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Tips on Making CBD Dog Treats

If you are looking for a great way to boost your dogs’ immune systems, consider adding a little bit of CBD oil to their diet. This supplement can provide your pup with fantastic health benefits. It can improve circulation, balance blood pressure, and boost the immune system of these animals. But the list doesn’t end there.

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You can help your dog stay healthy by providing them with balanced meals and dog treats. An excellent way to incorporate CBD into their routine is to mix it with their favorite food, whether store-bought or homemade. Maybe the slight advantage is on the side of homemade pet snacks, as they are healthier and tastier than commercial ones. But several factors should be considered when preparing yummy pet snacks enriched with CBD oil. 

Use Dog-Friendly Ingredients

Dogs are omnivores whose diet is dominated by meat. Vegetables, fruits, and grains are secondary sources of nutrients, and all of this should be present in your pet’s diet. However, some types of food suitable for humans, and even other animals, can pose a risk. That’s because the dog’s metabolism, which differs in many ways from yours.

When it comes to making treats at home, the first thing to avoid is refined sugar. If you want to add sweetness to these snacks, opt for honey, molasses, or applesauce. Another thing is milk (certain dairy products such as cottage cheese and yogurt are allowed). Dogs don’t have enough of the enzyme lactase, which lowers the levels of lactose in milk. That can lead to stomach problems.

Since you give treats to your dog in smaller amounts than regular meals, use foods they don’t eat every day. These are sweet potatoes, pumpkin, squash, oats, berries, pet-friendly fruits, peanut butter, as well as certain types of fish (sardine, salmon, tuna – all skinless). All recipe ingredients should be pet-friendly to make these treats healthy and safe for your fussy buddy.

Mask the Taste of Oil

Dogs don’t particularly enjoy the taste of CBD oil. That’s why you shouldn’t insist on oral ingestion. Treats are a handy method to give your pups a dose of cannabidiol, and they won’t even notice that. As this food passes through the digestive system, it will take longer for CBD to act. But its effects will also be longer.

Just make sure you use some ingredients with intense flavors that can mask the taste of CBD. Apply this rule to all types of yummy bites you make – baked, raw, and frozen. If you think that the grassy taste is still present, let your pet have a treat without sniffing it. More tips on giving cannabidiol to picky dogs see here.

Mix with Fats

Healthy fats are a great food to be found in homemade five snacks. In addition to certain benefits for your dog’s health, these ingredients help the cannabidiol to be absorbed quickly into the body. Things like peanut butter or coconut oil are great for raw or frozen snacks, and food-grade oils go well with baked CBD goods.

An excellent tip is to make CBD-infused oil for treats you plan to bake. You can simply do that by mixing hemp-derived pet oil with butter, coconut, or olive oil on low heat. You’ll add these healthy fats to treat dough. That way, they will be easier to incorporate with the other ingredients.

Avoid Baking at High Temperatures

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Most pet owners opt for homemade baked treats because they can last longer than raw or frozen ones. These are mostly cookies or biscuits into which you can mix CBD oil during preparation or drizzle it over each piece separately. That’s the most accurate way of dosing CBD.

One of the features of CBD oil is that it does not evaporate. But that can easily happen at temperatures higher than 360 degrees Fahrenheit. Besides, high temperatures can destroy cannabidiol molecules and thus reduce the potency of CBD oils. Not to mention the taste of treats, which will become bitter and quite inedible. The optimal heat for preparing baked treats is between 320 ° F to 356 ° F.

Buy High-Quality Products

In addition to pet-friendly foods, the quality of the CBD oil you will use to prepare treats is also important. There are many pet hemp products that can confuse you, but not all are the best choices for your dog. For example, avoid hemp seed oils. Instead, focus on buying only hemp-derived ones. While the first product is safe for dogs, it doesn’t initially contain cannabinoids.

The CBD oil you buy should be from a verified manufacturer and lab tested. This report can give you the necessary information, such as the amount of CBD and THC (buy only if no THC or it’s under 0.3%), the presence of any impurities, etc. The best choices are full or broad-spectrum oils. Besides cannabidiol, they contain many other healthy things like flavonoids, terpenes, and omega oils.

CBD is a great addition to any dog’s diet. You can make homemade treats with sufficient concentrations of CBD, which makes them very effective in preserving your pup’s health and well-being. Only a teaspoon of quality oil can boost the nutritional values of these snacks. Just make sure that you talk with your vet before adding any new supplement to your dog’s diet.

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