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What To Choose? Marina Cruise or Deira Creek

Dubai is known for its lively vibe, beautiful tourist destinations, and amazing culture and heritage that allow people to have one of the most unique and amazing experiences of their lifetime. One of the most topped experiences that you must experience while exploring Dubai is the Dhow Cruise experience.

These are known to be a luxury cruise that offers the tourists quality experience that involves delicious food, state of the art décor, soothing ambiance and live music and events on the cruise. For diehard travelers Dhow cruise in Dubai is indeed a must-have experience to have. Now the question comes as to which cruising experience to choose between Marina Cruise or Deira Creek Cruise.

Marina Dhow Cruise Vs Deira Creek Dhow Cruise

Both Marina and Deira Creek Dhow Cruise may look similar at first but both vary in their beautiful ways when it comes to deciding which cruising experience will most suit you because Marina Dhow cruise offers a more contemporary and modern side of Dubai to visit whereas Deira Creek offers the visitors to look at the cultural and Arabian side of the city.

However, both the Dhow cruise offer quality and delicious cuisines which involve Continental, Emirati, Indian, Mediterranean, and much more along with beautiful and elevated décor to add a sense of calm and true references to your mind and soul. But some aspects differentiate both the cruising experience from each other. The aspects are discussed below:

Sight Seeing And Views

Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek is one of the most beautiful natural saltwater creeks is considered to be the hub of business offering visitors the view of the most important government offices and departments in Dubai such as the Chamber of Commerce, National Bank of Dubai. The sightseeing and views from the Deira Creek cruise offer you to explore the cultural side of the most glamorous city in the world.

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina dhow cruise is a beautiful manmade canal situated within one of the most incredible and glamorous areas of the City. The skyline of Marina Dubai cruise involves luxury hotels, top-tier boutiques, fine dine ins, wonderful skyscrapers, and much more. The ambiance of the Dubai Marina offers the visitors an exciting and lively ambiance and a truly beautiful sunset. The overall yacht experience at Dubai Marina allows the visitors to explore the modernized side of the amazing Dubai and offers them to have lifetime memories.

Quality Services And Budget

Dubai Creek Vs Dubai Marina

The overall budget of Dubai Creek is a bit less as compared to the Dubai Marina. The difference truly occurs depending on the variation of services both the Dhow cruise offers which are indeed quality and standardized services. These services involve quality delicacies that involve Emirati, Indian, International, Mediterranean cuisine, and much more. Apart from quality food, the visitors can experience a lively and enjoyable experience which includes live DJs and great music, Tanura event, which is a Turkish performance, professional belly dancers, various live shows, and much more. The price is worth the services because these are unparallel when it comes to quality and up to the mark standard.


Dubai Creek Vs Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina has a vibe bit contemporary and modernized, more vibrant and lively as compared to the vibe of Dubai creek which has the Arabian touch and cultural aspect to it allowing visitors both the sides of the glamorous city Dubai in the best manner possible.

Wrapping Up!

Dubai being one of the most diversified city offers its visitors a variety of opportunities to come and enjoy in the best way possible and the Luxury Dhow cruise experience is one of them.

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