-player and multiplayer game. The game is similar to Command & Conquer and Age of Empires. 

You get the same environment as Starcraft. It is one of the best alternatives for Starcraft. The game features fine-looking graphics and some other features.

Which Game is Better? Starcraft vs. Command and Conquer

StarCraft wins this battle based on immense gameplay and a comprehensive storyline. No wonder it still holds many players as fans. 

On the other hand, Command and conquer is known for its continuous gameplay, which supports many long hours of continuous real-time game strategy. Many players are fans of both, but preferences are made as per interest.

Which Game is Better? Starcraft vs. Supreme Commander

SupCom (Supreme Commander) does not fall any near to StarCraft. A greater bunch of Reddit communities voted for StarCraft being superior to SupCom based on challenging gameplay. The single issue in StarCraft is slower as units’ number gets boosted.

Which Game is Better? Warcraft vs. Starcraft  

The StarCraft is a fact-paced game with real-time strategy and tougher decision-making. WarCraft do not allow much variety, and it is micro intensive. On the other hand, Starcraft is micro-oriented. StarCraft is more fun to play due to strategic planning and execution, but Warcraft is a more fantasy-based, role-playing, real-time strategy game.

Where to Download Starcraft Freeware?  

To download free original StarCraft, click on the respective downloadable link without stress if it takes time.

For Windows: 

For Mac: 

What are 5 Games like Starcraft for Android?

Players should worry about StarCraft being expensive; similar games are also available free on App Store. 

Trench Assault

Now you can experience and lead WW-II with devastating vehicles and equipment. This immense RTS game gives freedom to play actual real-time strategy in-app purchases. The perfect point is its availability to everyone. With a 4.3 star rating, the game is available free on the app store.

Grow Empire: Rome 

War against barbarian can lead to disaster; player leads Roam army and hire variant soldiers who are master in respective fields about archery, cavalry, gladiators, and so on. The game has achieved a 4.6-star rating on the app store.

Dawn of Titans: War Strategy RPG

Head numerous soldiers at once along with God Titans, including Thor, Zeus, and many more. A Free to play game enables uncountable players to explore real-time war strategy. The game has obtained 4.1 stars on App Store.

Battle for the Galaxy

With overall 4.3 ratings on App Store, Battle for the Galaxy is freely available at App Store. The game designed and published by AMT Games is filled with the war against some brave armies in the space on the most technically advanced bases.

Starfront: Collision

Among the superior RTS games, Starfront: Collision provides the player with five variant locations to fight against enemies.

What Type of Game is Starcraft?

 Real-Time Strategy game based on military futuristic science fiction offers most cognitive decision-making and player pays off for wrong choices. It has two modes as single and multi-player. The game happens in the 24th century and is completed in 3 episodes by taking three variant roles, a detailed storyline. The ultimate mission is explained in manuals, conversations, and cinematic scenes between the missions.

What are the 5 Best Flash Strategy Games?

There is no hard and fast rule of being top on the game list; the following list presented is based on player reviews, preferences, and ratings.

General room

General room is a basic game with no strategy required and the player being the boss of all controls.

Warlords 2: Rise of Demons

An epic game from the late 90’s where the player is the commander of one race from numerous races is on a mission to conquer all other cities.

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Not only a flash strategy game but also recommended game to learn MORSE code. It offers much more fun to play with MORSE code learning.

Epic War: Hell Gate

Explore other creature’s worlds and cherish every possibility you dream of. Develop armies, protect your community, and fight with your enemies.

Mars Commando 

The planet earth gets out of dry land and cleans water; it gets flushed with dirt water. The only place in the universe left with clean water is planet Mars. The player goes and discovers Mars with a responsibility to save the community.

Which Game is Better? Starcraft vs. Red alert

Both of the two games are RTS games but with a somewhat variant nature. StarCraft supports strategic cognitive decisions and strict punishment on choosing the wrong strategy, while Red Alert does not demand huge sacrifices. 

Red Alert gets interesting over time and offers great gameplay with commendable strategies. In a nutshell, one game is not better than the other, but preferences are built on layers of liking about kinds of strategies. StarCraft is a quick action pack game, and Red Alert has a long-term impacted decision making. Choose as per your choice.

Which Game is Better? Starcraft vs. Warhammer

It is observed that Starcraft was supposed to be Warhammer, but somehow they are distinctive games now. Both games are similar in numerous aspects, yet they differ greatly in terms of environment, levels, variation, and freedom in playing. Numerous gamers prefer Warhammer, claiming it pro starcraft i-e, kind of upgraded starcraft.


StarCraft hits the mind whenever RTS games are discussed. StarCraft has earned its name through commendable gameplay and strategies. Players might happen to hit upon some bugs in some installations, but gameplay compensates that flaw.

StarCraft is still on the top ones to be chosen by RTS game lovers with every up and down. The mission, fast-paced environment, and strategic application make StarCraft worth trying for as it is easy to learn. Hope you love reading “Games like StarCraft”

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