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Understanding Landed Room Definition

The state of living in most cities is quite expensive, and Singapore is no different. For instance, opting for a three-bedroomed apartment near the metropolis goes for around $3 000. On the other hand, the same type of housing that’s quiet in the outskirts costs around S$2,200 to S$2,700. Condominiums also don’t come cheap in Singapore. Despite the charges varying with the location and facilities available, they can go to as high as S$5,000. Read about Understanding Landed Room Definition below in detail.

These amounts can be quite expensive, especially for students and those who are not financially stable. This makes the landing house room to be the best option in such a case.

What’s a Landed House Room?

A landed house room is a rental option that allows you to live with people seeking the same kind of arrangement. What happens is that every individual gets their own room but shares common rooms like the kitchen and the living room. In addition, you find the room when it’s fully furnished, from the furniture to utensils, and all you have to do is settle in.

The landed house room for rent is ideal for job seekers, students, and those who seek to be in Singapore for a few months. Also, it’s a great option for newlyweds who’d prefer a homely feel to renting a hotel.

Benefits of Landed House for Rent

A landed house for rent is not such a bad idea in the long run as it comes with a slew of benefits.


You see, renting a whole house can be quite expensive, especially for younger professionals and students. The co-living space allows you to live in a secure environment that’s within your budget. Also, you don’t have to spend money buying house requirements like furniture and beddings; you get into a fully furnished house.

Ideal Location

Also, opting to get a room in a shared house setup allows you to live in a classy estate that you otherwise couldn’t afford if you went for the whole house. Some locations are considered more premier compared to others, and this gives you a way to experience them.

Weekly Housekeeping

Ever imagined how it would feel to have weekly housekeeping in your own space? That’s one of the advantages that come with a landed house room for rent in Singapore.

Make Connections

Another advantage is that you get to make friends with people that you share the house with. You never know when you may be in need of help, and having people nearby who could help in such situations comes in handy. Also, you may end up building relationships that could last a lifetime or lead to business partnerships.

Responsible for Yourself

Another good thing is that you are only responsible for yourself. As much as you are sharing the house, damages caused by your housemates are their own responsibility, and you are not affected. The same applies to the payment of rent.

The cost of living has gone up, making many human needs out of reach, and affordability of housing is one of them. However, there are options like the landed house room for rent which allows you to share a house and cut on costs.

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