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Why Do Married Women Use Sieve To See Husband’s Face On The Festival Of Karwa Chauth?

Karva Chauth is called Karaka Chaturthi in Sanskrit. Karaka means Earthen pot, i.e. Karva, and Chaturti is the fourth lunar day, i.e. Chauth. On this auspicious day, worship of the goddess Parvati is very auspicious. This is the day when the moon rises strongly. Adorned with shimmering saris, shimmering gold bracelets or bangles, and earrings, the women are adorned from head to toe and look the most ethnic. They also wear Mehndi or Henna on their hands to celebrate this festival.

On this important day, mother-in-law gives Sargi to her daughter-in-law before sunrise. Nowadays, the husband also buys Karwa Chauth best gift for wife. We have seen our mother and sister offer puja to the moon while watching it through a sieve. If you’re new to this post or not, then you’re probably wondering somewhere, or maybe relatives and friends, about the logic and reasoning of seeing them through the sieves! If so, then this blog will surely interest you as here are some facts and logic and reasons to see the moon through a sieve.

When the moon comes out, the women look at the moon and then at the man’s face and put the Diya in the filter. It is also believed that when a woman looks at the moon and then sees the face of a man holding a Diya in a sieve, the iron it emits dispels all evil glances. Even when the holy light of the Diya falls on the partner’s face, the relationship between a man and a woman improves.

Behind this, it is a popular folk tale about a young woman named Veervati.

Veervati, who was about to get married, was hungry for Karwa Chauth for her husband to live long, but the young woman fell ill as she had not eaten anything all day. Out of pity, her brother lit a Diya behind a bush and told Veervati that the moon had finally risen so that she could break the fast. When the lady saw the Diya and thought it was the moon, she broke her fast. Her husband was reported to have died a few days later. When she learned of his brother’s deception, she fasted again and bowed with the sieve to the moon. As if by a miracle, her husband was raised from the dead. This is how Sieve or Chalni becomes an integral part of the Karva Chauth Festival.

There is another reason for this tradition. It is believed that when a woman sees her husband through the sieve, all hatred and negative emotions are filtered through him, which brings happiness to the marital relationship.

At Karva Chauth, women look through their heads at their husbands and break their fast at moonrise. To make this special day more special and memorable, you can look out for some intangible Karwa Chauth gift ideas for your loved ones. Every little thing seems to matter in the Hindu tradition. Seeing the puja is a pleasure in itself. Enjoy your day with your family!

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