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Making The All-New White Chocolate Pinata Cake

We live in an era where trends change every two weeks. Things that are fashionable now will not be as fashionable twenty days later. In the same theme of trendy stuff, we have the cute pinata cake. It is all over the internet, and we are all going gaga over it. It is not only a delicious dessert but also a beautiful sight to behold. Don’t even get us started on the satisfaction received after smashing the lovely-looking pinata cake. Read about White Chocolate Pinata Cake below in detail.

We know your mouth is watering, and your hands are tingling as you read this. So, it is only understandable if you want to get your hands on a freshly made pinata cake. While you can get an online cake delivery in Noida for a pinata cake, you can also try your luck at it by making it yourself. So, let’s make the all-new white chocolate pinata cake together. 

Things you need 

Just because the pinata cake looks beautiful and tastes heavenly, people tend to think that you need a lot of things to make it. Trust us; it is not as complex as you think it is. In fact, its ingredients are simpler than a regular cake. So, trust the process and read along as we disclose the only two ingredients you need to make a pinata cake. Yes, you read that right! You need only two ingredients to make a white chocolate pinata cake. 

  • A silicone mold
  • White chocolate compound 

How to make 

Coming to the real deal, you will now be learning the simple process of making the pinata portion of your cake. If this confuses you, then you need to understand that a pinata cake is only different in that it has an external solid shell which is edible. On the inside, it can have anything that you like, from a cupcake to fresh fruits. 

To make the pinata, you need to melt the white chocolate compound and make sure it has no lumps. Once you have reached a smooth consistency with your melted chocolate, it is time to get the silicone mold. You are now required to coat the insides of the mold with a layer of white chocolate. Leave no corners uncovered. Take the white chocolate everywhere. Now keep it in the freezer for ten minutes. Once it hardens, take it out and put another layer of melted chocolate over the solid layer. Use all the chocolate that is left. Put it back in the refrigerator for another ten minutes. Take it out once it has taken a solid form.

How to serve 

Now that the outer shell of your pinata cake, which is the pinata itself, has hardened, it is time to put the cake together. The inside of your cake can be anything that you want it to be. A mini cake, chopped fruits, candies, or even nuts can go inside a pinata cake. To serve them together, put any filling of your choice on a plate in a stacked manner. Now bring your silicone mold with the chocolate and gently place it over the filling on the plate. Remove the silicone mold leaving the solid chocolate softly, and voila! Your white chocolate pinata cake is ready. Now get a cute little hammer and get ready to smash. 

Level of expertise needed 

As you can tell already, the white chocolate pinata cake is pretty easy to make. So, we can call it a beginner level if your hands are steady enough. 

Now that you know all about making a white chocolate pinata cake, what’s the wait for? Test yourself with this super easy recipe, and don’t forget to pat your back once done. 

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