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What’s An Optometrist And When Should You See One

This article is for anyone who wants to know where to find a registered optometrist in Singapore. You can actually consider this piece as a short but complete guide. If you have problems with your vision or if you want to have your eyes checked, then you need to go to an eye expert. And that means going to an optometrist. But do you know what an optometrist is? Do you want to know what an optometrist does? You’ll know the answer to these questions and more in this short yet useful guide. After reading this article, you’ll also understand why it’s important for you to know a good optometrist.

What is an optometrist?

So what exactly is an optometrist? That’s the first question that this article will answer. It’s important to know the answer before you search for where to find a registered optometrist in Singapore. One of the most common misconceptions about optometrists is that they are medical doctors. What they are are medical professionals whose main responsibility is to provide vision care. Since they are not medical doctors then optometrists are not trained to do eye surgery on patients. But they can take care of patients’ needs before and after surgery. Since optometrists are not doctors they are not referred to as doctors.

What does an optometrist do?

You may be born with perfect vision. But there may come a time that you’ll experience a degradation of your eyesight. When that happens then you might consider wearing corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses. You need to go to a professional who can prescribe the right glasses and contact lenses for you. And that professional is an optometrist. An optometrist can do eye examinations and vision tests to make a proper diagnosis of your eye problem. Once the problem is determined he or she can prescribe the proper spectacles or contact lenses. An optometrist can also prescribe medications for certain eye conditions.

When should you visit an optometrist?

It’s also important to know when to visit an optometrist. You should know when your eyesight is starting to deteriorate. Frequent headaches is one of the signs you should look for. You can also feel eye fatigue or pain. You may feel pain when you’re moving your eyes or you may feel the pain that persists for several days. If you experience seeing flashes of light or tiny shadows then it could mean that there’s a tear in your retina or your retina may have detached completely. If this is the case then you should go to an optometrist right away. You should also go to an optometrist if you’re experiencing blurry vision or if abnormal vision issues.

How often should you visit an optometrist?

After knowing where to find a registered optometrist in Singapore, you should also know how frequently you should visit. If you’re below 39 years old then you should have your eyes checked once every five years. But if you’re between 40 to 54 years old, then you should visit an optometrist once every two to four years. If you’re 55 and above then you should visit once every one to two years.

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